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  1. Ha ha. I’m on group B in career mode, have you tried the RX7? Utterly bonkers trying to keep that in a straight line
  2. Your wish has been granted!!! Just notice these pop in on my YouTube Feed https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVf811yyyVnNTXSK3MCj31EWZVMACdQJ4
  3. Not that I’ve noticed. Probably keep an eye out on GTPlanet though as they put out lots of summaries of info known so far
  4. Absolutely fantastic circuit. I’m lucky enough to have been there in 98 to see Fogarty win in the World Superbikes. Amazing place, amazing atmosphere on the campsite.
  5. Is it just me or do the in car noises - diff whine and gearbox noise and brakes all sound a bit more aggressive like Assetto Corsa Competizione? The rumble over one of the kerbs sounded a bit different as well. Makes me hopeful it’s not just a warmed up GT Sport and actually a big step forward.
  6. Oh right, I’ve not had any that I’ve noticed.
  7. This is great. The way it unfolds in career mode is good. Only weird thing is how it says you’ll lose progress if you go back to a rally to try and improve your result. Also I don’t think the ghosts work properly. I tried to set it on my PB and the ghost shot off into the distance so I’m assuming it just gave me the World best. Datsun 240z is my favourite car so far. Why do they always make the Lancia Stratos handle like a bastard in every rally game?
  8. Ha that’s great work. Teabagging like a true warrior I see
  9. If that’s your guess then you’re deffo wrong. Doesn’t even fit not a sore loser obviously but it is a bit of a shame.
  10. I’m calling shenanigans on most people who reckon they got this. R.I.P. Wordle, you were fun while it lasted. Anyway we can do our own version. Try and guess this one.
  11. Got some repayment Pedal pivot reinforcement clamps for my Playseat Challenge from https://indigolime.uk/product-category/gaming/ and they are decent. Take the play out of the pedal tray but still let’s you fold them up when your storing the Playseat. Pretty pleased with them, under braking there’s a more direct connection to the pedals.
  12. Not sure what default was after much fiddling, but l ended leaving mine on in the gameplay settings stability assist 30, counter steer 160, abs 50. advanced settings I left alone, and then for camera I’m on view 4. Fov 40, rotation 80 and shake 50. My settings might be default or absolutely terrible ( I’ve no idea) but I think I was too busy fiddling and there were too many options so I kind of got lost. Then I went back to it and just drove less aggressively and after a couple of hours found I’d kind of got to grips with it.
  13. VOTING TEMPLATE Game of the Year 2021 A1. Returnal A2. Chivalry 2 A3. Resident Evil Village A4. Kid A Mnesia A5. Guardians of the Galaxy Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. The Last of us Part 2 B2. Far Lone Sails B3. Spider-Man Miles Morales Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. No Ridge Racer Z2. Z3. Sound Design of the Year S1. Kid A Mnesia S2. Returnal S3. Chivalry 2 Visual Design of the Year V1. Returnal V2. Kid A Mnesia V3. Guardians of the Galaxy Writing of the Year W1. Returnal W2. Guardians of the Galaxy W3. Raji Format of the Year F1. PS5 Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Housemarque
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