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  1. Just did a video on the MiSTer FPGA with Neo Geo core https://youtu.be/PYudQ9vp2IU
  2. Not really. History shows that Sony seem to throw money at exclusives, more so than Microsoft.
  3. For me, it is all about the exclusive games. Sony have that completely covered. Microsoft only really have Halo, Forza and Gears of War. Again. Mind you, this gen, I have all cross platform games on Xbox1X and exclusives on PS4.
  4. Every time I think of the cable. It is always out of stock!
  5. I'm not suprised. Way too expensive for what they are.
  6. What's the consensus on price? Too expensive? I think they are too expensive.
  7. OK. Followed the instructions above (the update.sh script stuff). Got the sd card set up. "Found the Neo Geo" roms Very impressed with the quality. Can't wait to try other cores but for now this is terrific. Thanks for everyone that has posted help and to the MiSTer wiki.
  8. Just for info.It only took 2 hours because I was being very cautious.
  9. Ignore my insane ramblings. After 2 tense hours I've got it together in the 3d printed case. I am just using the heat sink for now. I didn't fit the fan as I didn't have the correct screws but I think it will probably be OK without the fan. Got the 128mb installed and the RTC although no battery so I will be taking the case apart later to fit the battery. Now to try and set up the sd card.
  10. Digikey.co.uk Finally got round to opening the fpga only to find a US power adapter! You would have thought that it would have had a UK adapter knowing it was an order from the UK! Anyway. Is there another 5v power supply I can get or can I use a travel adapter? Can it be powered by USB?
  11. I've had one sitting in a box over christmas. Running out of days before I go back to work. Must put it together and set it up tomorrow or new years day!
  12. I've just ordered one of these on Amazon since just getting a modded Saturn, My TV settings on scart don't seem to be able to set the display as 4:3. It just has widescreen, zoom and stretch. It is a Philips 49in 4K TV. I'm hoping the OSSC will sort this out.
  13. Just wanted to say Jei got me a switchless modded Saturn, fully cleaned and refurbed. Been playing it over christmas. Superb stuff.
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