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  1. I think most people would pay through the nose to see him getting leathered by anyone tbf. Twice over if there's no ref.
  2. Hoping Usyk gets the win, but reckon he'll need a stoppage. Usyk vs Fury would be a sight more interesting than Joshua.
  3. Didn't agree with the wholesale changes, didn't agree with the subs, but no arguments with the performance. A lot of those reserves have done themselves no harm.
  4. Decent half overall. Can't be bothered knocking Martial for his failings as a back to goal number 9. Same with Pogba as a defensive midfielder - not their roles, blame the coaches. Wouldn't change any personnel. Definitely would shift Martial left and give Lingard a free role up top. Reckon United should turn this around with a bit to spare.
  5. Disjointed as it is, it's nice to see a few footballers on the pitch. Mata, Lingard, van der Beek all know how to look after it.
  6. It'll be interesting to watch, but I'm not convinced Ole should be making quite so many changes in a tournament United should be looking to win.
  7. Yeah, a nice community thing, but you'd reckon a guaranteed moneyloser. Strange move.
  8. Twilight Struggle. Also a big fan of Star Wars: Rebellion, if you add the expansion to it. Dune: Imperium is much better with more than two players, and the AI-ish third player isn't the best, but the game is brilliant and I sussed out a very nice variant that works with two-players, so let me now if you end up picking that up.
  9. Yeah. Point still stands doesn't it?
  10. I've always rated Rice, but couldn't believe how he was blowing out of his arse after that one run into the corner. Is he still a bit short of fitness? West Ham were good today. Wouldn't have deserved a point but a lot to like about them. If that new Czech they've bought in can live up to the other two I reckon they'll be a shoo in for European football.
  11. Rob is a top fella, and calls it fairly regardless of his support.
  12. No. They were both errors by officials, and the grown-up thing to to do is acknowledge them, and move on.
  13. Geeat win, away to a good side. It's still a patchwork quilt in the middle, but that'll be a great bus home.
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