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  1. That goal would have been ruled out in the Premier League, no doubt.
  2. I wouldn't put it past Portugal to get something against France. They must be gutted mind - all those years they had loads of width and were stuck with Pauleta up top, and now they can't/daren't have someone on the touchline when they've got quality in the middle.
  3. OK, but by that metric there's someone who has scored more, created more, played up (a little) less. I view Ronaldo as the Greatest, because his sheer will has made an argument out of a fifteen year period over which he's been more often than not outshone by one better player. To have that degree of commitment is truly great.
  4. Andre Silvá must be fuming having to wait 82 minutes to get on here. Him and Sancho are mysteries stuck on their benches.
  5. I'd be interested in your argument for that.
  6. Smart half-time sub. Could be a cracker, this.
  7. It was. Didn't stop that being the general consensus afterwards mind. You would've thought France had stuck six past them.
  8. This is the same Germany most lads were saying had nothing after the France game....
  9. This Germany side is so close to clicking into gear. Such a shame Goretzka isn't fully fit.
  10. I'm more than happy with just boxing. It's just a shame its administration isn't more like UFC. I did like TFC though. It needed some tweaking because once one team got ahead that was generally that. There's definitely room for a team-based combat sport.
  11. Bare Knuckle. It's generally well-officiated but murder on the skin. I doubt it'll really catch on as a spectator combat sport but who knows? I thought TFC had a shot, but it crashed and burned.
  12. His head has never been right since injury. Bad case of the Sahas. Shame as he can be brilliant.
  13. God why doesn't Pogba play like this for United, etc, &c....
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