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  1. The track you posted is on Page 17, but I'm certainly never sad to hear it again! As for today's, how's this for an unused track! From Mr. Gimmick, using the excellent Sunsoft B5:
  2. N163 awesomeness: Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II - Dash Under The Ground
  3. It was definitely a playable attempt, it had a pretty game-breaking bug in it though when you shot the apple with the crystal ball:
  4. I’ve been playing this a lot - completed about 90 puzzles so far. Excellent game but christ are some of the levels getting difficult... I prefer ones where it’s a targeted solution with fewer components rather than the bajillion commandments.
  5. The entire soundtrack sounds like a Skitchin' outtakes compilation. FIFA 95 Mega Drive - Track 4
  6. It's funny because while the Beeb was pretty much a solid 4th when it came to its overall games library, aside from amazing exclusives from the likes of Superior, it had some absolutely cracking arcade conversions. When Snapper was about to be released, Acornsoft were allegedly threatened with legal action because it was so accurate, so had to make graphical changes. Then there was the superb Skirmish for which Stewart Cheshire released under an alias, presumably to avoid litigation from Atari. There were also great versions of Scramble, Moon Cresta, Defender... the list goes on.
  7. Beg to differ - the Beeb version was a fantastic port.
  8. Just finished watching the final part. Amazing stuff, we blew through it so quickly due to just having to know what happened. Such a great season overall. Roll on the next. Back to Tokyo!
  9. If anyone enjoyed Hockey?, there is now a similar game on Steam called Slapshot. The barrier for entry is a little lower than Hockey?, but the fundamentals are the same (WASD and mouse to swing your stick around). There are some definitely improvements that can be made, but you can see the developer's entire Trello board to see what they are working on. It's free - give it a whirl if you enjoy sports/hockey games. I have played for just over an hour without really expecting to... https://store.steampowered.com/app/707680/Slapshot/
  10. Do movie tracks count? Not just a top 10, but #1 in the UK. Partners In Kryme released 1 more song after this that charted at 92 in the UK, and nowhere anywhere else. They also released a new track in 2015 after apparently doing nothing for 15 years, which also charted nowhere.
  11. I have 880s and a headphone amp, and they're amazing. I used to be really picky about headsets and changed them out a lot, but have used these for years. The soundscape is amazing, only downside is they leak a considerable amount of noise (due to being open-backed). I have heard good things about 770s if you want closed back, but bear in mind they are supposed to be a bit bassier, so you might lose some detail in games.
  12. Undercover Cops - 05 - Northern Barramundi
  13. Did anyone enjoy playing games like Planetarion back in the day? Does anyone still play and can recommend any? Looks like PA itself is still going (naturally, on a much smaller scale), and there are a few others such as AD2460, OGame, Astronest and such. Are any of them worth putting the time into? In my case, PA was massive for a short period of time back in school. Largely popular as it wasn't something you needed to install so could be played fairly sneakily, but the galaxy/corporation setting was also pretty compelling. Definitely made for some great political scenarios, somewhat reminiscent to the stories that you might read about in the likes of Eve these days. I was eventually in one of those alliances where you set your clock to set ships off to attack someone at some ungodly hour of the morning, but eventually other more interesting games eventually took over and I stopped playing, but it'd be great to - perhaps more casually - get back into something similar. I started playing Hades' Star but it's incredibly slow going and doesn't seem to be as interesting in general. Would be great to hear your recommendations, or any of your past stories!
  14. Sureshot

    RIP Keith Flint

    Awful news. Keith and the Prodigy have been a mainstay throughout my life - including the first album I ever bought (Music for the Jilted Generation). Definitely one of the greatest showmen music has ever seen. RIP Keith.
  15. New ToeJam & Earl is out tomorrow! https://store.steampowered.com/app/516110/ToeJam__Earl_Back_in_the_Groove/ Also, the Flashback ‘remaster’ was added to Steam yesterday (been on GOG for a few months).
  16. Blood Youth's album came out - definite Korn/Sepultura vibe to it.
  17. Definitely love the Saturn. Can't remember why we originally got one, but spent countless amazing hours with the likes of Guardian Heroes, Sonic R, Virtua Cop 1 & 2, Saturn Bomberman, Fighters Megamix and, of course, the amazing Daytona. Probably my favourite gem from the system from back then was Steep Slope Sliders - off-beat and more 'realistic' than the ridiculousness that Cool Boarders had become. We ended up going pretty all-in on it - we had I think 8 pads in the end, mostly the clear Japanese ones, a couple of multi-taps, a couple of light guns and so forth. The crowning moment, perhaps, was when I spent around £60 on Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter on import for my brother one Christmas, only to realise we would need to mod our Saturn for it to work. So off it went to CeX, and once it arrived back we discovered it was truly worth it - absolutely amazing having such an arcade-perfect game in the comfort of our own home, the PSX version completely paled in comparison. Still have that same modded Saturn, and it's still going, although it does tend to overheat (?) and stop loading games at some point. We did own some of the now-rarer stuff such as Shining Force 3, which unfortunately mostly got traded away, though I still do have a copy of Burning Rangers (go!) Great system, shame it was such a challenge to develop for.
  18. Funny, was going to post a Sonic song myself as it's been in my head the last couple of days: Sonic 3 - Hydrocity Zone Act 2
  19. Sureshot

    The Punk Thread

    So Dookie is 25 years old as of this month. Not my all-time favourite Green Day album but it's definitely up there. I remember the first time I heard of them - it was on TOTP and they did their their 'satellite performance' of Basket Case from San Fran (the video below, in fact). Definitely one of the first performances that made me want to play guitar!
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