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  1. D’oh! Silly me. Still a good deal!
  2. Er, Ni No Kuni Remastered is currently on sale for £7.49. It came out on the eShop two weeks ago priced £49.99.
  3. I haven't played it for over twenty years but I remember struggling with the controls and thinking the framerate was shit on Turok 2 (N64) when I was 13 and had no real critical faculties whatsoever. God only knows how bad it would be to play now.
  4. Surely the correct answer to this is Goldeneye, which makes the upcoming remaster/reissue particularly interesting. I posted the Direct reveal trailer on a Whatsapp group with a bunch of friends who are fairly casual gamers but also exclusively men in their thirties, and so naturally are all people who were obsessed with Goldeneye in their childhood/teens. Four or so people replied and all said they had attempted to go back to the game recently and found it unplayable, and so basically greeted the announcement with a big shrug. Edit: I've just seen it's the second game mentioned
  5. Dangonronpa V3 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey also coming to GamePass today, alongside Ni No Kuni Remastered and Metal Hellsinger. It's turning into quite the month!
  6. This is an upsetting number of farm RPGs lol
  7. Oh my god. Factorio is one of my favourite games ever made. This direct is already a 10/10 for me
  8. Am I the only person who loves this weird grab bag stuff they run through in these directs? I can take or leave a cutscene then 15 seconds of gameplay from Odyssey 2 or BOTW 2 to be honest. Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star is the kind of mad bullshit I tune in for.
  9. Slightly off-topic but the new Zachtronics game Last Call BBS (now available on PC Game Pass) has a mode called Dungeons and Diagrams that thoroughly stimulates the Picross pleasure sensors. The aim is to solve grid-based logic puzzles but instead of drawing pictures you're plotting a dungeon crawling map, with certain rules. There are four other minigames but I can't tear myself away from this one yet...definitely worth a look if you're a Picross/Nonograms obsessive like me.
  10. I was absolutely loving this - like, high on my personal GOTY list in a year that has already been fairly stacked with f greats - however, I’ve now encountered for the first time in a long time, an actual game-breaking bug. I’ve checked the developer forums and the solution is to ‘wait for an update’. Which is all well and good, except I’ve got a huge backlog of games to move on to, and the chances of me coming back any time are slim. I also had it hard crash on me (I’m playing on Switch) two or three times. Just depressing really, as I do think it’s marvellous. Engaging story, brilliantly constructed gameplay, unique and wonderful art style. Just would be nice to actually be able to play it.
  11. Well this really is the end of an era. Obviously Vinny, Brad and Alex leaving was huge, but Giant Bomb actually was Jeff and vice versa. It’s touching to see the entire world of games come out to pay tribute to him on social media - he has to be the most influential games journalist ever, surely? As well as one of the most respected. I can’t say him leaving makes much difference to me personally - I’m a lot more forgiving of late period GB but gave up on it entirely about six months ago. I tried to watch a Quick Look last week and genuinely couldn’t get through more than a few minutes of it. What’s particularly weird and depressing about the non-attributed piece on the website and the Voidburger tweet is their straight faced insistence that GB is not about individual personalities, it’s about something bigger. My brothers in Christ - the entire foundational ethos of Giant Bomb is that media brands are meaningless and personalities are literally the only thing that matter.
  12. I did the Xbox Argentina code after popping into this thread and had a go earlier. First game with randoms was good fun. It ended when one of our party panicked and drove us into a ravine, which felt weirdly appropriate for an Evil Dead game. And like others have said the games looks nice and clearly is made with a lot of love. One thing I will say though is that the weird Five Nights at Freddy pop up jump scares can absolutely get to fuck. I adore pretty much every Evil Dead film (including the underrated remake!) so it’s not like I’m not into jump scares, but these are unbelievably cheap and irritating whereas in the films (particularly the first two) there’s something of an art to them; they’re clever and mischievous. This is literally just a massive face flashing on screen apropos of nothing accompanied by a loud noise. Get out of here with that mid-noughties meme bullshit.
  13. 1. Bloodborne 2. Civilization II 3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 4. Metal Gear Solid 5. NieR:Automata 6. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 7. Half-Life 2 8. The Beatles: Rock Band 9. Mass Effect 2 10. Return of the Obra Dinn 11. Resident Evil (2002 video game) 12. Yakuza 0 13. Factorio 14. Hitman (2016 video game) 15. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 16. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 17. Euro Truck Simulator 2 18. Persona 5 19. NBA Jam 20. Command & Conquer (1995 video game) Bubbling under: That was a fun way to put off actual work for an hour or so.
  14. I’ve resolved myself to buying a ‘premium’ Nintendo game in this sale. Trouble is I can’t decide between the Bayonetta bundle or Skyward Sword. Skyward Sword is one of only a handful of Zeldas I haven’t played (Twilight Princess and the GBA ones being the others). I played (and loved) Bayonetta 1 on the 360 many moons ago and have always wanted to give the sequel a go. I play the Switch pretty much exclusively handheld - does anyone care to take all this background info and make my decision for me?
  15. I had a lot of fun in the hour or so I spent with Research and Destroy earlier, a game I had heard absolute nothing about prior to it landing on Gamepass. It’s the base/squad management of X-Com (though drastically simplified), mixed with the turn based/real time action hybrid battles of Valkryia Chronicles, presented with a goofy Destroy All Humans aesthetic. It has a bit of a clunky, BBB-game vibe to it, but it all added to the charm for me. Worth a look if you like any of those games.
  16. The new MLB game is ridiculously generous with the achievements, if people are looking for a game to mine for Rewards tasks or anything. I’m pretty bad at it and unlocked 7 in my first game.
  17. Such a casual announcement for Switch Sports…sequel to the 4th bestselling video game of all time
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