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  1. Beefy! I'm only on Page 58 (out of 467), which is part-way through a section going through the main software houses of the scene. Some nice first-hand insights so far.
  2. Second Masters of Doom - it is really good!
  3. Golfamania? http://www.defunctgames.com/review/1222/golfamania
  4. https://www.loudersound.com/news/judas-priest-celebrate-50-heavy-metal-years-with-epic-42-disc-box-set 42 CDs, Jesus...
  5. I actually posted this in the PC thread recently - Operation: Inner Space!
  6. I was honestly a bit worried it was going to be one of those 'oh sorry, we don't actually have it' situations, but apparently they have shipped it today.
  7. Somehow only just discovered this book existed, but have now swiftly rectified this (by way of tnmoc). https://www.idesine.com/products/acorn-a-world-in-pixels
  8. Can’t remember in regards to Pinball Dreams but Psycho Pinball had that mechanic.
  9. So we're talking 8-bit graphics? Are you sure it wasn't Adventure Island or something (which was on PlayChoice)? Might need some more details for this one! Any idea what the character looked like, how you moved, attacked, enemies, power ups, scoring, were there bosses etc.
  10. Knuckle Joe? Seems to tick a few boxes (area-based, bikes, speed punch, trucks on level 2):
  11. What about Necrodome? The 'other' vehicular combat game:
  12. The only thing that comes to mind right now (and doesn't fully fit the description above) is Renegade. The 'vertical 1st level' is really throwing me off!
  13. Metamorphic Force - Stage 1 (Ruins of Bacarous)
  14. Just throwing out a few other potentials (in case it's a situation of misremembering something): Dungeon of Death: One of the Dunjonquest games: Dungeon: Nightmare Park:
  15. I absolutely loved it as well - still stylistically one of my favourite games of all time. I even remember doing a sort of fanfic story set in its world for an English essay at school back in the day!
  16. A few from me: Boppin' - Legitimately don't think I've played another puzzle game like it since. Also, I don't remember the soundtrack being as ear-grating, but then I did have an Ensoniq Soundscape. Traffic Department 2192 - Seem to remember being captured by the storyline more than anything else. Operation: Inner Space - The game where you got to heroically save the files on your PC from destruction care of the bad guys. Had a large amount of ships and surprisingly varied gameplay. The best part is perhaps that their website is still active and up until very recently still looked like it was from the 90s.
  17. No way Grealish doesn’t come on at half time.
  18. I’ll be getting 3 when it arrives. Still a good amount of stuff to iron out based on the beta, but they have time.
  19. Absolutely horrible, really quite distressing seeing that. Really hope he pulls through.
  20. Florenzi subbed already… not a good start for my fantasy team.
  21. There was one mentioned in the first post.
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