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  1. Supposedly, yes, though I've never tried it myself. I'm sure I saw a guide somewhere to getting it working which was no more complicated than a BT dongle.
  2. Marlew


    Very pleased with the badges, too. I've also gone back to this over the past couple of days, just putting in twenty minutes here and there and I've both really enjoyed it and found it absolutely infuriating, same as it ever was. I must say, I do really really like Lola Pop, though, or rather, I really like her starting arms. The Nunchuk is superb, I seem to always get a hit out of it and I've started to figure out the shield type thing and I've been shutting down fools (from ranks 2 to 5 inclusive, for the most part...). Great little pairing. She doesn't seem to output a hell of a lot of damage but I'm enjoying these little attritional battles which I'm mostly winning. As ever, when I lose, it's one of the few games which make me want to know the nuke launch codes.
  3. This thread, or rather the Zelda chat in the Mario thread, has made me come back to the game. I put a hundred hours in over two sustained periods, but I've still only found half of the shrines. Just mopped up the final hidden memory today so I'm going to do the big boss again because I hear you get a more fleshed out ending with all the memories unlocked. It's just so easy to get absorbed into that world, though, and wander and wander, seeing what's out there. I barely touched DLC1, which did seem slightly crap, but I'm really looking forward to DLC2 and seeing how they expand on that world.
  4. Well, Mario only worked with an update and the rest are also first party. I expect everything else will follow suit when Nintendo receives/allows their updates.
  5. Marlew


    There's a part of me which really loves ARMS, but I so rarely feel inclined to play it. If I'm being totally honest it's because I find its limitations (and mine) so frustrating when I lose. The aesthetic and the possibility of what it could/should be in my imagination are still quite at odds with the reality of the game. It's just a little too ponderous and 'tactical', with every single character. I can play USF2 and use two or three different approaches with each character of a really wide and varied roster, which makes it endlessly interesting, especially in local multiplayer (and I'm not good at all, just fairly experienced) where you're both constantly mixing things up to figure out your opponent's weaknesses. I feel like I'm bound to a fairly reactive/whiff punish style with ARMS or I get my shit pushed in. Am I just too bad at the game or is there something to be said for this? I feel like increasing the speed of movement and punches would make it a much more varied game and would add a little more chance to proceedings, and encourage more aggression. Also, there's virtually no air game at all (as far as I can tell) which basically means I never jump. Am I wrong here?
  6. I have put more time into Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2:SOTFS and Dark Souls 3 than any other games this generation. They're all tremendous, with Bloodborne on top.
  7. Well, best not go back down that rabbit hole, then! Golf Story is fun, charming and around ten to fifteen hours long. In a similar budget ballpark I'd recommend: - Deemo (pretty piano based rhythm game, shit load of tracks) - Axiom Verge (Metroidvania done justice) - Butcher (2D pixelated Doom) - Slime-san (Meat Boy style platformer with a C64 aesthetic) - Sonic Mania (nuff said) - Picross S (a bit cheaper, same old great game) - Strikers 1945 (vertical scrolling arcade shmup) - Neuro Voider (twin stick roguelike, tons of upgrades and customisation, ymmv) - Thumper (bangin, psychedelic rhythm action) If you can stretch a little further, Shovel Knight is excellent and will most likely tide you over til Odyssey. The top tier stuff is full price or thereabouts: BotW MK8D Splatoon 2 ARMS Isaac AB+ Mario & Rabbids Disgaea 5 Rayman Legends
  8. You can afford Stardew Valley. Bravo.
  9. There have been sales most weeks on various indie games. Plenty of launch discounts, as well, but predominantly for the less well-known titles.
  10. The official 'tough' case is the one I use. It's a better fit than the lighter 'soft' case and feels a bit more reassuring. It's not hard plastic or anything, just a more robust design with a kind of golf ball dimpled effect. Fifteen quid. https://www.amazon.co.uk/HORI-Switch-Tough-Case-Nintendo/dp/B01MR63I6F
  11. Marlew

    Edge #312

    Pretty shite that this still hasn't appeared on Google Newstand. Like, what's the excuse?
  12. I've bought a dozen games off the Japanese store, all have English which promise English. It will also say in the info below the screenshots, you just need to learn to recognise the relevant characters. MHXX only says Japanese and sure enough...Mario will definitely have English, I'm sure.
  13. They're not being used to fill the library, they simply are filling the library. Quite a difference.
  14. Ah, so you are on the wind-up...
  15. I would very very seldom even consider the multiplat indie stalwarts on PS4 but I've got about sixty games on the Switch, probably fifty of which are indie titles, and I absolutely cane them. Yes, they're predominantly ports but for the most part, those games built around one core mechanic or repetitive loop are much more engaging in handheld, and as part of a digital library. So, I kind of get the criticism because I've only previously been interested in the absolute peak indie titles but the Switch has shown me that I'm a dolt.
  16. No such thing on Switch. I'll be buying it off the Japanese store I reckon, so around 7pm on the 26th, if I have the timezones right.
  17. They're a tiny bit unwieldy like that in split mode. Great for single JC play with the grips and perfectly sound for ARMS but not holding one in each hand. Too much material. I'm a picky fat-handed twat, basically.
  18. I had the exact same thought this morning. I would love them. The Joycon are perfectly good in split mode but the 'rail' edge looks and feels slightly grim, like turning a volume dial when the nob's fallen off; same effect but ergonomically gross. Come on, Nintendo, eat my earnings.
  19. I signed up many years ago when there was that Lucy Pinder rates your photo thread because my mate was on here and told me about it. I didn't stick around because I already used a few other forums and couldn't stretch to a fourth, commitment issues. I seem to post about little but games anywhere else now so I returned, like a lonely divorcee signing into MSN Messenger for the first time in a decade, longing for validation. Hello.
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