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  1. There is apparently an extended edition now available. You can also order the extra content in digital form if you prefer: https://www.idesine.com/blogs/news/acorn-a-world-in-pixels-extended-edition-now-available
  2. Football - Pro Evolution Soccer 4 - PS2 Ice Hockey - NHL '94 - Mega Drive Baseball - Super Baseball 2020 - Mega Drive Tennis - Virtua Tennis 3 - PC Snowboarding - Steep Slope Sliders - Saturn Basketball - NBA Jam TE - Mega Drive Boxing - Punch Out!! - NES Olympics - Track & Field - Arcade Rally - Sega Rally Championship - Arcade Nascar - Daytona USA - Arcade Volleyball - Nekketsu! Beach Volley dayo: Kunio-kun - Game Boy Dodgeball - Super Dodge Ball - NES Pool - Side Pocket - Mega Drive American Football - Blood Bowl II - PC Skiing - Alpine Racer - Arcade Winter Olympics - Ski or Die - NES
  3. Yeah, this is legitimately decent fun, even with touch controls (though it sounds like you can use controllers). It’s a bit more forgiving in terms of boost and air control which makes it easier to air dribble etc. Pleasantly surprised thus far.
  4. Bought BOX: Space Station for 79p. It's a puzzle game that seems to have had absolutely zero fanfare and an all-time peak of 3 concurrent players. But it's quite good fun so far. The difficulty curve has been a little wonky and there is some element of trial-and-error at times but hey - it costs less than a box of Toffifee. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1613150/BOX_Space_Station/ Edit: Seems like it’s 39p now.
  5. Not quite what I was expecting, but decent nonetheless.
  6. Sounds like this is finally going to come out for PC & consoles: https://sociablesoccer.com/press-release/sociable-soccer-for-pc-and-console-will-release-in-q2-2022/
  7. https://blabbermouth.net/news/former-in-flames-members-launch-the-halo-effect/ Innnteresting.
  8. I’m closer to, but still not under 28. Current WR stands at 27.492…
  9. Wasn't even going to post, but hey. 28.290
  10. Yeah, I’m not quite done yet, but getting close to my limit, I think. It will basically take a flukey lap for me to improve much at this point. Going to be leaning more into online and the other TTs going forwards.
  11. 28.298 I've actually been racing my ghost a bit, which is largely off-putting but has highlighted some areas I could still potentially eke out a few more milliseconds. I'd be glad if they implemented the ability to show ghost on a bind so you can toggle it on and off.
  12. 28.353 Small improvement from me. Still a little way to the 27 club...
  13. 28.398 So the interesting thing with this lap is I didn't brake at all. Lifted off a few times, but no actual braking.
  14. So here’s a video from the guy who probably has the WR at the moment (27.736). View his ghost rather than the camera car: So I may have been a bit off-base with not slowing down for the first corner as there is definitely at least a lift there (based on the turbo pop).
  15. 28.576 Found a few tenths due to realising that I didn't have to brake for the first corner... if you are still doing that, don't do that.
  16. Someone in the CS discord posted a 27.835 yesterday. Going to take some going to find an extra second… Also, great video here with some top-level online racing:
  17. What’s the general advice for the last 2 turns, brake into the first and not the second?
  18. Another small improvement (sorry Milko): 29.423
  19. Not had much time to play, but did get a few laps in and beat Grosjean at least! 29.526
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