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  1. Agreed, at this point I want Negan to just wipe the fucking lot of them out.... starting with Carol, Maggie and Daryl.
  2. This week's episode wasn't bad... Negan back story.
  3. The last few episodes have been hard work if I'm honest. Don't know why they bothered with these filler episodes, should have just jumped right into the final season.
  4. Latest episode is out.... pretty good, I like how it's building up to something slowly rather than try and fill each episode each week with a new storyline.
  5. MoS was great up until he became superman.... I wanted more of the stuff with him in the fishing boat. A stranger wandering from place to place (walking the earth?) looking for signs of his heritage and helping people along the way. Then when he does find out who he is and become superman perhaps have some small scale stuff so the people of earth actually care about him before zod shows up in movie 2. Agree that the trailer was amazing, but it feels like it's a trailer for a totally different film.
  6. He's done nothing, other than somehow getting himself involved with Rosita... which in itself is unbelievable as there is zero chemistry between them.
  7. When he stabbed that boar I was half expecting Gabriel to say "could not you find anything bigger?"
  8. Anyone watch the latest episode? Gabriel and whatshisname stuck in a warehouse. A whole hour dedicated to the two most boring characters in the show. Ah well, will tune in next week for more.
  9. Yeah I'm loving this still...the quality is consistent and its one of both the best, and least watched, things on the TV.
  10. I watched it... and last night's episode. The second one was particularly poor... Doral and Carol mooching around an old cabin. I'll keep watching though as I've invested too much time to stop now.
  11. Still not sure if I love this game or hate it, either way I'm still playing it....
  12. Right, so after ditching the armour I started with (kinght) and dropping the claymore in favour of the scimitar and shield making better progress. I have cleared 2-1 and started 3-1 before jumping onto 4-1 for some easy souls farming and grabbed the CF. Wish I'd had that when going into 2-1.
  13. I beat the first boss, went to the nexus and she sent me to speak to the monumental. Not spoke to the maiden since... I guess I need to go speak to her to open the levelling up?
  14. I feel like I'm missing something in this game, I seem to be dying an awful lot. I read some of the comments on here about people jumping in level 1-1 and running through without dying and I can only assume they must have played this before as that would have be unimaginable for me. Anyway, I've slogged on through countless deaths and have got as far defeating the tower knight and am now dying repeatedly on level 2-1. I think I've missed the leveling up mechanic somehow and I've only just learnt how to use magic (playing as a Knight) - I have the plate armour on and I'm using the
  15. Amazon have just taken my money.... It's happening (hopefully).
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