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  1. Wow. Got this in the PSN sale last month and played it over the past 2 days and I loved it. It’s beautifully crafted in every way, and has gameplay to match. 2-3 hrs of pure joy.
  2. Sometimes I think they are really taking the piss. That special edition is indefensible
  3. well we’ve got a treat for you! MNRC regular e1978__ has come up with this. We’re all getting rather excited
  4. Another Kaz interview, guess he was doing the rounds https://www.gtplanet.net/new-gran-turismo-7-details-ps4-vs-ps5-driving-physics-gt-cafe-and-more-revealed-in-kazunori-yamauchi-interview/ 16 player lobby limit - Improved physics, being worked on by Igor Fraga and Mik Hizal - this is potentially very exciting as they are probably the 2 best GT Sport players. Mik has been quite critical of some aspects of GT Sport so the thought that he might influence not only the physics model, but things like race settings and the penalty system is encouraging.
  5. From the interview I linked above it’s confirmed that time/weather is dynamic and you can set it on a multiplier so for example you can do a “real world” race of 1 hour that in game changes from day to Night and the weather and track changes with it. Also confirmed it simulates a drying racing line. Imagine the pure horror @McSpeedwill be able to subject us to now?
  6. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-16-the-big-gran-turismo-7-interview
  7. I just came in here to say 20 player online races as I’d been browsing Twitter. Consensus of opinion is 16 player custom lobbies though. PSN Party size is 16 anyway which is a restriction in itself. Imagine being the 4 people in MNRC who miss my thrilling company car chat, or @marsh and his pineapple rating system? I read some stuff from that guy who runs the VVV website and he seems to think rather than a PS5 game restricted by PS4, this is a delayed PS4 game they’ve tried to expand for PS5. Hopefully they drip feed details of new tracks and cars and explain online more. Is the physics model changing? Will online be any different to GTSport? Will all the cars understeer @Corranga? Etc etc
  8. If I could I would give you all the likes just for this post.
  9. This dynamic weather and day/ night cycle thing has been bugging me. Doing a race where weather changes with time will be excellent but how would that work in FIA or daily races? Would it be real-time or pre-scripted? I’m all confused. Seems like its definitely here in some form though. This is off PlayStation.com
  10. Why do you hate Bingo?
  11. @Corranga I’m pretty sure there will be other tracks at launch that they’ll drip feed to us on the run up. If not then I bet they’ll drop them in as updates in the first couple of years like how we got Laguna Seca, Sardegna Road, Goodwood, Autopolis and Fuji in GT Sport. I do worry that the language about dynamic weather and day/night cycle doesn’t make it clear. Surely that will be a big thing they’d want to tell us about? But then again Polyphony are awful with their community engagement etc so who knows?
  12. Not much chance of PSVR2 coming out soon with PS5 and chip shortages I don’t think. Online penalties aren’t random, but they have chopped and changed them over time. They could be better but in general the online racing structure, community and etiquette is streets ahead of any other console racer. Add to that the private lobbies like RLLMUKs very own Monday Night Racing Club and it’s the best out there. Offline mode in GT Sport is limited and you’re right the AI is garbage. E-sports is still going. They do the FIA finals remotely now so they don’t quite have the drama or spectacle as they did when they were all in one room and they had Lewis and people turning up. FIA championships are still popular, a load of us from MNRC are still doing it.
  13. Yeah cool I wasn't trying to push you but’ just want to give you the chance of racing, and we’ll all adjust to suit you. They did it for me a couple of years ago after a lot of umming and aaahing from me and it felt quite overwhelming but they were all so cool about it and now it’s the highlight of my week.
  14. @MattyP if you are serious about racing on Monday tell us what cars you have and we’ll work out a race to suit. @Varnsen @McSpeed why wait? Let’s push the boat out on a Monday when we do endurance and try a really long race like 90 mins or 2hrs?
  15. I was the same, 2 spins in the Porsche at Bathurst and many more close calls, I just didn’t feel the weight shift or grip change before it went sideways, it was a very tricky race.
  16. Yeah ok. So we’re getting a better range of cars, dynamic weather and a couple of new tracks, I’m ok with that. Match that with lobbies, Sport mode and FIA races that we all know and love from GT Sport and I’m looking k with that. Let’s face it, bigger lobbies probably won’t happen as party size is limited to 16, but you never know. No mention of physics which I’m fairly sure they’d have mentioned in the blurb so I guess it’s staying pretty much the same. Bit disappointing but in reality it’s pretty damn good already in the most part. Maybe this is the true cost of PS4 compatibility? I saw the CLK GTR Merc and an Alfa 155 V6 so those alone get me excited.
  17. Not that it will matter soon when they announce GT7 tomorrow night
  18. Last week’s daily race qualifying leaderboards, triple crown win by Pim
  19. When I first got my PS5 it had a very faint high pitch whining noise. I’d actually forgotten about it until reading the last few posts in this thread. so 6 months (or however old it is ) on and it’s fine or my hearing has got worse. I use it a lot and I’ve not had enough crashes to be bothered - the fact it starts up so quickly probably helps. My issues are -that the dual sense battery life is still a bit disappointing - you can’t pause a YouTube upload and resume later- it’s all or nothing, and it doesn’t seem to want to do it in rest mode so I leave it on and switch off the pad and the tv. - and the biggest complaint is it doesn’t play well with my BT Smart Hub 2, especially coming back out of rest mode where it loses internet connection and I have to manually reset it. Before anyone suggests it, hard wiring to the hub is not an option and I tried power line adapters but they’re on different circuits.
  20. Can people please stop predicting a Ridge Racer game as it really hurts? I’ve pretty much come to terms with never having a new Ridge Racer, F-Zero, Rallisport Challenge or Sega Rally game ever again.
  21. Last week’s daily race qualifying leaderboards race A , well done Ian
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