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  1. Been playing some Line War, which came out a few days ago. Interesting concept and the focus on less APM/more strategy is appealing to my ageing, admittedly rubbish at RTS self. They’ve taken some flak due to a lack of any sort of single player outside of the sandbox mode, but they have given a fairly extensive explanation about this. I’m quite happy to support a small dev team (2 people) trying something different for the price of a couple of fancy coffees.



  2. Always nice to randomly run into a great-sounding, massively obscure band from the past. They released one album in 2007 and then simply disappeared off the face of the earth. They are: Soulbreach:




    Also it's been what... a few days since a new Malevolence post so, here:


  3. Bone Zone is really hard, and I'm still only using Curse Lv1. Managed to get to 29-ish mins a couple of times. Last run was nail-biting as I was using the new doggo and stacked a bunch of healing + AOE, then was basically running in circles until my La Borra would start massively overlapping, then continuing to run in slightly bigger circles to try and get enough hearts/gems for floor chickens to try and get through the next dry period where everything piled on top of me. Health bar was just going like a yo-yo.


    It looked something like this:




    Very nearly made it too. :(

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