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  1. Bloody hell, just been playing Kirby's Adventure for a good part of the day - it never ends!
  2. Just realised there have been no SORII submissions yet... rectifying now:
  3. Should also give Crysis a mention in this topic. (From Wikipedia)
  4. Apparently, this is the only way to do it. If you don't have access to a computer, drop me a PM with your gmail address and I'll add you.
  5. Here's some nice bedtime reading about Exile being the most technically-advanced game on the Beeb: http://www.level7.org.uk/miscellany/exile-disassembly.txt
  6. Whoops, forgot to post yesterday as I got lost in my NES Classic. Back to AM2 land:
  7. Also, I just realised that you don't get a high score in NES Excitebike like you do in the arcade version. What seems to be a popular thing in this case is the fastest time on Game A - Track 1, so I have changed it to that for now. Please let me know if you notice any other cases of this, though I am picking up on these now that mine has arrived. Edit: Also - annoyingly - it seems that the Famicom Disk version of Kid Icarus had a nice high score table and save system, but they took it out for the password system on the western version. Hence, you can actually see your score by pressing start, but it doesn't show up anywhere else! So you would have to try and capture a score before dying... Doesn't sound like much fun, but I will leave the score table as-is in case people want to do that. There isn't really a better way to score it. Edit 2: It looks like you can also see your total score at the end of a stage, so that's another option.
  8. Finally got a chance to sit down with mine, really nice little package. I currently have it plugged into my monitor by HDMI with my PC on DVI so I can switch between them easily - great for posting high scores. On that note - a reminder that the high score sheet is here! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16K17bqnwwNuDkmuXMxwy9cY5EfWWMJEmc5wBJGoQrKI/edit#gid=741956138
  9. In celebration of the NES Classic, one of my favourite tracks from Mega Man 2:
  10. Flying Battery Zone - Act 2? How bizarre! Of all the Sonic tunes, it's one that seems to get stuck in my head a lot for whatever reason. Guess that makes two of us.
  11. For those who don't frequent the regular discussion forum as much, I have setup a Google Sheets workbook for some fun competition with the new NES Classic Edition. Please read the (fairly liberal) rules on the welcome tab and get cracking with submitting your scores! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16K17bqnwwNuDkmuXMxwy9cY5EfWWMJEmc5wBJGoQrKI/edit?usp=sharing Feel free to post screenshots, advice or - most importantly - brags about your scores in this thread.
  12. Nintendo released all of the original manuals for the games included online: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/clv/manuals/en/index.html Click the 'Printed Manual' links for the scans of the originals. Good stuff!
  13. Sheet is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16K17bqnwwNuDkmuXMxwy9cY5EfWWMJEmc5wBJGoQrKI/edit?usp=sharing I will probably post a topic in the Retro forum just so it doesn't get lost in the ether.
  14. So on the high score table access - bizarrely, you apparently can't request access from an iOS/Android device, and have to do it from a computer. If you can't do this and would like to be added by email, please drop me a PM and I'll set you up.
  15. Ok, here's the spreadsheet I was talking about: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16K17bqnwwNuDkmuXMxwy9cY5EfWWMJEmc5wBJGoQrKI/edit?usp=sharing It can be viewed by anyone but you need to request access to edit anything (ie, submit scores) - hopefully this basic level of protection will keep any ne'er-do-wells out. I am totally open for people to improve it, as long as you don't wipe everyone's scores (although at least Google Sheets has a revision history). If it looks any good, feel free to start using it when your console shows up!
  16. I've been tinkering with something basic in Google Sheets if people are interested in using that, will put up a link when it's done. Unless somebody else already has something on the cards - I'm happy to use whatever as long as I can throw scores up somewhere!
  17. I also remember Beeb games could get fairly pricey back in the day too - particularly those that came on Master Compact disks and ROM carts. For instance, Repton Infinity (1988) cost £20 in Master Compact format, and worse, Dr. Who and the Mines of Terror which required a ROM cart also cost £20, but came out in 1985! Apparently it was even the main cause of Micro Power going under due to the massive cost of production. And then, of course, there were the Neo Geo carts... I'm sure most of us were relegated to gawking in awe at screenshots in magazines.
  18. I remember Virtua Racing being about £70 when it first came out, mainly because of the SVP chip being included. Pretty amazing to see it in action on the ol' Mega Drive at the time, though.
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