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  1. Dunno if there's another thread for this somewhere else but, just unlocked the library and my first go on it was my longest run yet. Basically sounded like a pachinko parlour after a certain point.
  2. Picked that up as well, played for over an hour right off the bat before reluctantly prying myself away. Definitely worth the price of admission.
  3. Can’t get enough of the soundtrack at the moment. The ‘Grand Cover’ versions on here are also outstanding:
  4. Picked this up a few days ago and finished it last night. As many others have mentioned - brilliant game. The art style, music, atmosphere etc. are all fantastic and really enjoyed the sleuthing overall (some gripes with naming the lesser-titled folks aside). I had heard about it but never really more than ‘this is great/Papers Please dude’, so it was really nice to be able to go in with basically zero expectations or knowledge other than that. Would definitely welcome some sort of sequel or similar romp (the former preferably as the setting really was a big component of what made it great). Yes there are some QoL issues that could be addressed but otherwise, loved it. Oh and something I really wished they’d done is some sort of animation piecing all of the chapters together at the end - would have been the cherry on the cake. Obviously a lot more work, though.
  5. You are thinking of L: A Mathemagical Adventure.
  6. Rydeen by YMO in at least 3 games: Stryker’s Run Daley Thompson’s Decathlon Super Locomotive The BGM from Perplexity on the BBC Micro is Golden Brown by the Stranglers played in reverse: On a similar Beeb/Stranglers note, the BGM on Spellbinder is Midnight Summer Dream:
  7. There's a sale on. It's still going on... Picked up Sky Force Reloaded for £3.59, good fun so far.
  8. 01 - Machine Head - Burn My Eyes (Live-In-The-Studio-2019) 02 - Green Day - BBC Sessions (Live) 03 - In Mourning - The Bleeding Veil 04 - Void of Vision - CHRONICLES I: LUST 05 - Stam1na - Novus Ordo Mundi 06 - Matt Gray - JSR Play 2 07 - No Use For A Name - Rarities Vol. 2: The Originals 08 - Monolord - Your Time To Shine 09 - 10 -
  9. Sureshot

    The Punk Thread

    This came out today, some peak Green Day there.
  10. There is apparently an extended edition now available. You can also order the extra content in digital form if you prefer: https://www.idesine.com/blogs/news/acorn-a-world-in-pixels-extended-edition-now-available
  11. Football - Pro Evolution Soccer 4 - PS2 Ice Hockey - NHL '94 - Mega Drive Baseball - Super Baseball 2020 - Mega Drive Tennis - Virtua Tennis 3 - PC Snowboarding - Steep Slope Sliders - Saturn Basketball - NBA Jam TE - Mega Drive Boxing - Punch Out!! - NES Olympics - Track & Field - Arcade Rally - Sega Rally Championship - Arcade Nascar - Daytona USA - Arcade Volleyball - Nekketsu! Beach Volley dayo: Kunio-kun - Game Boy Dodgeball - Super Dodge Ball - NES Pool - Side Pocket - Mega Drive American Football - Blood Bowl II - PC Skiing - Alpine Racer - Arcade Winter Olympics - Ski or Die - NES
  12. Yeah, this is legitimately decent fun, even with touch controls (though it sounds like you can use controllers). It’s a bit more forgiving in terms of boost and air control which makes it easier to air dribble etc. Pleasantly surprised thus far.
  13. Bought BOX: Space Station for 79p. It's a puzzle game that seems to have had absolutely zero fanfare and an all-time peak of 3 concurrent players. But it's quite good fun so far. The difficulty curve has been a little wonky and there is some element of trial-and-error at times but hey - it costs less than a box of Toffifee. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1613150/BOX_Space_Station/ Edit: Seems like it’s 39p now.
  14. Not quite what I was expecting, but decent nonetheless.
  15. Sounds like this is finally going to come out for PC & consoles: https://sociablesoccer.com/press-release/sociable-soccer-for-pc-and-console-will-release-in-q2-2022/
  16. https://blabbermouth.net/news/former-in-flames-members-launch-the-halo-effect/ Innnteresting.
  17. I’m closer to, but still not under 28. Current WR stands at 27.492…
  18. Wasn't even going to post, but hey. 28.290
  19. Yeah, I’m not quite done yet, but getting close to my limit, I think. It will basically take a flukey lap for me to improve much at this point. Going to be leaning more into online and the other TTs going forwards.
  20. 28.298 I've actually been racing my ghost a bit, which is largely off-putting but has highlighted some areas I could still potentially eke out a few more milliseconds. I'd be glad if they implemented the ability to show ghost on a bind so you can toggle it on and off.
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