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  1. I had no problem with run, sure they weren't pressing L3 like you think it would be? Ryzen 5 2600 16GB RAM GTX 970 Rift CV1 Currently getting 45FPS with settings on default
  2. I played for about an hour last night, just long enough to get my ship fixed and in the air. Overall I am seriously impressed. The two major issues I have are framerate (was getting about 45) and the controls for flying. I don't like holding onto nothing, I am hoping that I will be able to use the sticks or swap to an xbox pad. Oh and one other thing, why can't I customise the controls, I don't want run on R3 and scan on L3, that's just stupid, I should be able to swap them.
  3. Yeah, sort of, not sure I would call it co-op though. It's not like you could travel around together and I just kept losing my mate when he was trying to follow me through the galaxy. Hopefully thats all been improved.
  4. @Sumire Yes, they are claiming MMO elements with this new update. Does anyone know if I can use my HOTAS for flying when using VR?
  5. Oh, I didn't realise you couldn't adjust the IPD manually. I was also hoping that the S would be more comfortable than the normal Rift. Oh well, I can't afford one anyway so I will stick with my old Rift until number 3 comes out.
  6. How come you aren't playing it on the Rift, it's got to be higher rez than PSVR, plus the touch controllers must be far better than the PS Move ones?
  7. Can anyone recomend a good replacement facepad for the Rift? I looked on ebay but don't really like buying chinese stuff. This is actually one of the sellers, china has taken over ebay, so many made up business names.
  8. I would imagine it will be US time so my guess is 5pm UK time.
  9. Is that after the free update from a few days ago? I wish I could just try a demo, what happened to demos ah?
  10. Picked up a Logitech Driving GT wheel for £10 yesterday, Project Cars for £4 and oh my god is it fun. I never knew the force feedback would be so good on a basic wheel. I cannot recommend it highly enough if you like driving games.
  11. That's exactly it @tyagi I haven't played for around a year but that's exactly how I remember it, eventually turning to shit (literally) and then starting again thinking I can do better this time.
  12. Where and is it still available?
  13. What has happened to Bethesda? Are they on a slow path to death? I bloody hope not but it doesn't give me much hope for starfield or es6
  14. It's been a while since i played it but from what i can remember you have to guess or stay out of the ship. Hopefully the update will fix it.
  15. It's looking better, I'm excited for this one.
  16. There is one that I believe is in a commercial kitchen. I remember seeing outtakes where he actually hurts himself a few times, can anyone tell me what film that is?
  17. I think getting a bot or dodgy user removed from this forum is pretty cool.
  18. I was responding to a now deleted post from a chancer advertising PC games from possibly a dodgy site, didn't notice it was board games, not that it matters, but he is now gone.
  19. Edit, well done mods, user was removed nice and fast, if only someone would respond to my contact form that fast! might as well leave this here. Borderlands 3 for £32.99 Pounds here - https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/borderlands-3-pc-cd-key
  20. I do think that's one of the best seasons of Top Gear for a long while. I also warmed to Freddie a bit (after realising how much my childhood bullies must have got to me). Paddy was so much better than I thought he would be, very funny at times.
  21. True, but flintoff isn't likely to give him a beating off camera.
  22. I am not being smug, just surprised people didn't notice sooner. Also this is not the first time I have ever seen Flintoff behave like this. I also know his type from the years of bullying I received at school. No need to be so condescending is there, if you find it difficult to understand why I feel like I do then I can't help you with that. Maybe you a Flintoff would get on, two peas in a pod!
  23. I think he is just putting up with it as he has a good gig right now and it would probably be him that was asked to leave rather than the two from the old boys club. I'm glad everyone is noticing what a cunt Flintoff is now. I called it on episode one but most people didn't spot it.
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