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  1. ZL + ZR brings up the menu where you can select to go back to the game list.
  2. It's got nothing to do with the limitations of the lists for me, it's the mechanical limitations of the game and the degree of 'experimentation' available. I pissed around off-piste and found it paper thin. Dekay's point about it being more like a toy makes perfect sense but a cardboard box doesn't have any inherent gameplay value simply because 'people with imaginations' are entertained by it. I get that people find it fun and I can understand why, to a degree, but it's a bit rum to suggest that people who don't enjoy it lack imagination or are just trying to dunk on other people's fun. I've consciously held off raising even the mildest criticism for that very reason. In turn, I wouldn't suggest that people who like it are easily amused or Colin Hunt types trying to geg in on a wacky meme. I think it probably comes down to the subjectivity of comedy. It's impossible to dissect the proverbial frog. Anyway, thanks also from me for the replies.
  3. @Mugman I will happily take your word for it but it seemed to me that there was very little freedom at all. The idea of 'role playing as a goose' and 'creating your own stories' is completely alien to my experience of the game. It has no apparent depth either mechanically or in terms of 'emergent gameplay', to use that old term. That said, if you really enjoyed the humour and atmosphere of the thing, I can see how you would be more engaged in 'filling in the blanks'. It's one where the tone does a lot of the heavy lifting and if you're amused by the premise, it doesn't necessarily need much more in the way of mechanics, etc. I would genuinely be interested though if I knew there were depths I'd not noticed or reached.
  4. It's a mini masterpiece of marketing, no doubt. The initial reveal trailer was superb and captured the imagination. The subsequent radio silence probably only increased the excitement and clamour for it. I think it's a very gif-worthy game, as well, so it spread quickly on Twitter and reddit. The basic premise is very easy to understand and the humour is pretty universal. It's only once you start to play that you realise what it actually is, and how limited are the experience and interactions.
  5. It's perfectly good for what it is, a lite stealth game with an original premise, but I don't enjoy the genre and find it mechanically very simple. It was quite funny for the first few minutes but it was quickly replaced by mild frustration and boredom at what the game asks you to do. There's no depth or freedom or creativity to it. It's like a Spot the Dog book. First time you lift up the washing basket looking for the guy and he's not there you think it's gonna be an amazing ride but after opening a cupboard and looking under the duvet with similar results, you get the picture. I'm reluctant to criticise the game anywhere because you just know someone will reply by saying honk and everyone laughs at you or when you're trying to make a well-developed, coherent argument someone just says honk and everyone laughs at you.
  6. Just remembered that when I first got my Switch, I used to play it in the bath all the time. Two hour baths playing Isaac or BotW. I was just too excited and wanted to play it everywhere all the time. Seems pretty absurd now.
  7. The main issue with PC gaming is that you are forced to engage with the people who play games on PC
  8. Amen to all the above. Really enjoyed the write ups and very much appreciate all the time and effort which goes into this. Bravo.
  9. Very pleasantly surprised by this place, and thanks for the replies. Sure enough, there's a lot of MAME cabinet stuff (with smoothing filters on in some cases, which wouldn't be my preference) but there's a hell of a lot of fun, interesting, pretty new stuff which I've never seen before. A lot of the games are lightgun type stuff but really cool. Rambo and the Halo game are both new to me but there was loads like that. The Mario Kart game I'd only seen once before in China, really cool. A few OutRun 2 cabs, including two fucking massive full-size car cabs which I've never seen before. Unfortunately, they weren't on today but I'll look forward to trying them next time. They also had these massive updated Turtles Arcade and Rampage cabs which I've never seen before and some horror thing with stereoscopic 3D and a MASSIVE Tomb Raider lightgun game. Sega Rally 3. Super Bikes 4. B2B USF4 and Tekken 7 cabs. Honestly, some really cool shit. They also had the colossal DariusBurst Another Chronicle cab with the ultra wide screen and fucking DEAFENING music. It was outstanding. The bass siren as the boss approached with a WARNING literally made my nuts rattle. That was the highlight of the day for me (not the rattled nuts, getting the 1CC!) and I'll definitely be going back for that alone. Fantastic scran round the corner at the Baltic Market, as well. Had a belting katsu curry for about six quid. Very reasonable and bloody tasty. By the time we got out, it was really warming up there, too. Seems like loads of great boozer options. When I'm back on the piss, I'll defo be going back to visit and properly making a night of it.
  10. Anyone been here yet? It's a retro arcade in the old Cains brewery, I understand. Baltic Triangle area. I get the impression it's more 'barcade' than a dedicated Arcade Club-type affair but I'm off there tomorrow, in any case. My bro lives in Liverpool and we're looking for stuff to do that doesn't involve hitting the piss. Someone he works with recommended it. I heard the retro stuff is actually MAME in some cases but I'm not expecting too much. Just wondering if anyone has any impressions.
  11. Absolutely pumped that ESP Ra.De. Psi got a mention at all. Thanks, lads!
  12. Absolutely. 'Barren' was more emotive than I meant. I'll say 'blank canvas' instead!
  13. There aren't any announcements yet, you haven't forgotten anything. It's pretty barren besides AC so there must be a big Direct before the end of Feb at the latest.
  14. Just realised it's DEFINITELY going to be ESP Ra.De. Psi.
  15. Stanshall


    @Jashin Spot on. If you mean quality of the port, it's identical to the PS4 version. If you mean quality of the game, I think it's a high quality, polished, accessible, 'modern' shmup. It has unlockable weapons and a shop and challenges and plenty of carrots to keep you coming back. Some of the weapons are interesting. The art style is really unusual and unique, not just within the genre. It's comfortably a top ten shmup on the Switch. I don't personally love it, but I've enjoyed playing through it and dipping in and out. It's a little bit of Cave and a little bit of Psikyo with original presentation. @womble9 Devil Engine is a good game, I like a lot about it but it is really hard, even on 'Very Easy' which I took to be a joke. If you like Thunder Force, it's very very similar. I came nowhere near clearing it on one credit. I think eight credits was more like it. That said, I totally agree with @NickyDrinks that it would give you something a bit different. Dan3 is a good call, by the way, especially for that price. That said, Rolling Gunner is more accessible than all of the above, and has a lot more depth to the scoring. Novice Mode is genuinely fun. It's pretty ugly in stills and not much better in motion but it's got it where it counts - gameplay. Psyvariar is really exciting but as a grazing shmup where your best option is often not to shoot anything, it's a slightly strange game and not for everyone. Some suggestions not mentioned yet: Tengai - A horizontal Psikyo game, which is pretty rare and really good. It's basically just like Gunbird but a hori, in fact. Interesting art style, kind of Edo mechs. Dragon Blaze - The evolution of Gunbird, basically. It's probably the crowning glory of the Psikyo systems and stage design. You and your dragon attack in tandem and then you fire it off to point blank the boss as you dart around avoiding the patterns. Konami Arcade Collection - Kind of cheating because there are eight games here including Gradius 1&2, plus Salamander and Thunder Cross, and Japanese variations, and more. It's often on sale for bugger all. Superb old school compilation. Darius Cozmic Collection - A little bit pricier and Japanese eShop only for the moment but I believe it might be coming out over here. Three different versions of both Darius and Darius 2, some markedly different, plus the amazing Darius Gaiden. Beware not to get the Consumer Edition because it only contains the home console ports of the above and several others. It's great but expensive and more for the Darius diehards. Super Hydorah - Another modern indie inspired by some of the above. Bit of R-Type, bit of Gradius, bit of Darius, it's a very tidy little game which feels classic without the punishment. It's also pretty cheap quite often.
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