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  1. Decent second half and, if the first was rotten, at least it was rotten without conceding. McTominay's injury and Ronaldo's slapped arse routine are unfortunate - the former could be a problem at the weekend for sure. McTominay MotM. UtFR.
  2. Good man. Shut the dicks up.
  3. Fantastic bit of football that. Sharp as you like.
  4. Great vision from Fred there. Tidy finish. Well in lad.
  5. And pissed more than 12 points away in these types of games.
  6. No they shouldn't. They've had a few chances and been kept out by one good save and a few standard ones. Let's have it right.
  7. I don't know what you mean, and 4th is very much hanging on these kind of games. Hard to believe right now, but had just a few of these sort of games been different last season, United would have won the league. Shit half. Elanga, McTominay, Telles and de Gea come out with a bit of credit. The rest have done fuck all.
  8. It's that kind of arrogance that largely has United in this state to begin with. They're all big games.
  9. I think there's something refreshing about a manager being so calm and open about how far this lot currently are from being a top-level football squad. His demeanour is such that he's managing to light fires without being seen as the arsonist latter-day Mourinho was. He's staring down tne cunts upstairs and more power to him.
  10. It's true. Also, in fairness to him, he knows what he wants and has seen plenty of them by now. I think it's ridiculous Re: Shaw and harsh Re: Wan-Bissaka, but that said I don't know 100% what Rangnick wants.
  11. If the front three are narrow enough and they're aggressive all over the pitch, United will be alright with that side. Fuck knows what'll show up though, and if Fred gets pushed deeper then it'll be a grim night. Per the usual suspects, Rangnick's recent 'report' is legit. He's written off Shaw, Wan-Bissaka and Maguire as not good enough for what he wants.
  12. Rangnick's most-recent press conference is perhaps the biggest stirring of the United pot since Fergie left. In one go he's stared down the board, narrowed down the next manager shortlist (and in the opposite direction to what most people reckoned), and likely angered a fair chunk of the support. I agree with all of it, for what that's worth. It's about time someone spoke calmly from the position of where United are, and not where they would like to be. Good luck and Godspeed to whoever is getting that lone number 6 role. From a selfish point of view it's a shape I much prefer to watch, but Christ knows how results will be in the short-term. UtFR.
  13. When you see more intelligent football in five minutes from van der Beek than the entire side to that point, talking about 'the idea' of him is harsh. He's the sharpest footballer in the squad. It's true that it's up to him to adapt to the new circumstances, but it's not like everyone playing ahead of him has, so why shouldn't he get the occasional nod? Had he got the last twenty five the other night United would very likely have got a third. Obviously 'because Glazers' is a caveat for everything at United. Under Rangnick they will revert to the 2005 promise, even if the numbers for 'marquee' signings will go up (although knowing the Glazers...) Intentionally or not, and I'd never praise them for anything, they've landed somewhere that might work for the club and themselves. Out with Woodward and all that spending! Look ar Big Ralf and Arnold with their development! DNA! The Babes (TM)! The odd big signing where required. Perversely, running the side in the best possible way is also what's best for them, which is why it's so hard to enjoy even if it comes off. Cunts.
  14. I'd still be surprised if Rangnick shifted van der Beek. I could perhaps see him being loaned out until summer (daft as I think that would be), but I could only see him going permanently if a) they had the geordies over a barrel with a fee or b) he's used as a sweetener for something in the summer (see also: Martial to Dortmund/Monaco/similar). For all everyone wants to put United in perennial crisis mode, the fact is that this rebuild is heading in the right direction. Sure, I'd rather Ole have been given the support to finish the first phase of his rebuild, then been moved on for a more savvy coach with a similar view of the game, but that's as much about me enjoying watching United than anything else. Every rebuild of every side in history starts the same - tighten them up at the back, then get to work on the rest. Barring the weekend's aberration - which was plain to see and speaks of a gamble gone awry (he will go to a back three next time) - the side has looked better defensively. OK, it's a low bar from when they had given up the ghost at the end of Ole's tenure but still, a step forwards is a step forwards. It's utterly pointless to look at United right now in terms of focusing on given individuals to step up. They're now under the coach who, more than any other, is about the unit. This would normally mean that any individual who didn't get with the program, either through personal vanity or lack of aptitude/attributes, would be cast aside. The problem Rangnick has is that he has never had to do his job with - awful as it is to say - 'A-list' footballing superstars, nor as he had to do it with interference from above. He'll do all he can, and I'm confident United will make progress over the months, but it's only when Woodward is gone that there'll be a firmer hand on the wheel. I expect a few mistakes will be cleaned up alongside Woodward's exit and filed under 'shit that berk did', and that seems to be the feeling within the club also. It's a very big summer ahead.
  15. What a grim half year that's been. Surely they wouldn't be so daft as to have Martinez back?
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