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  1. I also did this one: My Own Baby Enemy - https://rave.dj/R7VPaESyUI65Rw Lit's 'My Own Worst Enemy' mixed with Justin Bieber's 'Baby'. I only chose the latter because it also has a video featuring bowling but they do go really well together (and I like that they speeded up Lit to make it work!).
  2. I've also been spending a lot of time on this site recently. Many of my attempts went very wrong, but here are a couple that worked: Fly Pretty (The Offspring's 'Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)' and Lenny Kravitz's 'Fly Away') - https://rave.dj/uTiLmzvyv9BMCA Girl Be Stupid - Garbage's 'Stupid Girl' mixed with Shania Twain's 'Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)'. Much like Coolio and Steps above, works so much better than you'd imagine! - https://rave.dj/7Xv8ywbWv4PWyA
  3. Yes, and for the first time in ages I actually know all the songs! That Little River Band song was surprisingly lovely last week though. I'd never heard it before and had to sing it loads before gold-starring it because the vocals went all over the place and practice mode wasn't working. My 9 year old - our resident drummer - took the job of helping me work out what the notes were very seriously (I didn't ask him but he's a helpful soul)! What will Jock Band songs be then? I'm predicting lots of landfill indie and some Oasis? Maybe Motley Crue? Hmm...
  4. Hi everyone, I've not posted on here for ages! I did a bit of singing this week, accompanied by my 9 year old on drums. The app won't tell me if we've gone up but I think we must've done - we were on 84% last time I looked. I have also purchased the sheet music for Scenes from an Italian Restaurant so I can learn how to play the piano part in real life - it's so hard but I'm really enjoying giving it a go, all sixteen pages of it! Thanks to Garwoofoo for telling me about it in the first place.
  5. Twig and I played the spotlights and did a few other songs but it was clear from quite early on that it wouldn't be enough so we stopped bothering! I know I've sung that Benjamin Booker song before but can't remember it...and I've heard that AC/DC song and think it might be fairly straightforward to sing (I could be wrong though). No idea about Dance Gavin Dance though, and I can't quite work out if it's the worst or best band name I've ever heard!
  6. Using a button to set off star power just doesn't seem right to me (I guess it just doesn't feel very rock n' roll)! However, I'll definitely bear it in mind for the weeks when points really matter. I was coming on to post the spotlight tracks for this week but it looks like @ryanski has beaten me to it! Don't think we've got the Pretty Reckless track but I'm sure we've got the other two.
  7. Maybe that's why then, I was getting 100% but was activating star power by voice. It's nice to have another decent singer in the crew for the weeks when I have a sore throat and can't manage it! @ryanski is pretty good too, though I noticed that no one dared tackle that Lady Gaga song (can't say I blame you!).
  8. Hello everyone, it's nice to see people playing again! I'm still wondering how @beenabadbunny got that amazing vocal score on Band of Horses a few weeks back...I did try to beat it a few times but it just wasn't happening...
  9. Oh, my 9 year old loves High Hopes - it's his favourite song at the moment! And I love Centuries, despite that stupid Tom's Diner bit that I can't help feeling they should have left out. I'll definitely be playing this week!
  10. Unfortunately I've been pretty ill since last Tuesday, and although I'm better it's left me with a really bad cough, so I fear Miracle Man (or even any kind of singing at all) is beyond my capabilities at the moment!
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