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  1. @dood Wolf Fume And using this chap as a Guinea pig I had to change back to the Wolf Sword as Fume was only chipping away at him and seemed much slower whereas Wolf was mashing him (4 hits max due to having to manage stamina) Is it due to the weight ration being higher for Fume? (I was two handing both weapons) Edit : I've just noticed my strength is only 30 not 33 To many stats. Maybe this is the answer
  2. @Minion No worries. I don't think it's really a spoiler to say that I'm going to meet something that really wants me dead
  3. I don't think I ever met one. I just sort of wound up in the Dungeon. Maybe I should go back and scout around a bit more. To be honest I reckon I've missed a ton of stuff but first play through and all that..
  4. @Minion @dood I tried out the Fume sword (two handed) and it wasn't doing anyway near the damage the Wolf Sword two handed (+2) is doing. I have 33 strength at the moment. It'll keep though.
  5. Having got a bow I really must try it out. This place really is a bit grim. Daylight (at some point) Need more strength but I did finally get it (NG+ maybe)
  6. I'm about to get messed up aren't I
  7. For Big Nige (RIP) My mission is to get this.. I'll kick ass for you.
  8. Went back to an earlier area. And then I saw this later on Realised I had this But nothing happens as I can't use it
  9. Thanks. I want to see what a Pyro can do.
  10. @noob Spoiler if you don't want it but it's what worked for me. Quick question. If I start a new character will saves over write my Knight or can you have multiple characters? Thanks
  11. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley . Maybe tomorrow.
  12. but I'll get him. How is this fair And I'm tired of only getting... ...shards.
  13. @Alask You are me a couple of months ago. A grand adventure awaits. Enjoy Roll on tonight though as I'll be venturing into Smouldering Lake for a proper scout around. I expect many deaths.
  14. Darksword +6 Also how does multiplayer work with this? I'm possibly going to go for a 1 month PSN trial to dip my toe in the water but I'm not sure on how the whole invasion, summon, jolly co-op side of the game works. Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. I'm giving serious thought on going with a 1 month trial of PSN (money and bandwidth being my concerns)
  16. I went with this (really like my Wolfs Knight Greatsword and I've got the Darksword to +5) Well this looks like it will kill me a million times WITH FIRE...
  17. This is the screen that baffles me as I'm never sure that I'm lvl'ing up right. I tend to just plough souls into what turns the numbers blue
  18. I'm not really sure why but.. 167 : Pots killed me
  19. Browsing this thread and I'm amazed at some of the figures on display. It's really made me want to give it a go (for no other reason than a way to chill out) but I've never done anything like this before. Would this be a good place to start for an absolute beginner or can anybody recommend anything else? https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Space-Marines-Starter-Paint-Set-2016 Thanks
  20. @dood I just noticed that the only people around were the blacksmith, the shop assistant, level up lady and the small chap on the throne. I guess everybody else went out for a coffee.
  21. Not much progress tonight but some questions. What is the yellow icon in the description? I'm still a bit fuzzy on the whole infusion mechanic. Would this work (bearing in mind I do love my Greatsword two handed ) And where did everyone go? Everybody seems to have left Firelink Shrine Thanks
  22. Really enjoyed playing tonight. Heir of fire down, new stunning area discovered and a fire breathing..err..thing to kill at some point Lvl 50 and got me some more souls (although in the grand scheme of things this is a trivial amount ) Quick question. What is this? There was somebody here before trying to find somebody called Horace. Thanks.
  23. @FozZ It really did stop me in my tracks when I saw it. Then this chap decided to ruin the moment (multiple times) But after quick sprint I need to know what this chaps story is It really does look gorgeous.
  24. Seriously...nope ...but..wow...
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