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  1. I know I'm being thick and it's probably already been answered but how do you get to first person view? Thanks.
  2. ...lambs liver and those boil in the bag herring fillets? Thanks.
  3. I can't see it when I go to the store on the Switch. So again
  4. Going by the reviews I was tempted but it appears that the demo is no longer available
  5. Possibly the wrong forum but is Lumo on the Switch a decent game. I used to love stuff like Knight Lore, Head over Heels, Batman etc but does this give them credit? Thanks.
  6. Bought it on the Switch and it's the most wonderful game I've played in a long while.
  7. Could the next update please require the use of Lenslok.
  8. So I just finished The Gunslinger (I know but busy life and all that) It all gets a bit Biblical at the end doesn't it 'LET THERE BE LIGHT' etc but... ...but it really makes me want to continue. Next up is The Ritual by Adam Nevill for a change of pace but then I'm all over The Drawing of the Three.
  9. I've read about 70% of The Gunslinger today (and really enjoyed it) and I'll finish it. But... ...does it get better? At the moment it all seems as though SK was picking the best bits out of a Thesaurus and it's all a bit..disjointed. I've heard that you get the best out of the series if you are familer with the SK universe so, as I'm not, is it worth perservering? Thank you.
  10. So I lost 125K souls but whatever I'll get them back. When I do Endurance it is. I do have one complaint with this thread though. I was advised to go to the Consumed Kings Garden so I went there.
  11. OK so this is me.. What stats would you recomend increasing (I like the look of the Fume Sword but it kills my Stamina) Strength for the Fume? I'm only asking as I can almost handle Lothric Castle but having wandered into the Consumed King's Garden I had a WTF moment. One more thing should I really be wearing this? Many thanks for any advice.
  12. Home at last and wondering what to do next. It seems I've come a long way.
  13. Why so serious.. And, once again, nope (I really love this game) and aparently I'm wearing a skirt
  14. Lothric Castle can fuck right off
  15. Apologies for the screen shot overload but I've taken to DS3 after Vodka (I know, I know ) So I apparently killed The Dancer Killed this chap How many stairs? And at this point I said 'Nope' (DS3 sober from tomorrow evening)
  16. I will kill her.
  17. How the heck do you kill the Dancer?
  18. I'm all over this on the Switch. I don't care if it's not all new and graphically spangly as long as it has a stable frame rate. When I played it on the 360 I didn't have the first clue what I was doing. I got to an armoured rat/Rhino or something (just passed the Undead Burg) and died again..again..etc and I gave up. Having played DS3 for over 120 hrs (and I still haven't killed the Dancer ) I've a better handle on how they work so bring it on. Although I'm not sure how shouting "You cock knocker" will go down in the office or on the bus.
  19. I'd not played this before but I found myself getting a bit emotional. Are there any games that you have come to years later you then realise what all the fuss was about?
  20. I'm massively behind the times here but Darkest Dungeon is brilliant.
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