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  1. Ignore previous post. Estus +4 Anyway...phew After a large Skeleton attack I found myself here. Back to bonfire as my Spidey sense was tingling
  2. Lesson learned. Don't play DS when you're pissed off (so many souls lost) And then this happened. Finally worked out how to destroy the scull ball, watched it crumble and... ..nothing. Also is this sword any good?
  3. So it seems that the 78 hours I've spent playing this has just been me learning to walk and the Abyss Watchers were the final boss of the tutorial. I read doods advice on the way home and after spending some time in the dojo I can now see how nuanced the combat system really is. Old scenery but I hope a new me (pics are a bit dodgy but I'm a blur now ) Can I also say thanks to people such as @Minion @dood @Hawklord because when I was struggling at the start against the 'snake men' Dragons and everything else I was ready to quit. Following all the advice/guidance look at me now. So thanks for making this possibly my favourite game in a long, long time.
  4. I did enjoy Elantris but some how Mistborn fell off my radar. Added to the list now though. Thanks
  5. @dood that's brilliant thanks I've printed that out for my practice session tonight. Edit: I do however feel even better about my progress so far using the tools I did (although using the above I reckon the Watchers wouldn't have driven me to the bottle)
  6. I really am a noob I've tended to get by on R1 (R2 with the dual wield) duck, dodge, bob and weave. Screw it I'm going back to the Cemetery tonight and use it as a dojo for a while.
  7. I did but that was back in my 'Ahhhh run away' phase and it was all a bit of a blur. I'm much calmer in my old age now
  8. I knew nothing about this. Today is going to be the slowest day at work ever now. Can't wait to try this tonight. Thanks
  9. @Danster I've heard a lot of good things about the first law series. I'll give a whirl. Thanks
  10. I've fought the undead, crazed dogs, things in cages, heirs of fire, lords of cinder but it seems my newest threat is a brick I also really miss sunlight. Also how does infusing a weapon work. It seems I can't apply fire, lightning etc to the greatsword (I'm assuming it's because it's from the soul of a boss) but would infusing it with a gem help at all? Thanks
  11. I had planned to wait until my long upcoming weekend but I couldn't resist an early sneak peek. Since when was I expected to be Indiana Jones (absolutely love it)
  12. Anything to with DS3 will be skipped I can assure you. DS1 would have to be on the 360 as I don't have a PC but I understand that the framerate was all part of the charm.
  13. @Hawklord Brilliant. Thanks for the links (that's my Saturday reading sorted)
  14. I'm curious as to why she drops Prism Stones and keeps going into the gesture menu. But yeah, I think that's what's known as 'keeping your shit together' Although I doubt I'll ever meet this chap
  15. I realised that even though I'm in love with the game I had no idea why I was doing what I was doing. I quick Google search led me to this http://www.windowscentral.com/brush-dark-souls-lore Blimey, I didn't realise how deep the story is. Are there any more links/resources that can go into all of this in much greater detail? Almost makes me want to track down a copy of Dark Souls on the 360.
  16. Hugely self indulgent and I apologies for it. What a difference time makes. Then Now Again I'm sorry for the double post of pics.
  17. I bit the bullet and spent some souls. The new me (Wolf Knight Greatsword +2 Dark Sword +4) I figure that if I'm going on a murderous rampage killing the Gods and Demons of ages past I may as well look good whilst doing it. Next stop the Catacombs of Carthus (at the weekend though as I'll be off until Thursday ) I also think I might scout around for a reasonable shield (nothing fancy but another tool in the box)
  18. Apologies if this isn't the thread to post this in but can anybody recommend a really good page turner that's light on plot but heavy with action (sci-fi or fantasy preferably) I've just come off a Neal Stephenson binge a need something a bit lighter. Thanks
  19. @dood I'm thinking of treating myself after finally downing the Watchers. I've just bought Havels ring but I'm pondering splashing out on the Greatsword and the Undead Legion armour set. 41K seems like a bargain.
  20. Is the Wolf Knight's Greatsword worth a punt for 10k in souls?
  21. And then this happened. I also make no apologies for having some help (my plucky friend Gotthard) The greatest feeling I've ever had playing a game. My hands were shaking when I hit the share button and then I just sat there for a while. Very. Special. Game.
  22. I kill GIANTS I really didn't need to summon an NPC New people.
  23. FUBAR...whatever Good evening. I reckon shit just got real. And going by past adventures this would be a massive nope
  24. FUBAR
  25. Watching it again and for reasons beyond the film this is special to me. Bye S
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