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  1. You already forgot Geoff's estival dogshit fiesta or whatever?
  2. That actually makes me feel better, I did all right with that one. I was a pure Faith build so sometimes melted bosses and sometimes questioned where my life was headed.
  3. Fucking hell. I probably spent 10 hours on that bastard Q. Bravo.
  4. Oh, I didn't think about that. I guess so then if nobody else has mentioned it. Anyway, it looks pretty smart, it's easy for me to parse and feels a bit snappier.
  5. That's an accurate description of my set-up, having upgraded a few months back. In fairness, I tried Shadow and Stadia before that. The XCloud issues aren't WiFi related, though. I don't have a horse in the race, none of them particularly interests me, I just wanted to share my immediate impressions.
  6. New store dashboard and UI is extremely erotic.
  7. I'll happily go back since I'm not paying any extra for it. I'll check in and see how it's getting on.
  8. Fair play with the Stadia radar. But no, it's not my WiFi. Cheers.
  9. I'd say this is graphically slightly better than every other streaming service I've tried, including PS Now, Shadow and Stadia. Lag is always going to be a problem with certain games, no matter what anyone says, but the selection here doesn't especially suffer with it. The games play well and look really nice on my tablet and phone. I do also really like just clicking on a game I don't have installed and getting straight into it, it's a cool way of trying stuff out. My issue is the audio, really. The microskips are just distracting enough to pull me out whenever they happen, which is every five seconds and almost constantly with FH4. I might use it if I left my Switch at home on all trip or something but there's virtually no chance of that happening, anyway. For context, I'm on BT Infinity 2, can stream 4K UHD movies without a hitch/artifacting, etc. Edit: SoR4 - Good response and graphics, audio not too bad. Ori - Best on every count. FH4 - Looks great, response is sluggish as expected, audio is poor. Halo 5 - Artifacting, laggy, audio not so bad. Sea of Thieves - Probably all right, couple of beers in a hotel room, audio a bit bit crackly but plays well.
  10. That's a pretty damning indictment of my constant interior monologue.
  11. But if that best foot is riddled with gout, and shod in papier-mâché, maybe take the time to get a pedicure and a decent leather upper.
  12. For a pure audiovisual treat, and to FFWD through the dull bits, I went looking for a UHD version of Legacy. Nope. If there were ever a film ripe for a bit of an eye and ear candy release, it's that one. Strange it's not happened.
  13. Ah, no worries. Apologies, you did make that clear.
  14. https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/drink-more-glurp-review/ I've had a lot of fun with this over the last few days. It's kind of a mix of QWOP, Fall Guys and Heave Ho, with lots more events and variety to it. It's great.
  15. I might edit out that last bit for anyone who comes to this later, but yes, you should! Haha
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