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  1. I'd often agree, but 2020's GotY was also 2019's, and got a write-up back then.
  2. Holds more appeal to me than the majority of new releases. Can't wait to see what they've done.
  3. Pretty much any other year and it would have been a worthy number one. Glad that it's done so well despite barrier to entry.
  4. Glad it's sorted and yes, enjoy that drive. Look forward to your report back on that one.
  5. If somebody could just build upon The Phantom Pain with some Teardown voxel destructivity and make a roguelike Mandalorian game with Shadows of Mordor style bounties to claim...yeah. Do that.
  6. I get what people are saying about the cost, but Housemarque. If I'm thinking about cost per minute joy from a producer then Nolla, Konami (Pro Evo), FROM and Housemarque are the four. I don't want to pay an extra score on their releases, but there's no way they're still not value at the price.
  7. They're surprisingly common. I think it was Reply All that did an episode about it a while back.
  8. No no no. Get back to that DLC. Unless it's eating into Noita time in which case fair enough.
  9. 1. Dick Johnson is Dead 2. His House 3. (Surprisingly) The Invisible Man
  10. Without pointing to specifics, loads of instances in which multiple systems bounced off each other.
  11. This had better be Vita ready.
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