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  1. Yeah @APM- been fun to watch you get sucked in.
  2. Surprised nobody has made a more rhythm-action take on Track and Field. Would be fun.
  3. There's a spoiler-filled interview with Neil Druckmann on Eurogamer. I don't know what's harder, reading it while shaking your head or reading it through your fingers. You'll end up doing plenty of both given some of the statements he comes out with. Makes you wonder how anything got out of the gate at all
  4. Yeah. Was lukewarm thus far, but reading that.... Could be very good.
  5. Hadn't thought of that. Have any of these VR bods mastered ocular aim yet? I'd probably just get a drip in my arm and call Earth quits with that.
  6. If it isn't my old friend parallel world mayhem.
  7. Oh Noita is GotY again, by a mile. The rest are fighting for scraps.
  8. I've just had the full-fat experience of this over the past couple of days and it's astonishing. Any other year it would be GotY, and it's certainly the outstanding technical achievement of the generation.
  9. No idea. Just saying what I would like to see them do next.
  10. I'd like them to do something all their own tbh. Clearly very technically capable.
  11. Get her started on Noita right away. I also reckon Baba Is You and Slay the Spire would be winners.
  12. I imagine it'll happen on consoles eventually, although I don't know if I'd want to give up M+K controls.
  13. Hahaha. Embrace the madness.
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