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  1. Jonathan try using the classic Gran Turismo bumper cam, will make it so much easier to judge and the sense of speed brings it to life. Also Freeman is right, and I’ve seen you say it yourself - coming off the brakes smoothly, keeping the car settled and hitting an apex to get on the gas early is how this game wants to be played. The other week when Simon was live coaching you he said about using the full width of the track - abusing kerbs like Death Chicane and Casio Triangle will give you seconds of saved lap time.
  2. Well I naively thought that but then @marsh started his subtle trolling about Race A. It’s Fuji, WITH the nadgery chicane, in Porsches on Sports tyres so I should really just ignore it but then obviously I can’t
  3. That’s a great shot, I was holding my breath round the outside there. Enjoy your holiday
  4. Aaaaanyway... last week’s Rllmuk time trial results... race A
  5. Race recording of Monday’s Gr4 race from my POV. Shame the PS4 can’t record with better fidelity, but I can’t be arsed buying an Elgato or anything. anyway here it is. Good close racing up to the end.
  6. I know. Happened right in front of me as well, I actually flinched a bit and then when I saw the pit icon come up on the leaderboard I burst out laughing
  7. Link to a video of a daily Race from last week. I almost thought I was in a game of Burnout at one point. I must have been charmed in this race to avoid the carnage
  8. TCS off and ABS default is the proven quickest EXCEPT the consensus is ABS off in the karts.
  9. All good bro, having to drop out of the lobby to go and buy the car, and then put on a sweet Benetton livery, meant I didn’t get time to do a practice lap so I had a guess at where to brake. a few laps later I realised I had probably braked 100m too early.
  10. Aaaaand finally Race C. Good work guys, some excellent times on all 3 this week
  11. Last week’s daily race Qualifying TT times... Race A first..
  12. The most important thing in world motorsports right now is you getting sub 8 mins. Not even jokin. You’re 417th in the world right now
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