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  1. I fucking love Berserk. Amazing new chapter.
  2. That's a brilliant set-up. I'll have to ask my neighbour if she minds me using her attic.
  3. PS5 coming basically for Demon's, but I'm not especially looking forward to it. I don't really want that ghastly fuck box in my eye line, either. Fortunately, I can shove it behind the telly. I've got a handful of PS4 games I didn't finish (or really get into) before I flogged my Pro, but if I'd really wanted to play them I probably already would have done so. It's not particularly costing me anything, though. I sold my X and Pro to cover the PS5 and I hardly used either since TLOU2, so it's costing me about a tenner. I have an XSX pre-order but I've basically promised that to my
  4. @FiveFootNinja Cheers, I'm certainly open to whatever they might offer And I think that's really good advice. I'll commit to incremental progress with GMS2 and see whether the whole thing is for me.
  5. Hmm, I have tried the opening tutorials of Unity and I can see myself getting into that, but I only have a basic micro PC thing I bought for some light photo and audio editing, and it's creaking whenever I open anything. Hmm...Given this is just a a hobbyist thing for me, I think I'd better stick with GMS2 for now and see if I can make something simple from start to finish.
  6. Yeah, the combat feels very much like HLD, and the dash especially so. It's almost like a blink dash.
  7. Hades is like Grace Kelly in Rear Window.
  8. The equivalent of typing out lines of BASIC from the back of a mag but I really enjoyed the process and I kind of get the logic behind it, and now I have a load of ideas of how to start something I want to make from scratch. Still tempted to take the plunge with Unity, to be honest, but I've got a few 2D ideas and think I'm better trying to actually make and complete something over the next six months or whatever and see if my interest remains.
  9. Yeah, quite clearly much better. The Series X one is what every big budget game is going to look like for the next five years, though. Every surface a fucking ten pin bowling lane.
  10. The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Plus
  11. Having cleared this after about 30 runs, my opinion hasn't massively changed since the start. It's very very polished, tight and snappy combat, and always pretty satisfying no matter your weapon or boons. On the flip side, there's obviously a ton of stuff I could still unlock, but at this stage it all feels very much of an ilk. I've had a couple of memorable runs, but they're always within fairly narrow parameters. It's not necessarily fair to compare it to Isaac, arguably the greatest ever roguelite, but even having unlocked pretty much everything that game has to offer, I still f
  12. I finally read the Odyssey this summer and it's fucking brilliant. Gonna get on the Iliad next, albeit I've read them the wrong way around. Would definitely recommend.
  13. @El Pibe Aside from FIFA, nothing.
  14. I thought it was very poor and barely raised a titter. It's impossible to allow interactions to happen naturally given the character's infamy, and so it felt much more manufactured and cartoonish. I rewatched the first film recently, as well as a compilation of the original segments, and it's a character which has progressively become broader, less revealing - and less funny. Almost all of the scripted segments pale alongside the interviews. The most interesting part of the sequel was seeing people recognise and react to Borat. I actually wish they'd pursued that idea, kind of lik
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