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  1. Yeah, this can be a pretty big issue for me. I tend to have to complete everything in an area before I feel that I can move on - secrets, achievements, talking to every NPC, you name it. A prime example of this completely ruining a game for me was in Half Life 2: Ep. 2, with the achievement where you have to send the garden gnome into space. I basically spent the game carefully ensuring I kept the bloody gnome with me, which completely distracted me from the storyline or anything else that was going on. I didn't even complete the achievement in the end - can't remember why, but I may have just stopped playing. I also have many memories of 'hunt the objects' in games such as GTA III and Crackdown. Yeah, they got you to explore the world a little more, but for the most part they were - again - just a massive distraction for my completionist brain. I also have to open every single thing you can open, which makes games like Diablo III or Borderlands 2 an absolute chore. A recent example is Doom. Guess what I put all of my points into almost immediately? Yep - the enhancements that allow you to see the secrets.
  2. Hard to pick just one from the soundtrack...
  3. New Hollow Earth is streaming here now. Crushing indeed.
  4. Been away for a few days. Back with Orchestra Hit.
  5. Ludicrous gibs! The 2013 version is also great.
  6. Good game Soleil, even if it wanes towards the end. Some great tunes along the way.
  7. The competition is hotting up, nice to have a few more faces on there. Again, if you would like access to the high score table, let me know.
  8. I've been playing some Galaga on my NES Classic recently, and quickly realised that I severely underestimated its difficulty. I've played the arcade countless times and even managed to reach level 120-something on one occasion. However, I've never really played the NES version, and was relishing putting up some massive totals for the high score table since - surely the port is easier than the arcade version, right? So much for that idea. I've had the NES since last Friday, and since then I don't think I've even reached level 20. I'm currently putting this down to a couple of things: 1/ The NES has a lot less vertical real estate. This means the enemies are closer, and you have less time to react to shots. As a result, it's also bloody hard to maintain dual ships. 2/ The enemies which dive when coming onto the screen basically make an instant right-angle turn right in front of your nose and beeline directly at you from there. In the arcade, they do a slight loop as they turn, which allows you to prepare for their descent. Here, you get literally zero warning. What other examples of this can you think of?
  9. Never played the original game, but I'm enjoying myself thus far. I really like the rounds element - certainly gives a different twist to proceedings. On the flipside, trying to keep up with TCGs/CCGs can be tiresome, so it remains to be seen how much I'll play it longer-term.
  10. Don't forget about the high score table - we could really use some more competition over there! I guarantee it'll make you play some games for longer than you otherwise might, too. If you want in on some fun seasonal competition, request access through the link below (if you're on a computer) or drop me a PM with your gmail address.
  11. 01 - Death Angel - The Evil Divide 02 - Off With Their Heads - Won't Be Missed 03 - Judas Priest - Battle Cry 04 - The Ataris - October in This Railroad Earth 05 - Mick Gordon - Doom OST 06 - Korn - The Serenity of Suffering 07 - Hollow Earth - Dead Planet 08 - 09 - 10 - As was mentioned above, really not a vintage year. Struggling to come up with anything else at the moment...
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