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  1. I'm thinking of treating myself to a Switch at the end of the month for my Christmas break (curse you Zelda and Mario) Quick question though. Does the dock need to be placed in front of the TV (like the Wii sensor bar) or can I put it in the free space I have in the TV stand that is nearer the floor? Thanks.
  2. Regardless of platform Stardew Valley is the only game you need (and DS3)
  3. I'd buy a copy if Paine was a cover.
  4. I'm a little fuzzy on the history but aren't they the worst type of Nazi?
  5. I think it runs to about 15hrs
  6. After leaving the Space Station I picked a random planet in the system. And then spotted a group of Ravers
  7. So my OCD kicked in and with the prospect of new patches I had to start again. So all ghillied up to 1.32 I went back in (playing on normal) Welcome to my baron wasteland of a start planet After failing to get off here (resources to far apart and being a bit useless) I started again. New planet was much better and I was all about collecting that Zinc, Iron, Plutonium, Thorium etc when I crested a ridge and encountered (and please excuse the lack of photo skills) a FLYING COW I'm now at the local system Space Station after leaving the planet and ready to explore.
  8. Looking at others my screen shot is a bit pants but this was the moment that, after leaving the start planet, I knew that things had changed for the better.
  9. Downloading now. 5hrs (curse my slow internet) but the description says it comes all patched up to the latest which is nice. I expect my Saturday will now spent seeking out strange new worlds and civilisations.
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