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  1. Those all look great. Nothing better than a boardgame with painted minis!
  2. @Captain Kelsten If, by any chance, you live in / around Belfast I'll play!
  3. Loving this so far, great to have characters acting logically within the frame of their motivations. Third episode was great:
  4. That's an amazing play Do you guys play with the advanced rules? I had a look through them and am on-board for extra spice and player powers but the rule about paying spice during combat sounds a bit annoying and fiddly. I suppose dropping it would unfairly affect the factions who rely on their wealth though.
  5. Dune Hadn't gotten to play anything in a good while so was delighted to finally get this to table and with the full 6 players Seems pretty daunting at the start as there are a lot of phases per round but most go by pretty quickly and by halfway through the game we were chugging along at a good pace. It being our first game, it was a bit of a shitshow in terms of rules and strategy. We weren't conservative enough with our forces and spice so we were all running pretty dry in the later half. Also got a couple of rules wrong that would've increased the spice available. Absolutely love the variable player powers in this. All of them seem game-breakingly powerful and are only balanced by the absurd powers of the other players. Everyone was happy with their faction and nobody felt like they'd been dealt the short end of the stick. This game will absolutely benefit from repeat plays and everyone being familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the other factions. I feel like this is one of the best games I've played in terms of the tie-in between theme and mechanics. Everything from starting positions, powers and general strategies makes absolute sense when viewed through the context of the game world and lore. I played the Bene Gesserit and loved telling people what cards to play with the Voice power. I predicted Harkonnen to win on turn 8 (which would steal the win for me if my prediction came true) but helped them out a little too much and they were in a position to at turn 5. To avoid their early victory I had to Voice them into using a shield against my lasgun, creating a nuclear explosion that wiped both our armies out! Unfortunately they weren't able to recover from this and my forces weren't strong enough to win on their own. The last few turns played out with a few well-placed traitors knocking other players off potential wins and the Spacing Guild took the default victory. Can't wait to play again!
  6. Looks pretty fun, could be just the right amount of ridiculous to work. Looks like they've done some homework too (wildshape shenanigans aside) - saw a black dragon with acid breath and someone definitely misty stepped. Pine as a bard is pretty fitting, I enjoyed his little hop at the end
  7. Those are crazy, can't wait to see them finished!
  8. Try using the side of the brush, perpendicular to the edge you are highlighting. Also helpful to thin paints a little more than normal to flow off the brush easier. Dont ask @feltmonkey, I heard he can't even edge highlight metallics properly...
  9. For Imperial Assault you should be able to sell on for about what you paid for it assuming in good condition. Would try the FB selling groups over eBay first. I have eBay alerts for it as I'm missing a few figure packs and I have seen some inconsistent final selling prices for boxed expansions with people getting the odd bargain.
  10. Ordered a few bits and bobs from them over the years and they have been great in my experience too.
  11. Also an item that helps! Description:
  12. Bloodstain? Likely, pathetic sort... Is my most upvoted message beside one of these weird spots that I can't work out what is killing so many people
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