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  1. Alright alright, it's bakery time: Also featuring in: Jurassic Park and Fireball II!
  2. Today's tune from me is this jaunty number from Herzog Zwei:
  3. That LED Storm tune sounds like it could have influenced the Mad Capsule Markets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXgOFhF_gL8 (linking so as not to break the flow). And Planescape Torment is definitely retro!
  4. The new releases boxes have me stumped, other than they look like PC games. What's weirder is the shelf on the further left looks either like Dungeon Keeper or Carmageddon, which both came out in 1997... but if it was that era there'd likely be PS/Saturn/N64 stuff plastered everywhere.
  5. Some really great tunes so far! And now for something completely different: Gotta melt that frigid wall of time...
  6. Definitely, went in there many times just to play on their consoles. Super Tennis and Super Star Wars on the SNES, Castle of Illusion on the Game Gear... and the mighty Italia '90 on the Mega Drive.
  7. What's wrong with that? Gamecube is retro enough!
  8. Only ever owned the demo of this game, but it was worth it for the song alone!
  9. Post a great retro gaming track a day (or longer... but not shorter!) Try and stick to just one per post, both to avoid spam and to make you really pick the cream of the crop. Originals preferred. Hopefully we can all pick up a few new favourites. Starting out with a staple classic:
  10. Haven't played the Elk version but it was likely cut down. On the Beeb itself, there were 2 versions - Standard (for Bs) and Enhanced (for Masters). The latter had the music and nicer graphics in certain areas of the game, and also at least one extra vehicle to command (the tank).
  11. Yeah, the Beeb definitely knew how to grind that organ, but it had its moments. For example, I would say that - arguably - Firetrack on the BBC sounds better than it does on the C64:
  12. While I'm definitely excited at the potential of VR, I'm probably going to wait for the tech to mature a bit before actually jumping in. Last time I gave it a go (Rift Crystal Cove Prototype) I was definitely impressed by the feeling of just being in an immersive space and being able to move about/interact within it, but all the while the voice in the back of my mind kept saying 'you can still see the pixels'. I think it'll be incredible once the capability is there to achieve the graphical fidelity that the technology deserves, so here's to its continued development.
  13. Favourites for me (from an iOS perspective, but may be on Android too): Neuroshima Hex! (although I'm not really a fan of the new art) Tigris & Euphrates Qin San Juan Battleline Star Realms Khet Ingenious Catan Samurai And at the moment I'm mostly playing a lot of Patchwork, which came out digitally just recently. Already had the physical copy as someone gave it to my wife & I as a Christmas present, but it's a great game so definitely snapped up the app. Worth checking out.
  14. Getting through The Red Star on PS2 at the moment. Definitely a unique little game - the quote on the back of the box dubs it 'a cross between Ikaruga and Streets of Rage' - and while I don't necessarily agree with those comparisons, you get the idea. Decent action so far.
  15. https://www.nhl.com/news/auston-matthews-has-unforgettable-debut/c-282606606 Wow. 4 goals on his debut... and the Leafs still lost!
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