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  1. And I found it in Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party VOEZ is on sale again on the eShop. I've come back to it recently, and captured my favourite song from the game, might give a flavour. Such a pretty piece in every respect
  2. Thanks, man. This sounds right up my street for some reason.
  3. @Adrock I just got the Audeze Mobius and they are so much better than any other gaming headphones I've had before, including the Astro A50s. They've replaced every other pair of headphones and IEMs I have for all uses.
  4. An excellent suggestion, to be honest. I have a 360 Hori Rap EX which I put an LS-32 in and I absolutely love it. I can feel the lag though with the Brook converters I've got for both PS4 and Switch (although the Shmup ports themselves are usually more responsible here) and I find a wired pad much snappier. I actually came to like the DS4 D-pad for shmups, weirdly enough. Anyway, you're right, I just need to get a Brook universal fighting board and put the whole thing to bed.
  5. Now I really can't wait for it. I don't mind what they do with the remake, it's a separate entity for me. I just want to hear and see that world through the lens of contemporary tech. I don't expect them to rebottle and rebadge lightning. I'm glad to hear that they've done some stuff to subvert expectations, and not repeated the exact same story beats. Obviously, some people are thrilled that others might be upset and disappointed but who am I to begrudge such an impoverished spirit its kicks? Does the humble bluebottle not relish his dogshit banquet?
  6. Thanks for the confirmation that it's not Mandela Effect (which I knew it wasn't but I didn't want to be the only one alive who knew it). That's my fear, basically. It's one of those arbitrary anomalies that confirm the transience of existence. No matter how hard I try to will the textured D-pad into the present, it is forever young and forever gone.
  7. I am tempted but I'm an absolute tool at that kind of thing. Good suggestion though for a more handy man.
  8. Or, failing that, which third party PS4 controller has the ultimate top tier ne plus ultra D-pad?
  9. Long story short, until recently, I owned two DS4 pads. One I got with my original PS4 and the other I got about three years ago when I got a PS4 Pro. I put the original pad in a drawer when I got the Pro with its slightly revised v2 DS4 design. Fast forward to a couple of months ago and I broke the newer DS4 pad playing Ikaruga and ended up throwing it in the bin. I then got the old pad out of the drawer, only to find that it had a terrible shiny D-pad which my thumb slipped off, both directional buttons and the housing were this glossy black. It was horrible to use, especially after the slightly textured D-pad I'd been used to. I ordered a V2 DS4 replacement. Sure enough, it had more of matte finish when it arrived and I got S++ Rank on Ikaruga and all was well with the world. Soon after, however, I realised that this pad was actually different to my damaged pad, and although it wasn't as smooth and glossy as the original PS4 controller, it was still too smooth and got a bit...greasy and slippery, for want of less disgusting imagery. It's definitely an official pad and it's definitely a V2 model because the D-pad and some other buttons are grey rather than black from the OG DS4. On the back, it has model number: CUH-ZCT2E. This is exactly the same model number as the one I broke. Can anyone confirm that there exists a DS4 with a slightly textured, grippy, matte D-pad? And please please, where can I get one? Thanks for reading and hopefully getting involved in this puzzle.
  10. Bravo, Nate. I've become a digital subscriber in the last few years and it's something I look forward to every month. All the best with what comes next.
  11. Sadly, no. I'd never tried it before with the JC, to be honest, I'm happy playing with buttons (heathen), but just gave it a go on a track I can 100% on Normal with my eyes closed and barely scraped through on Easy. The motion controls are completely unfit for purpose, unfortunately. That said, it's still magnificent with just the Pro Controller to me!
  12. As much as I would love that, I think it would be a knife in the back of the retailers, to be honest. Especially harsh at the moment.
  13. Stanshall


    Great stuff! And for Mushi too. I think Deathtiny is really well balanced for a survival run, but it's really addictive trying to squeeze more score out of it, too. I made the mistake/excellent decision of downloading iconoclast's high scoring run from the leaderboards (maybe #2) and I realised how I'd barely scratched the surface. Hell of a game.
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