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  1. Wow, some fantastic times since yesterday. Not sure if I’ll get any time today but definitely champing at the bit to get back on track! For certain, the Hammerhead is where the gains are at…
  2. Just back on... a very minor improvement - 29.805: Also, just raced online and managed to run out of petrol... twice...
  3. Sorry, looks I updated the time in my post just as you were posting! 29.824 is now my best currently.
  4. 30.239 29.824 is my current best on the Top Gear track (PC). Edit: actually slight update just now.
  5. Picked this up as well, seems fun so far. The handling feels 'meaty' for want of a better term, which is nice. Shame you can't turn off the 'purple filter', though.
  6. European Champions (almost Lotus III!) - Title
  7. There does seem to be a bunch of feedback around controller aiming seeming off, so will hopefully get fixed soon. Haven’t had any such issues with the mouse. This guy did a pretty long stream yesterday, good to watch to get an idea of the intended scope: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/1161684475
  8. One of the things I am a bit concerned about is the rumblings that the player to go last gets a pretty big advantage. This rang true for the one match I've actually been able to get into so far, where I basically quad-killed my opponent's operatives in the last round to win the game. It feels like you largely avoid this by either being too far away to be worth trying to take down, or spam weapons/blow things up randomly on your prior turns and hope they run into them or give you enough cover. I'd be very interested to watch 2 decent people at the game go head-to-head to see how it shakes out.
  9. This is out today, seems interesting but 2 things: 1. You can't bind the mouse buttons to a lot of basic functions (like jump, sprint etc.) 2. Seems really hard to match with anyone at the moment - not sure if they are having issues. Anyone else given it a go?
  10. RIP. One of the true pioneers of computing.
  11. Machine Head have finally put up the full revisiting of Burn My Eyes from their 2019 studio session - really does it justice, I think:
  12. On the topic of level design, I recommend devouring this fantastic long read, which (amongst a bunch of other things) goes into some of the nuances of each designer’s set of levels: https://www.shacknews.com/article/101156/rocket-jump-quake-and-the-golden-age-of-first-person-shooters
  13. (Warning - some flashing in the video):
  14. Ran into these chaps when looking for some Warbringer-esque stuff, not quite on par but hits the spot (one of them's even got the shirt):
  15. Streets of Rage is 30 today (at least in Japan), so playing that a bit. Also, some truly ground-breaking info in this article: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/streets-of-rage-4-composer-settles-age-old-debate-for-the-series-30th-anniversary/1100-6494664/ Happy birthday!
  16. Damn... 2 today. RIP https://metalinjection.net/this-is-just-a-tribute/metal-church-vocalist-mike-howe-dead-at-56 https://metalinjection.net/news/former-slipknot-drummer-joey-jordison-has-passed-away Second one has hit me a bit more - was never really much into Slipknot but he was a cracking drummer. Always remember this day:
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