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  1. Last Battle on the Mega Drive is another one that went the other way - it had the Fist of the North Star license in Japan.
  2. Some new highs for me (with 10% curse to boot). Bring on the next achievements.
  3. Definitely the most enemies I've killed so far. Haven't started dipping into the curse yet, but now may be the time...
  4. https://thehockeynews.com/.amp/news/at-50-jaromir-jagr-is-still-going-strong Can’t believe he’s still going. Absolute beast.
  5. Yes, the new Thunder Loop is kind of insane. Just melts everything.
  6. Playing an interesting little game called SpotRacers at the moment. It has a nice simple one-button control system which is fun, but the interesting part about it is you can use your camera to ‘spot’ cars in the real world and it’ll add them to your collection. Quite a unique concept.
  7. I actually had the Mega Drive version and recall quite enjoying it. Some of the controls were a bit clunky but once you got past that it was decent. I will admit - I don't know how well it's aged! Another vote for Ski or Die, but Winter Heat is indeed king.
  8. Interesting run earlier on Green Acres. Managed to cheat death a bit at the end because I had 2 revives left over and he was getting time-frozen:
  9. Aside from being good to aid with quick levelling in the early game, Garlic also causes enemies to take increased knockback from all sources. Getting hearts back with Soul Eater is also nice.
  10. Finally got the last of the achievements - with Heaven Sword, Vandalier and Runetracer maxed at the end (plus 2x Duplicator) it looked like an MSPaint picture gone wrong:
  11. Garlic & Runetracer are my faves from the basics. I also nearly always pick the Duplicator.
  12. Got a max on the library as well - once again insane at the end (to the point where everything was slowing down)
  13. First max run on the forest - got very lucky with 2 duplicators in a row after I'd already upgraded the Magic Wand & Runetracer a bunch. Crazy stuff at the end, just red gems everywhere.
  14. Dunno if there's another thread for this somewhere else but, just unlocked the library and my first go on it was my longest run yet. Basically sounded like a pachinko parlour after a certain point.
  15. Picked that up as well, played for over an hour right off the bat before reluctantly prying myself away. Definitely worth the price of admission.
  16. Can’t get enough of the soundtrack at the moment. The ‘Grand Cover’ versions on here are also outstanding:
  17. Picked this up a few days ago and finished it last night. As many others have mentioned - brilliant game. The art style, music, atmosphere etc. are all fantastic and really enjoyed the sleuthing overall (some gripes with naming the lesser-titled folks aside). I had heard about it but never really more than ‘this is great/Papers Please dude’, so it was really nice to be able to go in with basically zero expectations or knowledge other than that. Would definitely welcome some sort of sequel or similar romp (the former preferably as the setting really was a big component of what made it great). Yes there are some QoL issues that could be addressed but otherwise, loved it. Oh and something I really wished they’d done is some sort of animation piecing all of the chapters together at the end - would have been the cherry on the cake. Obviously a lot more work, though.
  18. You are thinking of L: A Mathemagical Adventure.
  19. Rydeen by YMO in at least 3 games: Stryker’s Run Daley Thompson’s Decathlon Super Locomotive The BGM from Perplexity on the BBC Micro is Golden Brown by the Stranglers played in reverse: On a similar Beeb/Stranglers note, the BGM on Spellbinder is Midnight Summer Dream:
  20. There's a sale on. It's still going on... Picked up Sky Force Reloaded for £3.59, good fun so far.
  21. 01 - Machine Head - Burn My Eyes (Live-In-The-Studio-2019) 02 - Green Day - BBC Sessions (Live) 03 - In Mourning - The Bleeding Veil 04 - Void of Vision - CHRONICLES I: LUST 05 - Stam1na - Novus Ordo Mundi 06 - Matt Gray - JSR Play 2 07 - No Use For A Name - Rarities Vol. 2: The Originals 08 - Monolord - Your Time To Shine 09 - 10 -
  22. Sureshot

    The Punk Thread

    This came out today, some peak Green Day there.
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