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  1. Chalice dungeons. Marmite for many but I love them.
  2. You're approaching the Stunning.
  3. One of the great gaming moments there.
  4. Fair, though I count Yahar'gul as first half of the game due to seeing it early on first playthrough. Guess it does belong in second half though.
  5. If you're including the DLC in that I'd say you're wrong.
  6. I avoid Reddit as a rule but https://www.reddit.com/r/noita/ Is fantastic, if only for the gifs people post. Still game of the everything, no signs of dimming.
  7. GotY will be an indie title none of know the name of right now. (I guess this one every year tbf).
  8. Warhammer 8k You can see 20% of it really well.
  9. It's the most brilliantly-realised world and story, and no other medium could do it the same justice.
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