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  1. I was really confused coming into this topic initially as only the first post was up. Looks great!
  2. I did not own a Speccy growing up, but did get to play them at others' abodes. My first memory is of playing JSW at a friend's house and really not getting very far at all... (I seem to remember we ended up being repeatedly sent away by Martha). Past that, favourites include Skool Daze & Back to Skool, Batty, Laser Squad, Dynamite Dan, Head Over Heels, Deathchase and of course Chaos.
  3. I think someone posted it them in this thread once, but worth repeating again. Perhaps the most surprising thing is they are apparently still going...
  4. Just a few faves (apologies for the embedding overload):
  5. I have to say I haven't been too impressed by Metallica's latest output. Death Magnetic was decent when it came out (aside for the mixing), but I think that's partially because St. Anger was so bad. These couple of songs so far are really just more of the same, which is disappointing for an 8-year wait. I'd still take anything Black Album-and-previous any day. On an unrelated note, I was pleased to see that a great band I'd only heard of this year - Shadowmind - have confirmed they are working on new material after it looked like they'd gone quiet for a few years. This is from their most recent S/T album:
  6. I know we have Airmech, but it'd be awesome to get an official Herzog Zwei update.
  7. From a D&B perspective (since I could probably go on for ages about rave soundtracks)... From GTA (original): From Wipeout: From Destruction Derby: From Steep Slope Sliders: From THPS3 (not strictly D&B, but included for excessive Amen break :P): (they also had a VG-style music video Will probably add more later...
  8. For me, it was either Donkey Kong Jr. on Game & Watch, or The Lone Raider on the Atari 400/800 (can't remember exactly which).
  9. Just wanted to say - I frigging love the Master System. I have over 50 physical games (including some Brazilian ones) and can't help but get all wistful when I think back at memories of playing them back in the day. Funnily enough, I didn't actually own one until the early 2000s, but played them a ton at friends'/relatives' places prior to that. The Mega Drive (which I did own growing up) still pips it for me overall, but it was definitely a fantastic system. I'm planning on going back and giving the catalogue the once-over during the Christmas period, so may post some thoughts up here then! Oh yeah, and I still laugh when I remember that - back in the day - someone told me you could play SMS carts on the BBC by plugging them into the RAM slots, but I (probably luckily) never owned any to actually try it out. Good times.
  10. I actually owned a Beeb (it was a Master, in fact) but only because my parents were teachers and apparently got a good deal as a result. Even had a CUB monitor!
  11. Well I am really late to this party! Here's my top 10 in no particular order: Stryker's Run Hasn't aged that well (it's bloody unforgiving for starters) but as a package it still remains one of my faves. Great graphics and a killer rendition of YMO's Rydeen by Martin Galway, who was rather enigmatically-credited as 'Mr Mystery' in the game. Still worth a look today but good luck in getting anywhere! Luckily, I managed to preserve an animated gif of the entire game which was hosted by a now defunct-website, so you can win without even trying! Chuckie Egg I've said it countless times before elsewhere, but this game is truly my zen. This is largely because the precise, snappy controls make playing feel like a natural extension of yourself - that is, if you can imagine an extension of yourself amounting to a portly chap wearing a wide-brimmed hat who's only goal is to collect eggs and bird seed while attempting to avoid killer avian lifeforms. That sort of extension. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have as many levels as it could have (I'm sure I read somewhere that this was due to deadlines) so it does feel a little unfinished, but nevertheless this is a cracking (eh?) title. Last Ninja 1 & 2 Yeah, I'm cheating and choosing both of them! Ok, so they didn't look as nice the versions that came out for basically any other platform, but the gameplay was definitely still there - right down to those goddamn lily pad sections. I also seem to recall that these games were the prime culprit in the downfall of my poor BBC's return key. Value for money, then! Citadel Back in the day, there was really nothing quite like the speech capabilities of the BBC Micro screeching out 'CITADEL CITADEL CITADEL!' to get you in the mood for some prime adventuring. And prime adventuring it was - the named rooms brought the world to life as you, in turn, attempted to avoid being brought to a swift death by its largely-unkillable inhabitants. With some good old-fashioned item romping thrown in for good measure, this was definitely a solid and enjoyable title - but watch out for that crystal radiation... Repton 3 Repton had quite a few faces over the BBC's prime years (some of them - literally - the same game with a new 'face'), but for me, Repton 3 got the formula just right - not too easy, and not too keyboard-crushingly difficult. I will give an honorary mention to Repton Infinity as it was quite unlike anything else at the time (you could quite mind-bogglingly make entire new games using Reptol and the other suite of tools it came with), but it just took things a little too far for me, plus it felt a good deal more sluggish. With Repton 3, you don't have to feel sad about completing it, as there's The Life of Repton, Around the World in 40 Screens and Repton Thru Time for you to move onto next! They're one and the same! Skirmish An unofficial clone created by a programmer who used a fake name to avoid the long arm of Atari, you say? Yes, but it was a bloody good one. There wasn't a 2-player game that me and my brother would prefer to play at the time - Skirmish was amazing. Killing 'clucks' (as we called them), playing chicken with the lava troll and getting smashed in the face repeatedly by the infamous pterodactyl - there was no better order of the day. The Sorcerer This one is probably the strangest of the bunch, as it seems to be largely unknown by Beeb owners (heck, I even had to record a video of it for YouTube as there wasn't one up there). You play the role of a wizard who can shapeshift between different forms by touching boxes in the isometrically-styled playing field. Each form has its specific use - the wizard form shoots the boss - residing in the centre of the map - when all of the 4 candles in the level are lit. To light the candles, you need to be in the torch form, but the boss in the middle can randomly extinguish them as you try to light them all. The boss will also hit you with the same rays, causing you to lose health, but the 3rd form - the cross - will allow you to resist the damage. Finally, there's the ring form, which will restore your health to full on changing. The catch is that the boxes for the different forms are not always available all the time - they will randomly become available every so often, with the wizard, torch and cross forms coming at about the same rate, and the health-regenerating ring showing up much less frequently. Each level is complete when the boss is killed, and the boss gets tougher/changes its look every so often. The game does get a bit repetitive after a while but the high-score-chasing gameplay will make you come back for more. Really worth checking out if you haven't played it before. Free Fall This was created by Ian Bell - yes, one-half of the dynamic Elite duo. There's nothing quite like it in the current day - but on his website Ian quite humorously credits himself as inventing the first ever beat-'em-up with his creation of the game. I'm not going to talk much more about it as it's really quite unique, so definitely go and give it ago for yourself. Imogen Imogen is one of those games that I can load up today and it still holds up fantastically. Excellent puzzling action that'll keep you occupied for a while, including yet another shapeshifting wizard! Again, so as not to spoil it if you haven't played it, I won't mention much more about it. However, if you don't feel like playing it on a BBC (why wouldn't you?) then there was an excellent remake by Ovine created for PC a few years back which still does run on today's versions of Windows. Firetrack First thing - amazing tunes. I can whistle them for weeks. Secondly, Firetrack is definitely not the greatest shmup ever, but it was certainly an incredible game at the time for the BBC. Qwak A great single-screen puzzle-style platformer. Jamie Woodhouse also released a couple of excellent updates to it, for the GBA and later the PC/iPad (although less said the better about the controls on the latter...) Check them all out! And I bet nobody noticed that I included 11 instead of 10! Well, too late now.
  12. Absolutely. It's a little short but the atmosphere and humour are still fantastic, and it has one of my favourite soundtracks of all time. Also, there really is no excuse not to play it since you can get the full talkie version for absolutely free from GOG.
  13. I could definitely go on about the likes of Super Off Road and Micro Machines for a while! However, here are a few others that I've enjoyed over the years that haven't been mentioned yet: Burnin' Rubber / Bump 'n' Jump Fond memories of playing this on the C64/Arcade and still good for a quick punt today. Road Fighter Another that still plays great today, good mechanics and some nice touches - if a bit unforgiving at times... Combat Cars Ok, so the controls take some getting used to and one of the characters is basically a massive 'I Win' button (Andrew with his homing missiles) but nonetheless there's still some fun to be had here. Has a great soundtrack too. Circuit Breakers This one might be a bit of a head-scratcher for some (and apparently for the critics at the time, as if you have a quick look at MobyGames, it received scores ranging from 90% to 30%!), but get 4 players around a TV and it's a blast to play. That's all off the top of my head for now, will be sure to add if I remember any more. Also hi! Didn't see an intro thread but this is my first post over here. (I have historically been found over at the RG forums).
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