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  1. I don't mean to be dismissive but I'm totally comfortable with my perspective on it and I don't need you to agree. I've explained a couple of times that you're not in a position to see the bigger picture, and that this is entirely by design. Until you do get that from your own experience, you won't understand, anyway. If you want me to answer why you can't hit ghosts or why you chose to proceed in an area where you couldn't see anything, the simple answer is rather than take the hint, you keep banging your head against the wall. Believe it or or not, lots of people star
  2. Really hope that Minilla is in it and he gives Kong a big kick in the bollocks.
  3. If it makes you feel any better, you should see some of my posts from when I was halfway through Sekiro - and I was wrong, too.
  4. You do understand, of course. I have literally hundreds of old games to play on my PS5, but I've already played 98% of them, so they're nowhere near as interesting to me as new games. That's it.
  5. Marlew


    @ImmaculateClump Whit woo! Console wars 'r' us!
  6. I could answer those questions but what you mean is 'I think these things are bullshit at this moment in time'. The short answer is that the unknowable, fragmented nature of the game is by design. My advice is that you only get to play Dark Souls for the first time once, so explore the world, absorb the item descriptions and NPC dialogue and embrace the uncertainty. Next time around, it'll make a bit more sense. And then a bit more. And then a bit more. And then you finally see the whole patchwork and you recognise where all of these disparate elements fit within it.
  7. It's actually easy if you just explore and pay attention.
  8. Took me about half an hour to find that. Total bullshit. Wish I could have clicked L3 for hollow senses mode or something.
  9. Wish I could could find that image of Dark Souls with the Ubisoft HUD.
  10. I had a pre-order for both but gave my X to a mate. I keep looking at one and had in an basket a couple of times but there's nothing I want to play. I caned the decent exclusive games on my One X and have zero interest in Game Pass. If I want to play something, I'll just get it but I understand its value to others. I'm looking forward to the next gen titles and will pick one up when there's one top-tier new game for it. I'm probably one of the lucky ones with the PS5. I pre-ordered way back when, no fuss and it turned up on time. I've had no technical issues with it whatsoever, nor
  11. The lack of hand-holding is even more stark in 2021 than when it first came out. I sympathise, albeit I wouldn't have it any other way. It's something which makes it stand apart from most games which are desperate to keep you on the treadmill. It's a big part of the mystique, to be honest. All of the clues and instructions are there in the environmental storytelling and item descriptions and NPC dialogue and world building, but there's no way you'll get that first time around. That is simply by design. It's not 'bad design'. It's actually a fundamental aspect of Miyazaki's intent a
  12. I don't want like any of them either, besides TCGS, which is a weekly highlight. You never given Cane and Rinse a go, though? Even as a Patreon and someone who really enjoys the show, I wouldn't say that it's heavy on the bants or jokes. My favourite podcast over the last year or so is Video Wizards by Michiel Kroder (from C&R) and Ben Cartlidge of One Credit Classics. It's a look back at an individual year in gaming, covering the arcades and home console releases, as well as pop culture and contemporary local news and stuff. It's fun and quite light but also really passionate
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