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  1. Is there an aesthetic term for the marriage of lo-fi/16-bit looking graphics and lighting systems far beyond the capability of the machines where those styles first found favour? Love the look of this.
  2. I wonder if an amount of it is due to a lot of outlets not reviewing while in Early Access? Anyone would be sold on the Steam reviews but maybe they're not so visible. Hopefully proper reviews give it the leg up it deserves. Absolute greatest videogame.
  3. The GoaT comes out of early access, release date October 15th.
  4. Good list, although top setting PES 2020 is the best football game they've ever put out. Would have to add Half-Life: Alyx.
  5. For the sake of it: 1. Noita 2. Bloodborne 3. Into the Breach 4. The Witness 5. INSIDE 5. Slay the Spire 6. Nex Machina 7. MGS V 8. Baba Is You 9. Half-Life: Alyx 10. PES Series Guaranteed I've missed a couple I'd slap my head over, but that's not far off. Haven't owned a Switch.
  6. These guys did a five-part deep dive on Noita, back when they were podcasting as The Spelunky Podcast. They were excellent and I'm sure these will be too (although expect spoilers): [Eggplant: The Secret Lives of Games] Into the Depths: Spelunky 2 - Part 1 #eggplantTheSecretLivesOfGames https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/thespelunkyshowlike/ITDspelunky_ep1.mp3?
  7. Hadn't read this old piece. The game has grown a great deal since, and with it a few creases ironed out, but it's a nice read for anyone on the fence about buying. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/03/13/noita-preview/
  8. Noita came out and usurped it in every way I love, so while more Spelunky is always a joy, it no longer feels essential. Not an answer I'd want to be chewing out in this thread though - just answering because you asked. It's a terrific sequel and that should be the focus.
  9. Really wish this had come out a couple of years back, but more Spelunky is never a bad thing. Fits like an old glove.
  10. @Lying Cat has you covered, also remember the order in which upgrades are placed makes a difference. Well worth experimenting with that in a safe space. If there ever is a safe space....
  11. Fair warms the cockles of my heart to read this. This thread and game should be massive. Re: liquids and materials. You can hover your mouse pointer over them and it will tell you what they are within the HUD. You don't have to guess oil is oil.
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