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  1. I've no doubt that your own perspective would transcend the law. Blessed are the self-righteous.
  2. Anne Summers, I'm genuinely staggered at your callous, insistent ignorance. That is some despicable shit.
  3. Great to see you propping this thread up, man. Not had much gaming time the last few days but I'll pick up some of the slack this weekend! We will get a third member of the thread one day.
  4. Stanshall


    City Connection are doing the port, same folk who did the Psyvariar Delta ports and that was blinding. Think it's in good hands. Not mad about Deathsmiles to be honest because I find the character designs a bit much but very excited by the prospect of 'collection #1' which bodes very very well. Espgaluda collection. Mushihimesama collection! DODONPACHI COLLECTION! I actually do live in hope. Seems the giant is stirring.
  5. Yeah, not a criticism of any reviews or reviewers and you're right. They'll need to add a fair bit of endgame content to get anywhere near MH level but it gives me that same feeling.
  6. I would honestly say that the reviews for this have missed out a massive chunk of the game's appeal due to the online features only being available at launch. The single player is badly designed, I'm sorry to say, too many short, meaningless missions that feel like generic side missions and far too much exposition dump and crap characters to bookend each one but strip it down to the basics of taking down gigantic mechanical war bastards alongside some tooled up Japanese lads is absolutely brilliant. I was the last man standing just then against some colossal robot hulk and I'd run out of ammo, only had a sword and a few hand grenades and almost no health. My fallen comrades out of their mechs, sprinting and leaping with their pea shooters. Negligible damage. It was up to me. I dashed in, slashed away at the weak spot, dashed out, just missed me with a swipe of its gigantic sword, phew, it starts spraying homing missiles and I have no choice but to DPS race with the hand grenade and hope to dodge through the missiles with my dash. Milliseconds away from going down and...BOOM! Gimme the loot!
  7. Almost exactly how I felt. I think that's why it's impossible for anyone to really explain why it's so good, you have to experience it for yourself.
  8. And that's what the online is...Wowwww. This is more like it. Four on four Arsenal battles. Massive arena boss battles. Loads of gear. Already this is the most fun I've had with the game.
  9. I've not played a lot of Astral Chain yet but if this had a similar structure to that, with fewer longer missions with increasing stakes, the story could just nudge you from one big event to another. As it is, we've got short and repetitive missions with no particular crescendo or sense of peril and almost an equal amount of complete drivel. Genuinely quite gutted about this because I can see what the game could be. It doesn't need much more meat, it just needs a lot less fat. If it were purely Mech Monster Hunter, even a total rip-off, it could have been fantastic.
  10. The conversations and cut scenes are so bad. Pauses for dramatic effect and incongruous reactions to vague statements. It's also so repetitive, they repeatedly spell out the most inane elements of the conversation and say goodbye three or four different times while completely glossing over the actual plot points or - worse - leave things conspicuously unsaid as if any of this is intriguing or worth paying any attention to. It feels like they have a very solid set of core mechanics and a decent gameplay loop but they don't know how to make it that into a cohesive game. The story stuff is already killing my motivation to play, which is a shame because I do really like the blasting and flying around and getting tooled up. Strange game. I'm reluctant to skip even though I suspect you're spot on because otherwise, there's zero structure or framework for the grind.
  11. I'm enjoying the gameplay quite a lot. The story is immediately impenetrable nonsense. I've actually tried to listen and make an effort but it feels like a stream of different characters talking in very abstract terms about organisations and conspiracies mixed with generic 'you can do it, rookie' shit chat. I'm about six missions in and I have been clueless since basically the start.
  12. Something tells me I'm gonna love this silly boring bollocks. ARMS was widely disregarded and misunderstood but it was an absolute blinder once it clicked. I feel like this is might be equally idiosyncratic, but I might just be projecting total bullshit because I enjoy buying things.
  13. They voice acting is terrible, but I feel it's in the line with the goofy, hammy original dialogue. Had they blanded it out to some naturalistic aesthetic or, worse, gone for serious military shooter gruff bollocks, I would have been much more disappointed. At least this has some personality - albeit an extremely broad one.
  14. Apologies, I don't know what I was thinking. Will edit.
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