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  1. RIP. One of the true pioneers of computing.
  2. Machine Head have finally put up the full revisiting of Burn My Eyes from their 2019 studio session - really does it justice, I think:
  3. On the topic of level design, I recommend devouring this fantastic long read, which (amongst a bunch of other things) goes into some of the nuances of each designer’s set of levels: https://www.shacknews.com/article/101156/rocket-jump-quake-and-the-golden-age-of-first-person-shooters
  4. (Warning - some flashing in the video):
  5. Ran into these chaps when looking for some Warbringer-esque stuff, not quite on par but hits the spot (one of them's even got the shirt):
  6. Streets of Rage is 30 today (at least in Japan), so playing that a bit. Also, some truly ground-breaking info in this article: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/streets-of-rage-4-composer-settles-age-old-debate-for-the-series-30th-anniversary/1100-6494664/ Happy birthday!
  7. Damn... 2 today. RIP https://metalinjection.net/this-is-just-a-tribute/metal-church-vocalist-mike-howe-dead-at-56 https://metalinjection.net/news/former-slipknot-drummer-joey-jordison-has-passed-away Second one has hit me a bit more - was never really much into Slipknot but he was a cracking drummer. Always remember this day:
  8. Beefy! I'm only on Page 58 (out of 467), which is part-way through a section going through the main software houses of the scene. Some nice first-hand insights so far.
  9. Second Masters of Doom - it is really good!
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