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  1. I have a PS4 and yet the game I'm playing the most is Jak and Daxter. Go figure.
  2. As I very rarely use my Switch undocked would it be ok to lay the dock flat with the screen facing up? I just ask as this would take up less room under the TV. Thanks
  3. I do love my Switch but it's the only console I've ever owned where you can lose one of the controllers down the back of the sofa
  4. I realise that this is being sold on it's co-op but is it perfectly playable in off line single player? Thanks
  5. Where am I going? Any help is welcome. Thanks.
  6. Where is this Boss?
  7. But the hand did die
  8. Loving this game again. I did find a key but this guy scares me
  9. @Minion So I might find some stuff
  10. I think I need some help. Having not played in ages everywhere I go seems familiar. From the bonfire I can see two ladders (one on the left, one on the right) Is it here I need to go? Despite all that could I have some advice on stats. These are mine at the moment.. As I said I've not played in a long while but after this amount of time I would have thought I would have remembered (and yes I know many people have finished in much less time) Many thanks for any help that can be offered.
  11. @dood Thank you for making fight a 'MASSIVE WINGED ....THING.."
  12. Real life kicked me where hurts. I bough a Switch and drank far to much Vodka. After loading up DS3 again after a few months away I have a question. Where should I go next
  13. So my OCD kicked in. Is there a secret moon/reward/bucket of pop corn for lighting all the lamps in the starting 'Hat' area? Thanks.
  14. Had my Switch for about a week. BotW...well..it's a work of genius isn't it.
  15. I was looking to save battery life so went with this (5 not 3) https://www.polygon.com/nintendo-switch/2017/3/6/14832842/how-to-turn-off-the-nintendo-switch Although the whole 'thinks I've picked it up from the dock' makes perfect sense. Thanks.
  16. I'm stupid so please explain power settings. Over the weekend I'd just put into sleep mode. I don't get to play much in the week so on Sunday evening I pressed the power button for the prescribed three seconds and switched it off (this is all when it is docked) When I left for work on Monday morning I switched the power off at the wall but noticed that the screen lit up for a few seconds whilst still docked. Is the console still switched off or does it fall back and rely on the battery? I only ask because unless I bought a dodgy North Korean rip off the manual was the thinnest pamphlet ever and explained nothing. Thanks.
  17. I really hate Nintendo. Zelda will probably knock Skyrim from the top my 'favourite game ever' list, Mario is a big fat bundle of happiness, the Joy Cons are lovely but the final insult is I can play Stardew Valley on the bus. Stupid Nintendo.
  18. Liking the Joy Cons much more now. I've got that 'playing games with my arms wherever' vibe the Wii gave me. Is there a way to save screen shots to a USB stick or is it only to an SD card?
  19. Switch Get Two slight problems though. I think I may have to eventually get the Pro controller as the JoyCons feel a touch small. Also the only free space in the TV stand I had makes it look incredibly small (in a good way) I've played about half an hour of BotW so far and having read one or two favourable comments I have high hopes. A couple of hop, skips and jumps in Mario were also special although this might be the reason for the Pro controller (B, Y plus trying to move the camera felt a bit awkward)
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