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  1. Well last night’s FIA was interesting. Had a bit of a stinker in the first race I did. Le Mans is a track I’m just not quick at and the track limits are savage. 2nd attempt I fluked a 6th in qualifying as everyone else seems to be trying to murder each other. 5 people didn’t even set a qualifying lap as they were too busy wiping each other out. My race tactic was to just try and hang on to slipstreams and not get a penalty ( after getting about 4 seconds worth in the first race from trying too hard). I let faster cars go past then bump drafted them to try and pull away from th
  2. Can’t believe how well I did round N24, that Datsun Gr4 car is lovely to drive though. I think I’ve almost learned the circuit, although some of the bits near YouTube corner can catch me out still.
  3. Reminder - Monday Night means one thing - Monday Night Race(ing) Club 8pm Start, make sure you’re friends with me or @McSpeed or @mexos or @fretnoise or @jonathanhoey or any of the other regulars. Quite often have 2 lobbies, all skill levels catered for, friendly chat and you get to discuss F1 in detail with world renowned motorsport journalists, or we end up making double entendres about straddling sausage kerbs etc.
  4. Race C. honeslty i’m sick of Barcelona and Fuji right now
  5. Last week’s daily race qualifying leaderboards Race A
  6. FIA last night was great drama as usual. my experience is here. Had the pace to do better but I thought I’d bank the points
  7. Yes they are, only had 30 mins with it so far but I noticed the brake trigger has a feeling of resistance to it which is quite interesting.
  8. Shame, but I’ve spent 30 mins on the PS5 version and it’s a significant upgrade - feels REALLY good to drive. As I said previously load times are good and menus nice and snappy. I think I’ll enjoy playing through it again.
  9. Hmmm. Just downloaded the PS5 version and it looks like it’s a separate game to PS4 version which I already have installed on my PS5. it hasn’t picked up my existing game save. A quick Google and I think this is how it is. In better news the loading times seem decent, graphics a fair bit nicer and haptic trigger for the brake feels interesting.
  10. I’ve got t-lcm pedals so it might be a bit different. You do get a big Velcro strap with the Playseat, that might be sufficient? I’d have a look on YouTube and see what you think. If you get the biggest tie wraps you can find, and if they’re not long enough you can daisy chain them to the right length.
  11. Ha! Was just thinking how HDR is great and all but I really need a blackout blind if I ever want to play on a sunny day
  12. Race C looked horribly complicated trying to manage the regen to maximise lap time. Fair play to a new name on top - Scitzafitz
  13. Race B. Pretty chuffed to get sub 1:29, well done MikeSeymour though on the top time
  14. Last week’s daily race qualifying leaderboards. race A - not surprised to see Pim at the top as he loves a Datsun Z car
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