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  1. Ah it’s a me thing then. Going to take tonight as a learning experience, nowhere near up to speed yet. I take it you can’t mess with gear ratios? Feel like I’m between gears in some corners. Unlearning my Gran Turismo habits is proving tricky as well. Manipulating slip angle in this game/car is a very different prospect
  2. Ok, no idea why I picked the NSX other than being different and it felt ok when I jumped in it. Hopefully I’ll make the race tonight and not mess it up entirely. My head is still full of wheel settings and button configurations rather than being focused on trying to drive properly. Bit worried as the pit didn’t seem to work when I was on the practice server last night. It just warped me to the end of pit lane as i crossed the speed limit line. Quit out and tried in another car and it was ok, so either a NSX thing, or a me thing, or a one off weird thing
  3. not me, I'm still fannying around with Thrustmaster drivers and button mapping
  4. Well after the best part 2 days arseing around with driver downloads and general yuck of new PC ownership I’m ready to rumble. Sent my application on Simracing and discord, please be gentle with me..
  5. Don’t forget the new F Zero… and my kids are desperate for a Tomadachi Life follow up.
  6. And this week’s rally - a jaunt around Sweden in the Rally1 car of your choice Open for 7 days till Next Sunday late.
  7. I won! I nearly bottled it on S3 and S4 as the default tyres were not suitable a caught me out more than once. For this weeks rally I’ve added service stops.
  8. Yeah that’s the challenge. It’s hard to master but it’s about setting your car into a drift and balancing it to the apex so you pick up forward traction at the right time to power out. That’s probably a terrible explanation. It’s as much about balancing brake/throttle to steer as much as steering itself. That may not be helpful either…. Do you want to join my in game club? Search for JUNKERDENB’s club - I do a weekly Rally challenge as a bit of friendly competition
  9. @Polmon that was a bit harsh but I think the explanation would be the game would have calculated him being on track at the point of impact and you being on full throttle so gave you the penalty. I don’t think it’s sophisticated enough to realise he’d just been off track moments before which was the root cause.
  10. That is interesting, never knew that’s how it worked.
  11. It sounds like it, yes. Last statement said everything except local split screen multiplayer
  12. I don’t think there’s anything that works PlayStation AND Xbox and PC. Most are PS and PC or Xbox and PC compatible, and it’s determined by the wheel base. An exception is Fanatec where the chip ( or whatever it is that controls it) is in the wheel rim itself, so you can swap rims to move across from Xbox to PS. Fanatec are mid range and above though, so when you asked for value it depends on your budget? Sticking to GT7 compatible wheels you’re looking at Thrustmaster, Logitech or Fanatec. If you go on their websites or do some research you’ll see their models and prices. Most come with a desk clamp if that’s what you’re going for. Loads of people on here and in the Sim Racing Central thread who can advise and answer questions as I think between forum members we own/have owned nearly all of them. I’d have a look, think about your budget and ask away.
  13. Rally No3 is up. Again, got till next Sunday evening to complete. @marsh has joined so I’m afraid it means another tarmac event. Another French theme but a bit sunnier. This time Corsica as Didier Auriol in his Celica. I’ve made it a bit shorter as well so it’s less of a commitment.
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