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  1. Same here when everything went up on ShopTo in earlier in the year I preordered 2 extra pads, charge dock, headphones and remote control knowing full well that the accessories usually sell out very quickly.
  2. I just dropped the box with the PS5 in, only about a foot above the ground onto carpet. Do you think it will be OK? Are they well packed? /worries
  3. Sam here. Had 2 emails. one from ShopTo and One from CentreSoft. Then an alert on the DPD app.
  4. Although I did just check. Dirt 5 has been shipped and has a DPD number but my order for the PS5 and accessories DID have a number from last week but it has now gone from the page. So, this means that either a new number will be issued later OR they have had the foresight to package Dirt 5 and the PS5 together.
  5. It won't go like on DPD app until the night before or at the latest first thing Thurday morning.
  6. I had all the other accessories on the same order so it was processed all at once. My order status is showing as shipped.
  7. Nervous about ShopTo. All other items delivered last week with the console showing as 0 for Qty on the invoice. Probably just means that it is sitting in the warehouse until Wednesday.
  8. Also don't forget Covid is slowing down the post a bit.
  9. I ordered Yakuza LAD on Xbone and they sent the PS4 version but that is the only problem I have had with them. I ordered Spiderman, Sackboy and Demon Souls the other day (Wesnesday) and they turned up this afternoon. I'm in two minds whether to keep the PS4 version of the game as all other Yakuza games are on PS4 and it will get a PS5 update in March or get them to swap it over for immediate next gen goodness. Decisions, decisions
  10. Show us on the box where he touched you!
  11. That looks more like it nearly crushed you and rather than phone for an ambulance you decided to do a selfie instead.
  12. Yeah so as I thought, It's the way ShopTo's system works. They have invoiced the whole thing but only the games and accessories are coming today. Still :-)
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