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    Just had a quick look and it starts slow but gets going second half of stage 3. From just before Stage 5 midboss is where the score increases pretty quickly. A number of greedy deaths but it feels like you're supposed to YOLO it for score. It looks like if you've got any orange cubes on screen, your score starts motoring, otherwise it barely changes at all. In Death Die mode it goes up faster. Just realised that autobomb cancels DD mode, as well, so you want to be active with the bombing. Defo gonna aim to break 300m. Awesome game.
  2. Marlew


    Cheers, mate. It works! I've been trying to figure that out for literally months. No clear but I improved my score by about 50%. Seems like something cool happened in St. 5, kept spawning zakos around the midboss phase and hit some serious slowdown. Think that probably made the biggest impact on my score but I dunno. Will upload the run shortly.
  3. Marlew


    Enjoying the Ketsui chat. Quick question, if I may. I don't understand how you trigger the double bullets mode. I've read various things and seen a couple of replays but I don't understand the conditions. I've got a higher score at the stage 1 midboss than some replays I've seen, I've triggered a level 3 Deathtroy before the midboss. I've never quite understood this but enjoying the chat and just had a couple of runs. As always, I end up clearing with around 200m no matter what I do. I never manage to trigger it. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great!
  4. Nice one, @krenzler. Never seen that before, great link.
  5. @Jamie John It does seem like a crap shoot. You're absolutely right about 4K releases for modern movies predominantly being action/sci-fi/superhero stuff. I'm personally not as interested in modern movies as I am in 'catalogue' stuff and so it's a roll of the dice. However, it does tend to mean that the genre releases very often feel like a labour of love, things like Suspiria, Demons, Tremors and Dawn of the Dead are fantastic. This is typically done by the boutique labels, with Arrow Video particularly keen to support the 4K format. They've just brought out True Romance and later this year, they're releasing The Thing, for example. Beyond the boutique stuff, you'll find that different studios and distributors have varying interests and approaches in releasing 4K transfers of their back catalogue, but you're generally limited to the bigger hits. Paramount are keen and generally do a great job, releasing the likes of Gladiator, Forrest Gump and Grease. Universal are excellent these days, with Jaws and The Deer Hunter the standouts for me. They're arguably the best studio for 4K catalogue stuff. Sony and WB get their big franchises out there, for the most part, so you're covered for the likes of Spider-Man and The Matrix, as well as some amazing releases like 2001. Disney are gradually getting involved while Fox barely seem interested at all. I don't think anyone is really sure how long the format will last but I suspect this will be the best quality I'll ever get to see and hear almost all of these films so I get as many as possible. Even if streaming does kill physical media, I'll always have them in this quality, even if it means a bidding war with @Steve McQueef for a 'retro' 4K player in twenty years time!
  6. Marlew


    @Jonster How's your shmup coming along? I think it's got lots of potential!
  7. There's a little sandpit for this stuff:
  8. Sorry it shares an entire series of posts, but that's the one. Once I figured out push notification settings, it's worked great. You need to be on it immediately, though. Seen some people get lucky but within a minute, they're gone.
  9. I will need a Series X pretty soon. Missed a few stock notifications by seconds but I'll keep plugging away.
  10. Bad luck, @Jamie John. That's a bugger. That UB820 is a brilliant player but there are plenty of less expensive options that will be very good. This Sony X700 is great at £199 RRP. https://www.whathifi.com/sony/ubp-x700/review I had it before my UB820 and was really happy with it. It's in the living room now, still a top quality player.
  11. @spatular I put dash on L and melee on R. Items on square. Made it quite a bit easier for me.
  12. Couple of things, really. First, it's overblown Internet chat that you need to hold L all the time to control the camera. It's a traditional 3D Zelda, you're using ZL to lock on to enemies etc and centre the camera as a matter of course. It's simply not necessary. You want to use the sword 'free hand' more often, in my experience. An option would be preferable to switch L from camera to sword, but on balance I think I would still choose the 'default'. Second, you get used to it very quickly, a little tap and nudge of the camera here and there. It's a button rather than a trigger so it's immediate, and it becomes second nature by the time you've reached the first dungeon. I also think the combat is much better with the right stick than with the JCs or Wiimote. It's snappier and more accurate. Bosses and enemies which involved random flailing and fortune on the Wii are healthy competition and satisfying to take down here, as I'm sure they were intended.
  13. Honestly, I'd just use the pad controls. They took about an hour to properly click and they're much more precise and responsive.
  14. Hiya Carlos mate, lol legend, there's actually a special thread where you can post your rib ticklers nowadays.
  15. Anyone got any Back To The Future impressions? Tempted by the trilogy in the HMV sale.
  16. Pocket change for the lads.
  17. I am tempted by Basic Instinct having recently watched Total Recall and admired Stone in that. Not seen it in about 25 years. I've got this turning up today. Not seen it for a good fifteen years but have great memories of it. Not sure how good this is going to turn out in terms of detail, but hopefully the HDR will add something to the amazing costumes and the famous centrepiece.
  18. Great. Now buy Ferrari.
  19. I absolutely adored BotW but I totally agree. This is the most fun I've had with a 'trad' Zelda since I first played OoT. I really didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I am.
  20. @Vorgot Quick tip with flying, you can also tap A to flap and gain height. I tend to have my nose permanently tipped down, flap for height and then leave it to accelerate, maybe throw in couple of boosts and then flap again when I drop to around halfway. I should say that the controls have really clicked with me now with the Pro. Basic combat was a random waggle fest on the Wii but even Lizalfos are getting their arses kicked now. Lots more baiting and dodging and flipping and then strike fast. You do have to be pretty quick with your attacks, I've found, but it feels good every time. Halfway through Lanayru now and I remember why it's one of only a couple of sections I remember well from a decade ago. Really imaginative and fun, only slightly taxing at times but scratches the itch very nicely.
  21. Marlew


    @ImmaculateClump That is enormously helpful. Cheers! I've never used shmupmame successfully but that seems like foolproof guidance. Will aim to get my smint set up over the next couple of weeks when I'm out of my pit.
  22. Marlew


    @ImmaculateClump Great work! It seems that boss keeps you constantly on the move. No safe spots! I've still never played it, a big gap in my shmup experience. Looks like fun and much more DDP than I expected. I'll have to emulate it one day. On that note, I never actually figured out shmupmame on the smint but I am curious. I'll be honest, retroarch confuses me. I set it up on my PS Classic and all was well and then one day it wasn't. Same story on my old melted laptop. Is there an idiotproof guide or pack purely for shmups?
  23. @Steve McQueef Damn, good deal. You don't strike me as a big musicals guy (I may be wrong!) but just on a pure AV level, it's well worth a watch when you get to it. I'm sure it's come up before but what would your top 4K discs be? Any lesser known stuff I should check out?
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