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  1. I reckon it is that the Series S isn't that much worse than the X.
  2. Yes they probably do but it was just Sony saying it. The architecture whilst x86 is very different the processor is a Ryzen instead of a Jaguar. Also the GPU will be a lot different. Maybe Sony have had it easier. Who knows?
  3. Software Development Kit. Basically, Sony have gone on record saying that developers can build PS5 games in the same way they currently build PS4 games and just add more stuff so developers are productive and comfortable.
  4. True but at least is still says Next Gen for the S.
  5. Now that is how you do an advert!!!
  6. Has it been confirmed yet that WRC 5 for PS5 is out at launch. Everywhere I look the date says 31st December
  7. Game confirmed they are taking the money for the SSD expansion. Shits getting real!
  8. Bloody hell. I was watching on a 1080p monitor and that looked amazing! I'm pretty shit at "Souls" games but I don't care.
  9. So have they both been allocated elsewhere? Have they said why?
  10. Do you get the error when you click submit? If so, wait about a minute before clicking. or keep trying. If it is not recognizing the serial number, then I would contact them.
  11. How long did you have to wait to get confirmation from Sony for the adapter?
  12. You beauty. It is working now. I've just submitted my request
  13. I am always amazed that 99% of their advertising doesn't show the console or games. It's a bloody console. Show it! Remember the Dreamcast adverts?
  14. That is good to know. What is this adapter for then? https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?id=885370669985&categoryName=xbox-one-accessories&superCatName=gaming&title=xbox-one-official-stereo-headset-adapter Does it just add volume controls?
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