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  1. Definitely using this one! And this. What actually got my players rping in the first place was being able to go to an imaginary pub, lockdown is clearly taking its toll... This made me quiver in my noob dm boots!
  2. Looking for some inspiration for magic items to sprinkle into the campaign. I'd like a few things that are not outwardly powerful but have interesting or useful applications. Came across the Robe of Useful items and the Immovable Rod which seem like they could be really great solutions to different problems and would like to give out a few like these before PCs start getting +1 weapons etc. PCs are level 2 and should level to 3 next session. Do you guys have any favourite items appropriate for low levels?
  3. That is class. The missiles on the top look like eyeballs in the first pic which I thought was cool.
  4. Ah missed it, was it any good?
  5. Despite not having picked up a brush since before lockdown I've backed this: Was looking at getting some minis to continue D&D on the table post-lockdown, this is currently at 170 minis for about £55 quid which seems pretty good! Anyone had anything from this company before? Not expecting them to be amazing but for that price I'd be happy as long as I can tell what they are .
  6. Third session of LMoP There was roleplaying!
  7. Fs I'm after buying it Second session went well, was mostly the combat in the final room of the goblin cave so not a lot for me to think about. Spoilers LMoP Chapter 1:
  8. You could definitely strip it back a bit and play without upgrades etc. at first. Just get used to flying the ships and attacking with them. Add stuff as your 10 y/o becomes comfortable. I'd say that would be easily manageable.
  9. Patience really paid off! Favourite bit is the sword, sold the effect really well! They could have sculpted him a better head although you've painted it really well.
  10. Not much to contribute as I'm still learning myself (I had to ask Graham how to do some of the things above ). There's a little program called TokenTool that is really great. I used to to make bespoke tokens for my players etc. and if you found yourself short on a monster token or something you could have one up on the board in under 2 minutes: https://www.rptools.net/toolbox/token-tool/
  11. Cheers for the advice Graham. Re 7 PCs - I agree that it's too many to run efficiently but we set this up primarily as a way for my friend group to socialise during the lockdown so don't want to split them. 6 of the 7 are doctors so they'll all be getting hammered in a week or two which should cull the numbers per session anyway! I'll definitely send them a cheat sheet for combat and this will hopefully speed up as they become familiar. I'll try the NPC reactions to OOC chat, that should get a laugh . The doppelgangers seem like a cool tool to play with. Maybe I could have one morph into an absent player or Sildar or both, that'd be really fun. Could set up a quest if they discover the deception to rescue the player who has been captured and replaced!
  12. Survived DMing my first game on Saturday! Properly buzzing, all the players said it was great craic and are keen to continue. Could definitely improve on a few things and grateful for any advice on the queries at the bottom of the post. We played Lost Mine of Phandelver on Roll20. Had far too many players at 7 PCs plus only 1 of the group had any idea how D&D is played (listened to a bit of Adventure Zone) so it was like herding cats. I really struggled to keep up with trying to keep the players moving without telling them exactly what to do, managing Roll20 with minimal practice and had to abandon reading the source text and go from memory as it was too much multi-tasking. I had played out this session before with Graham in the short-lived RLLMUK Beginner campaign which was the only reason I managed to get through it. Spoilers for Lost Mine of Phandelver up to Chapter 1.
  13. I cut it with clippers a little above where it joins the model then use a hobby knife to pare it down. Sometimes a bit of filing required. I find if you cut it too close with the clippers it can leave a dent out of the model.
  14. Kujo has a good channel and his voice is very ASMR
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