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  1. Well the Streets of Willow one is your chance as I intensely hate that place. @Varnsen only messing
  2. I’m not racing this week again. I’ve got a hernia and they’ve given me an appointment at the Nuffield tomorrow evening so I kinda knew I’d be missing this one. Shame as I was looking forward to it. Hopefully back for The Glen as I love that track
  3. Praise Odin! Now I just don’t need a bigger boy improving the world best as I only squeaked in. Got a .6 in me but keep bottling it. The world best has done a 1:21.452. voodoo. 1:23.895 is the gold time cut off, 1:25.524 silver, 1:28.597 bronze. 12 hours left as of 8pm UK time.
  4. I had a .7 in the bag but got greedy on the last long right hander and messed up my drive onto the straight and lost it. Requires solid concentration levels I’ve not quite got.
  5. Oof. So close. Can we do this @Darwock? I’ve seen you’ve gone faster too. One last push
  6. I had a distracted hour on the Autopolis one. A gnat’s knacker off @Varnsen which as you can imagine is intensely annoying @Darwock I feel your pain. When it was 1:24.2xx for gold I thought I’d have a chance but now it’s moved on to a 1:23.895 another 3 tenths feels a world away. If I can nail T1 and T10 I might have a chance
  7. This is rather great. The controls are decent and the rules are easy to learn - some puzzle games can make this bit complicated and can be frustrating. Nothing worse than having to go back over tutorials or settings screens to remember how to perform certain actions. It lets you get on with the actual puzzles and to me they’re pitched about right so far. I’d say a Portal level of trickiness and a similar feeling of being able to mess about and get things wrong with no real penalty. That is once you get past watching streams of humans fall to their deaths while you try and figure out the next step.
  8. Original is £9.99 on Steam atm. Since my 360 has finally given up it’s one of the games I’ve lost.
  9. The latest Sony pulse 3D is £80 ish and is what I use. Does the funky 3D sound on PS5. Mute and other notifications are built into the PS5 ui so is handy. Mute itself is a click in/ click out kind of button so easy to get to, and when I play ACC I just put the dongle in the pc and I’m away. I’m not one to recommend often on here as we’re all grown men with the power to google things. They’re not the best ever headphones but for £80 they are simple and decent.
  10. Please don’t fuck this up.
  11. There’s something weird going on isn’t there? That showcase was super depressing and made it seem a lot of the games coming out on PS5 were kind of boring and generic. However, the truth is there’s loads of games out and coming out to get excited about. I guess it’s about what publishers will let them announce? Or is it an honour and they pay Sony? I don’t know. It’s the Skulls showcase thingy for Warhammer stuff and today they’ve announced new games, shown Spacemarine 2 gameplay and Warhammer dlc for Power Wash simulator. If they had the choice would they rather be in a PlayStation showcase? Or do they prefer to do their own thing and control it more? Either way, the showcase last night was dull and dry and made it feel like there’s barely any decent games coming out for PS5 when it’s certainly the case.
  12. Just had to play an hour of Ridge Racer 2 to sooth my aching heart. That first game reveal with basically kids in gangs shooting each other made me wince really hard. Phantom Blade 0 or whatever looked good in a mad way. It put me in mind of Binary Domain for some reason. That Plucky Squire trailer was great as it started looking pretty mundane and the showed off all the more varied stuff. Looked really imaginative. Marathon trailer looked superb but sounds like the game won’t be my cup of tea. Spidey2 looked fine. With no decent Batman Arkham game in sight this will fill that void. Overall it just feels like there are less exclusive games per year over the last few years than before on the major consoles? Maybe they’ve worked out they can make shitloads of money without loads of exclusives per year ?
  13. Lots of positives then, what is rumble/haptics like on PS5?
  14. At this point I’m a bit confused as to what constitutes a “Live Service” game. Is GT7 one? It has ever changing multiplayer ( Sport mode/ weekly time trials, Toyota Gazoo cup/ virtual Olympics etc) and regular free updates, and the ability to pay real money for in game credits. It’s not ideal, but the updates stop it drying up, so something like that across other genres I think i’d be ok about.
  15. Why do a subset of us on here constantly torture ourselves about Ridge Racer? Some sort of collection kind of thing would be a dream
  16. Polo/Belgium rally is up and on till Sunday teatime.
  17. I’ll be buying it. I just hope they get the haptics/ rumble right. “Blood, Shootas and Teef” is ok but the lack of pad or trigger rumble ( on PS5) is maddening Not bought TotK ( yet - got too much going on irl and I know it would consume my thoughts).
  18. I’ll do one more and probably call time on it. unless I do one more epic one next week … I’ve seen a rumour on Twitter that the new Codemasters /EA WRC game is due out in July. Seems a bit short notice but I’d imagine an announcement soon. So the last one is the Polo round Belgium as we’ve not done either of those yet. Benchmark set, remember this car has 6 gears…
  19. Think we’re running out of steam with this. Only me who finished the rally last week. Go me!!
  20. I've had that and it's a bloody shame for you, I feel your pain. Especially a 1 hr race as there's no race 2
  21. The circuit experience is well worth doing as it’s the Gr3 BMW so good practice. I did it when the game first came out and was the hardest one to get gold on, but it did get me to be decent at it. Not sure what difference the recent physics changes make to it but it definitely helps as having it broken down into sections is a good way of learning the limits on a few corners at a time rather than trying to learn it all.
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