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  1. Hopefully the weird 'phasing' on the landscape is further improved over the last update as that used to annoy me something rotten.
  2. @noob @parrapatheslapper Thanks That's twice in the last few weeks this forums caused me to spend money. Stupid thing is this will be the third copy of the game I've owned (stupid interesting sounding updates)
  3. Is this still under a tenner on the PS Store?
  4. Inception is one of the few films I've seen that when the end credits started to roll I kind of just sat there...stunned.
  5. Hugely stupid (and possibly vague) question. Is this the same FF where you have to track down and fight a strange tomato fellow near the beginning of the game?
  6. I miss Michelle. I miss her. For Shell. Bye.
  7. She helped me. We raved back then. She was my friend. RIP Michelle.
  8. Sometimes life will punch so hard you can't catch your breath. That's when I need an escape. Hello Dark Souls (been away to long) Where should I be heading next (feel a bit lost) Many thanks.
  9. After a break I'm finding my feet in DS3 again but this has really made me want to try DS1 (I get the feeling that Blighttown has a bit of a reputation) A bit random maybe but the highs and lows and how I've sometimes felt in DS3 rang true.
  10. Reinforce your flask by using Undead Bonshards at a bonfire. Gives more recovery per flask.
  11. Hopefully back on this at the weekend. Been away for a bit (funeral, family probs etc)
  12. So I went back to the fire lake. Had a score to settle but I think I cheated... If I can't kill Mr Sleepy I guess I have to drop down here.. But not tonight.
  13. @Alask It was the fat ladies that made me learn the benefits of running in, couple of hits then back off. A lesson that's served me well since. Also you can either just roll out of the way of the purple spell they cast or get behind cover, let it hit that then run in again for another couple of hits. Just make sure they're not casting a fire spell when you get up close as the like to give you a big hug with that
  14. To be fair though I worry about everything in this game.
  15. A bit presumptuous of me but I may start to spoiler things as there are others playing the game (please tell me if this is necessary) That being said... ...
  16. Holy crap it's a monster My main weapon at the moment will always be the Wolf sword but I upped my strength and can now two hand the Fume Ultra Greatsword. This chap was a case of strike, roll, dodge, strike repeat until dead with the Wolf (not really a hassle) Enter Fume. Ri + R1 = dead. If I can chuck some souls into Vit and bring the equip load down to the magic number I'll be a happy chap but it's good to know that if I need a bit of Hulk Smash until then I've got it.
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