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  1. Installed game, continue "nope", load game "nope" It was the BSB that made me quit originally (a persons blood preasue only goes so high and I can only afford to replace the controller so many times) but then up steps dug with his tale of slapping him around a bit, smoking a kipper and being home for breakfast that made me want to dive back in. Not to worry. At least I have reached a personal milestone in these games in that I've reached NG+ (admittedly it's NG start again) So Sawcleaver in hand I venture forward once again.
  2. I sold my copy a while back but missed it and have just bought the GOTY edition. I still have my save from before so will it be compatible or will I need to start again?
  3. Does anybody elses game go a bit stuttery when fighting larger enemies? It's happened twice this afternoon (once when fighting a bear and again with a saber cat) I'm on PS4 with only 1 mod installed (better water)
  4. After installing a couple of mods on PS4 (Darkness Falls and one that gives extra lanterns on roads) it says that trophies have been disabled. Although I'm not really fussed about such things, just curious, are they re-enabled if I disable the mods? Thanks
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