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  1. @Doctor SharkThose look great, will really liven up the game. Look forward to seeing the big monster ones done! @Davros sock drawerThon vampire thing is brilliant
  2. Check out Sorastro's channel. His Imperial Assault series is amazing and does a really good job of building up through the various techniques if you start from the beginning. He also has a series for a Marvel game, although not the CMON one. Could be helpful for picking out colours / techniques for some of your Marvel models. The ones you posted above look great! https://www.youtube.com/c/Sorastro/featured
  3. 2 really great entries there. Both really sell the effect they're going for!
  4. It's some game in fairness!
  5. Congratulations @Albert Fish, well deserved! True to form, I didn't get mine finished but I'll throw it up in here anyway when I get it done in 3 weeks.
  6. That big head guy is hilarious Amazing painting too.
  7. I do definitely do this though, too impatient! Should really practice on a base or something. Thanks for the advice
  8. Here to lower the tone with the sexualised model ft. overly attached girlfriend eyes! Also, how the fuck do you make it not chalky?! Any time I try to glaze something it ends up just looking a bit dirty? First time doing a metal model and I did a really shitty coat of brush on primer which isn't helping but I get this every time I try to paint good.
  9. Contrast Gulliman Flesh, here I come! I never learned to do skin properly. Got a model in the minipainting discord secret santa that I never painted because chainmail bikini, there's definitely enough flesh on it to paint for this one if I get the time.
  10. Looks great but I'm in no hurry to pick it up. Does stuff like this from GW generally stay in print for a long time? Would you expect to be able to pick it up easily in a year or so? Hoping my Curse of Strahd D&D campaign will eventually go physical rather than Roll20 so some of these minis would be bang on.
  11. @Seamonster Those are brilliant. That black leather is :chefskiss:
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