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  1. Definitely, went in there many times just to play on their consoles. Super Tennis and Super Star Wars on the SNES, Castle of Illusion on the Game Gear... and the mighty Italia '90 on the Mega Drive.
  2. What's wrong with that? Gamecube is retro enough!
  3. Only ever owned the demo of this game, but it was worth it for the song alone!
  4. Post a great retro gaming track a day (or longer... but not shorter!) Try and stick to just one per post, both to avoid spam and to make you really pick the cream of the crop. Originals preferred. Hopefully we can all pick up a few new favourites. Starting out with a staple classic:
  5. Haven't played the Elk version but it was likely cut down. On the Beeb itself, there were 2 versions - Standard (for Bs) and Enhanced (for Masters). The latter had the music and nicer graphics in certain areas of the game, and also at least one extra vehicle to command (the tank).
  6. Yeah, the Beeb definitely knew how to grind that organ, but it had its moments. For example, I would say that - arguably - Firetrack on the BBC sounds better than it does on the C64:
  7. While I'm definitely excited at the potential of VR, I'm probably going to wait for the tech to mature a bit before actually jumping in. Last time I gave it a go (Rift Crystal Cove Prototype) I was definitely impressed by the feeling of just being in an immersive space and being able to move about/interact within it, but all the while the voice in the back of my mind kept saying 'you can still see the pixels'. I think it'll be incredible once the capability is there to achieve the graphical fidelity that the technology deserves, so here's to its continued development.
  8. Favourites for me (from an iOS perspective, but may be on Android too): Neuroshima Hex! (although I'm not really a fan of the new art) Tigris & Euphrates Qin San Juan Battleline Star Realms Khet Ingenious Catan Samurai And at the moment I'm mostly playing a lot of Patchwork, which came out digitally just recently. Already had the physical copy as someone gave it to my wife & I as a Christmas present, but it's a great game so definitely snapped up the app. Worth checking out.
  9. Getting through The Red Star on PS2 at the moment. Definitely a unique little game - the quote on the back of the box dubs it 'a cross between Ikaruga and Streets of Rage' - and while I don't necessarily agree with those comparisons, you get the idea. Decent action so far.
  10. https://www.nhl.com/news/auston-matthews-has-unforgettable-debut/c-282606606 Wow. 4 goals on his debut... and the Leafs still lost!
  11. Seems like the links in the original post are still toast, any news? Would be glad to throw some recommendations in the hat.
  12. Just been playing some Aqua Aqua on PS2. Always thought Wetrix was an underrated - if a little cumbersome - puzzler, and this is basically more of the same. Great for a quick blast to try and beat your high score.
  13. I sort of wish I hadn't played it now as I'm really hankering for another game! They did warn us it was addictive I suppose...
  14. Just fired up the old PS2 to make sure it's still working and everything seems to be in good order. Actually looks really good through component on the small HDTV I have upstairs. Made sure the Sega Classics Collection I got at Play works fine (it does) and threw in a bit of Gradius V for good measure. Need to turf out the rest of my games and get everything setup properly, after which I'll be going through them in the coming weeks! On a side note - it's a real shame they didn't release more of the Ages 2500 series in the west.
  15. This may sound weird/obvious, but I got to play Jetpac on a Spectrum+ at the Play Expo and absolutely loved the keyboard! What's the general consensus on it?
  16. Got back just a little while ago. Myself, my wife & friend had a really good time overall. Positives: + The venue. Inside: plenty of space for everything; nothing felt overly crowded. Outside: right next to the cavernous Trafford Center with almost every cuisine imaginable and multiple reasonably-priced hotels nearby. We were basically able to live on-foot for the entire weekend - everything was just really convenient. + The line. Was well organized and moved really quickly - we were in shortly after 10 on both days. + Sociable Soccer. Bloody good fun, really enjoyable to play despite being purportedly only 50% complete according to the splash screen. Sounds like they have some great ideas for it going forward. Played multiple times on both days. + The retro area was massive, felt really spoiled for choice. Just about every console and computer imaginable was on show and ready to play with multiple games available. Some cool rarities as well. + Good selection of vendors, even if some were a little pricey. + Board game section was nice, lots on offer to try. Negatives: - There were already broken arcades pretty much right after we got in the door. However - to their credit - the team running the area were visibly working hard to fix them. - Felt like we had really seen everything by the end of the first day. Only ended up going for a couple of hours today (mostly to shop and play more Sociable). - Convention cold. Just got over a sore throat last week, now I have a blocked nose and a cough instead. All in all, worth the trip up. It was nice just to take everything in and enjoy the event. I'd go so far as to say it felt relaxing, where events can sometimes feel chaotic or exhausting. Good job to everyone involved!
  17. While I did own a few G&Ws as a kid, we definitely picked up a few non-Nintendo LCDs. First one I can remember (which was actually my brother's) was this excellent Casio GD-8 watch: Otherwise I remember we had a few of the Systema ones - another car racing game and a space-type one are those that stick with me. Neither was particularly compelling, but they passed the time: I also recall really enjoying the Turtles game by Konami! 2 things that really confused me at the time: 1/ It was actually 'Ninja' Turtles rather than 'Hero', which made me think they were somehow their evil brethren. 2/ 4 Raphaels on the art, WTF?
  18. To be honest, I'm glad it's a wired controller, but only because I am obsessive about achieving the lowest-lag experience possible. It's basically just one less thing for me to blame when I'm failing at a game. Would have been nice if they did a wireless option for folks that want to go that route, but I'm definitely not defending that cable length either!
  19. It's also in the SMS/NES bookazine that they released - which was a nice refresher for me as the series is definitely convoluted! Probably go through them all at some stage around the festive period as I really only have extended experience with Wonderboy and Wonderboy in Monster World. I do enjoy both of those, but they are quite unforgiving - particularly the arcade versions which are gluttonous penny munchers. I remember playing the original in a bar in Ireland with some of my cousins with the bonus of being bankrolled by a near-endless supply of 10ps from my uncle. The machine was also half busted (it didn't show you your score properly between levels), but we didn't care. Good times.
  20. I will be going for both days (but it remains to be seen how long we'll be sticking around on Sunday). If there is a Galaga machine there, I will probably be on it.
  21. Love the Amiga - fantastic series of computers. Again, a machine which I never actually owned, but by way of friends and relatives I got to play on them quite a lot back in the day. My first memories come by way of a few games: Syndicate - The moment my cousin rounded up an entire disposable army with his persuadertron, packing gauss guns, lasers and whatever else, I was in absolute awe at the spectacle of the game and its incredible cyberpunk atmosphere. I did manage to get my hands on a copy eventually by way of the Mega Drive version, which my brother and I completed in co-op. Brutal Sports Football - Absolute carnage, which of course appealed to my young, impressionable mind. I remember being elated at seeing it in the previews section of Mean Machines one month (albeit with a new name - 'Beastball') and racing down to my nearest Future Zone to ask them when it'd be hitting the shelves. They, consequently, looked at me like I had ten heads and said they'd never heard of it, and indeed it unfortunately never made it out of the prototype-phase on the Mega Drive. However - by the power of the internet - we are now able to marvel in its elusive glory. I did also pick it up on the Jaguar version later on, and it became a firm favourite to play before hitting the town in my uni days. Body Blows - well, it was better than the Amiga's Street Fighter II port... my cousin owned both, and this definitely got more playtime. In fact, I remember getting cut off by my aunt because we were duelling it out for so long on one occasion. Played a bunch more as time went on, with favourites being IK+, Cannon Fodder, Skidmarks, The Chaos Engine, Pinball Fantasies, Monkey Island, Wizkid (and all its wonderful insanity), Turrican and Laser Squad. (NB: for the obvious games not mentioned, I probably experienced them first/played them more on the Mega Drive or PC). Also, I am convinced that something is wrong with me as this song crops up in my head on an almost a monthly basis, I'd say:
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