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  1. Cheers @Nick R. Interesting stuff. I can't remember the specifics but I do recall that the two Cane and Rinse episodes on the Bayo games were very good and addressed a number of these points. The second one also featured Leah Haydu, as well as Bayo superplayer Yoshesque who are both...err...women (and therefore must speak for all women). You know what I'm saying. It's good to hear different voices in gaming discourse. https://youtube.com/c/yoshesque
  2. Not intended as a gotcha but wasn't Bayonetta designed by a woman? This may be a false memory or half-memory.
  3. I really enjoyed it. It's a rather different sensation to pootling along in the Cessna or flying at the high altitude in an Airbus or something. It feels 'arcadey' in comparison, and it's absolutely rapid. It'd be my choice to just pelt it across the map taking the big picture in, rather than inspecting the details.
  4. There no confusion, it's just console war bullshit.
  5. I think this is well made and polished but it feels like an amalgamation of now very very familiar elements from the mechanics to the structure and aesthetics; that exemplifies my issue with a lot of contemporary indie gaming. I understand the lack of ambition and originality from AAA devs, but I find it dispiriting when the next hot indie game feels just as derivative. It is a 'good game' but that's no longer enough for me. Unless it's absolutely fucking brilliant, I need originality.
  6. Serious answer, I think it's a poor decision but I find it hard to care very much. It's mostly a symptom of the cultural void at the heart of the club these days. They were arguably unlucky that Ancelotti jumped ship so soon, though I can't begrudge him that decision, but he was ill-suited to the club and the squad in any case. His avuncular man-management clearly boosted the likes of DCL and he brought in a couple of loyal subjects who started strong, but as a group they need much more structure and direction than 'just play'. This is who he is, though, so I don't blame him. The mistake was a deep lack of cultural awareness from the owners. And so Rafa is simply the next error along the same path. It's an undignified appointment which demonstrates how little the owners understand or care about the club. I understand that Gerrard was asked by some journo scrote if he'd ever been interested in the job and he basically told them to fuck off. That's the spirit. Fair play to the cunt. I would have much sooner given it to Ferguson even if he turned out to be absolutely shit. I don't crave success at all (I'm not wasting my life waiting on that) but I do want to see a cultural representation of Everton Football Club. For me, that's an ex-con screaming at the cunts for 90 minutes and battering them in the dressing room win, lose or draw and headbutting opposition managers, players and fans every single Saturday.
  7. @sandman Totally agree, and 2001 is perhaps even better if you're a Kubrick fan in general. Amazing depth and detail.
  8. I watched Batman (1989) last night and I would really recommend it. So much of the film is in shadow, very noirish, and the HDR plus OLED gives so much depth and murky detail. It looks superb. Then you have those bursts of colour with Jack and it suddenly becomes larger than life, incredibly bold and theatrical. It's not always pin sharp but the interior shots are frequently very detailed, lots of texture on Vicki's clothing and Jack's make-up. The Atmos track is also very good, lots going on, very punchy but detailed and subtle. Gunshots and gadgets sound fantastic but the score is probably the highlight. A proper high quality example of the format.
  9. These days, if you say you find a woman attractive, you get thrown in jail.
  10. I really like the Eurofighter Typhoon. Before I knew it, I was basically up in space. It's even better at low altitude, though. Feels fantastic to be carving up the map a kilometre up at 1100kts. I flew from Nice to Paris this morning like I was playing Afterburner.
  11. Any arcade game is better than any indie game.
  12. Ketsui (PS4) Battle Garegga (PS4) Mushihimesama (Switch)
  13. I'm returning the Xbox to Amazon as an unwanted item, so there's no sale involved. The performance is a little below my expectations. I'll get a Series X next year when it's been updated further and maybe there'll be something else to play, as well. Elden Ring, probably. As for the PS5, I've been all digital since the PS3 days so it made sense to carry on but I understand what you're saying. I give my account details to nieces, nephews and mates who make plenty of use so that's good enough for me. I'm perfectly happy to have paid seventy quid for Demon's and Returnal, and I'm sure I'll revisit them in years to come as they're in my library. I wish more games were of a similar standard! For the moment, though, I'm not very interested in modern gaming so I'm happy for someone else to enjoy it.
  14. I genuinely wouldn't sweat it. I just sold my PS5 and I'm returning my Series S. I played a couple of brilliant games on the PS5 but there's nothing else on that level that's been announced. I've had my Series S for a week and I'm done with it. Flight Sim is great but there's nothing else I'm interested in on the console or GP, and games look worse than on my One X. FH5 will be impressive but I've had my fill of the formula. Demon's, Returnal and Flight Sim are all top-tier but also not for everyone. I'm lucky that they all clicked for me. If you're not interested in those games, there's no point in upgrading to a 'next-gen' console. I thought the framerate boost would make the many slightly dull last-gen games more appealing, but you can't polish up mediocrity. Put your money towards another hobby and wait a year.
  15. Marlew

    Zool Remake

    @Wiper Nice one. Hope it comes to Switch.
  16. Marlew

    Zool Remake

    No more pos but amen, dudes.
  17. Marlew

    Zool Remake

    Could do with a Sensi port. Don't understand why it doesn't happen every gen. Maybe Skidmarks?
  18. Turns out this is brilliant. Not so much spectacular stuff going on with HDR because it's mostly quite drab, lots of browns and earthy tones, but the level of fine detail is amazing. You can see all the textures and materials on every creature, all the clothing, the foliage, it's a proper feast. Loved the film, too!
  19. Marlew

    Zool Remake

    I really hope my Valve Steam Deck has arrived by the time this drops.
  20. It's more 'anything good' for me. I only play stuff I really really like and bin anything that doesn’t hit that spot. Most games are pretty average or a waste of my time.
  21. @Sarlaccfood Cheers for that, but pretty thin gruel as I suspected. I don't think any of the competitors are much better at this point, the Switch seems equally stagnant. Flight Sim is the most exciting game at this point, but not interested in anything else Xbox.
  22. What is actually coming out on the PS5? I'm tempted to flog my digital edition and get a disc one down the line. Not touched it since Returnal apart from a few runs of Ketsui Deathtiny. Nothing else I really want to play on it now and nothing on the horizon, pun intended. I've bought and played all the big games and either finished or binned the updated PS4 games. Deathloop isn't my thing at all. Literally can't think of anything else big coming for it. Tempted to just get my money back and see where it's up to in six months.
  23. Oh...I thought 'TV speakers' was self-explanatory, though.
  24. Yeah, I picked that up and went bobbing around the Isle of Man. Absolutely ridiculous but fun.
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