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  1. Here are a few reasons why it’s good: - The process of putting things in their right place and building a space for yourself is genuinely meditative and therapeutic to many - the pixel art style is gorgeous and packed with detail, including lots of enjoyable Easter eggs referencing pop culture of the 90s and early 00s - the soundtrack is similarly soothing and lovely, and the much-discussed foley work is extraordinary and works to make the game feel lived in and tactile - the subtle way it weaves in storytelling without resorting to cutscenes or dialogue is really impressive; it’s clever and often moving (no pun intended) - there’s a bit where you unpack a GameCube - I’ve genuinely never played anything like it, and in a time where 95% of all games are open world RPGs that has to count for something - I played it for free on GamePass and so did you almost certainly - it’s going to prove useful as an arbiter of taste for years to come, helpfully distinguishing people who recognise original, beautiful game experiences when they come along from people who panic and scream ‘WANK!’ when they’re confronted with something a bit different
  2. Another fantastic slate for me. I loved the demo of Unpacking, and I’ve been holding out for It Takes Two to come to GamePass. Every year or so I try and fail to get my wife interested in games, and now I’ve got that and The Forgotten City lined up my naive optimism that I will finally convert her is higher than ever! Add Forza and FM and it really seems too good to be true. I haven’t even had the chance to try AOE4 yet. At least the experience of using the Xbox app on PC remains consistently hair-pullingly awful - wouldn’t want to be too positive, heaven forfend. In a similar vein, I really enjoyed the hour or so I played on Moonglow Bay, but the performance was legitimately terrible (and I’m by no means a Digital Foundry wonk) and it crashed and lost my progress. Not sure if I’ll go back now, which is a shame. There’s so much I like about it.
  3. I think all of the big tentpoles will be fine, with the possible exception of Vanguard, which I've seen nothing positive about. Halo I reckon will be a big success - it's been enough time that people seem primed for it (I certainly am), and as long as it's a solid Halo game ultimately that will be enough. The real question mark for me, is Age of Empires 4. That's going to have to be something special to get its hooks into people, I think. The pre-release hype has been all but non-existent, compared to something like Humankind, and that seems to have died a fairly quick death. The success of strategy fames is much harder to gauge (even taking Game Pass out of the equation) as the aim is presumably to get people playing them for thousands of hours. I'm not sure this is currently set up to have that kind of longevity based on what I've seen, but I'd be happy to be wrong.
  4. I'm excited to play The Riftbreaker later. I loved the demo I played during one of those Steam festivals. I never got on with They Are Billions - it just didn't click for some reason. This felt much more what I wanted from a tower defense/RTS, at least from the half hour I played.
  5. It is genuine tragedy that we didn't get to see Jeff G's live reaction to the Mario movie cast announcement. Still, this is pretty good: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1157268590?t=00h45m28s
  6. I actually worked this out the other night partly in an attempt to stop myself buying any more games, and partly to see if it really was a thin season. Of course I’ve got tons to play and there is loads coming up. A terrifying amount really. The arrival of GamePass has basically ensured I never finish anything, ever, and that’s not looking as if it’s going to change. Behold, my crippling ADHD laid bare! (Apologies for also including some older games on here) Games I have been playing on and off for between 9-18 months and really need to finish Yakuza 7 Dragon Quest XI Spiritfarer Stuff I’ve started recently and need to finish before buying anything else Psychonauts 2 F1 2021 Braking Point story mode The Artful Escape Games I will consistently be returning to to prat around in: NBA 2K22 Dyson Sphere Program State of Decay 2 Assorted Picross titles Upcoming GamePass stuff I’m actively excited for Forza 5 Halo Infinite Age of Empires 4 The Riftbreaker Back 4 Blood Upcoming GamePass stuff I will also check out because what the hell Lemnis Gate Sable Aragami 2 Unsighted Football Manager 22 Probably the single game I am most excited to play but nevertheless feel like I need to carve out a chunk of uninterrupted time for it, so who knows when I’ll get around to actually playing through the thing Lost Judgment Switch stuff I’m excited for: Metroid Dread Advance Wars The ‘vulnerable to reading a good review at the right/wrong moment’ column Deathloop Diablo 2 Remastered FIFA 22 eFootball or whatever PES is calling itself now Far Cry 6 Danganronpa Collection Earthward Games that drop out of nowhere that will suddenly seem like the most interesting thing in the world ??? x 8, let’s say
  7. I’m on a rewards kick at the moment as I want to buy an expensive new game and could do with the money off. However none of the ‘play’ quests (i.e. UFC 4, play a GamePass game, play 3 GamePass games, etc) are working for me. I really don’t think I can be arsed to raise a ticket with customer support - has anyone found a reliable way to jumpstart this, seeing as it’s a common issue now? Also I played Black Desert earlier to get those points - I’m struggling to think of a game experience I’ve legitimately hated more than that interminable 15 minutes. Genuinely headache-inducing and pretty much everything about it is the opposite of what I want from gaming.
  8. I had really been enjoying this but a save bug (apparently common) means that I’ve lost all of my progress (about 6 hours). Apparently it’s a PC issue. As much as I’ve enjoyed it I’m not sure how keen I am to immediately play through those six hours again. I have to say, as much as it’s clearly a great deal I truly hate the experience of using the Xbox app and Gamepass on the PC. I don’t think I’ve ever had a game client/OS cause me more problems in 25 years of gaming.
  9. Well, I now have to go and put the baby to bed so I guess my race is run. That's a bummer.
  10. Please disregard all of my earlier enthusiasm for this.
  11. Oh dear. Payment not going through, now the site is down.
  12. Struggling to see the downsides with this. Battery life, perhaps? Slightly dodgy controllers? Supply issues? Otherwise this feels like the gaming machine I’ve been waiting for for years. And makes out the Switch OLED as even more of a spectacular own goal than it already clearly was (I was genuinely staggered it didn’t even have Bluetooth audio support, which seems extraordinarily obtuse even for Nintendo). If this is anything other than a total failure, then I can’t speak for anyone else but what I can tell you for a fact is that it will cost Nintendo a big chunk of my disposable income. There are literally dozens of games I’ve double dipped on for the Switch after initially buying on Steam, just so I could play them on the commute. The video on the website of someone playing Factorio handheld just made me make an involuntary noise I’m not particularly proud of.
  13. I know this gets asked on every other page so I can only apologise but I could really do with checking before I drop £120 on it - does the Gold to Gamepass conversion trick definitely still work?
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