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  1. Picked up a few Faith and New World in Tesco the other week. Really loved them both, especially Faith. Will definitely be ordering more of their stuff!
  2. Have a look at these sandstone ones I've seen posted in a few places. Looks pretty cool like they've been buried in a desert for thousands of years.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/boardgamescirclejerk/
  4. It's not much but it's the first I've painted since before lockdown so thought I'd throw it up. Also just noticed I forgot the eyebrows... Scanlan miniature from Critical Role. One of my PCs is playing a gnome bard so painted this up if we ever play on the table. Going to work through the rest of the party (with mainly CR minis).
  5. Finished this the other day, was really great. Nice change of pace to read a standalone fantasy book for once and not commit to some million page, ten book series.
  6. That's great, cheers. Good tip about hanging upside down too. Been playing vampire counts on Total War so in the mood to paint something ghostly
  7. Nice one those look great! Have a few of these to paint from the magazine - would love to hear your technique. Never used the Nikalh Oxide stuff (assuming that's what is on those).
  8. Players on their way to Thundertree to find the location of a castle. Anyone got anstories about their encounters there? Also thinking of ways to spice up the Black Spider:
  9. Definitely using this one! And this. What actually got my players rping in the first place was being able to go to an imaginary pub, lockdown is clearly taking its toll... This made me quiver in my noob dm boots!
  10. Looking for some inspiration for magic items to sprinkle into the campaign. I'd like a few things that are not outwardly powerful but have interesting or useful applications. Came across the Robe of Useful items and the Immovable Rod which seem like they could be really great solutions to different problems and would like to give out a few like these before PCs start getting +1 weapons etc. PCs are level 2 and should level to 3 next session. Do you guys have any favourite items appropriate for low levels?
  11. That is class. The missiles on the top look like eyeballs in the first pic which I thought was cool.
  12. Ah missed it, was it any good?
  13. Despite not having picked up a brush since before lockdown I've backed this: Was looking at getting some minis to continue D&D on the table post-lockdown, this is currently at 170 minis for about £55 quid which seems pretty good! Anyone had anything from this company before? Not expecting them to be amazing but for that price I'd be happy as long as I can tell what they are .
  14. Third session of LMoP There was roleplaying!
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