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  1. Misread this thread as best opening to an album. Valid for both anyway.
  2. The degree to which From are subtractive with character is what makes them work within their respective worlds. More information doesn't always (rarely, tbh) make for stronger character work.
  3. Surprised that it's immediately being announced as a franchise. Day one, obvs.
  4. It's refined and then some by beta testing, no doubt. I think we might be saying much the same thing from two opposing positions.
  5. Having been on-set during an accident leading to death, I'd take the hit tbf.
  6. I don't know that it is. You can have runs where you struggle and runs where you're so OP that you're pretty much Godly. Throw enough systems into the pot and they will bang off each other in all sorts of chaotic means. Not a criticism of the game btw - just suggesting that marvelling at the fine-tuning of systems balance in roguelites is maybe overstating things.
  7. All depends on the difficulty level you play at IMO.
  8. All-nighters tend to be weighty TBS or RPGs unless I'm in my brother's company, in which case it's Pro Evo.
  9. GamesGamesGames


    Five O'Clock Shadow of the Colossus Stubble Bobble Soul Patch Calibur
  10. GamesGamesGames


    Might have to give that a look. Came off as ersatz GTA on release but contextual combat could make it a winner.
  11. GamesGamesGames


    Looks great, but has anyone truly nailed a combat system which is both challenging and environmentally contextual? Wouldn't fancy a button masher so much.
  12. Assumed this was a new Annapurna 'experience'.
  13. Reads like they've honoured the spirit of the original. Warms the heart.
  14. Nothing to help with, but a fair few here seem to have kids who are also gaming, so maybe this is one of those online community comes good deals.
  15. Quite fancy this. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-02-23-realistic-sword-fighting-is-back-in-hellish-quart-and-were-rubbish-at-it
  16. Seriously: If you're banging your head against a problem to no avail, walk away for a bit.
  17. Part 1 of a mini-series. Should be good. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/thespelunkyshowlike/ITDkrz1.mp3?dest-id=790494
  18. Just because you can surf down a ramp on a mine cart, doesn't mean you should....
  19. As per her film arm, it alarms me that so much 'indie' work of a type is resting on the whims of one heiress, but better that than not being backed at all.
  20. The guaranteed goal from kick-off in Kick-Off 2. We banned it in tournaments.
  21. Corruption and Dead Branch, but who cares? It's fun.
  22. Sleep is Death, Dwarf Fortress, Smash TV, Super Hexagon, Canabalt, Noita, Teardown, Deus Ex would all qualify for one reason or another.
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