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  1. Is The Metro the only review you’re interested in? Why not read one of the many glowing reviews of it, so you won’t feel as disappointed?
  2. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    Where is Pogba these days? Injured?
  3. What’s happening with the motion tracker on this? I can’t say I’ve noticed it doing that when I’ve played.
  4. It's been like this since the XboxOne days and I'm not sure why they've never addressed it. Sometimes it'll update things automatically, but most times there's always a load of updates waiting for me when I switch my X on. Somebody mentioned a while ago that it might be because it's not updating games you haven't played in a while, but that can't be it because I was playing FH5 this week. Maybe Quick Resume is interfering with it, but that seems pretty broken as well. Hopefully it's something they're on with fixing, but I wouldn't hold my breath because it's been around so long.
  5. JPL

    EDGE #365

    Why is all the new issue stuff in here?
  6. I hope we get different encounters - all Brutes, all Elites/Grunts/Jackals, a mix of everything. Different groups of enemies in different areas, so it mixes up the combat all the time.
  7. Plus it would have been an incentive to make people upgrade to the new consoles, it they’d have made it Series only.
  8. You would have thought they could have had all the fancy shit like swaying foliage and better explosions on the Series consoles though, then just dialled it back for the last gen Xboxes. It was a mistake building it for those as well I think.
  9. It was me that mentioned it, sorry! It’s been bugging me since the first reveal, but I thought they would have sorted it by now. Obviously a lot of other things took priority.
  10. I noticed the other night that it takes two hits to kill someone with the ball now. I’m sure it used to be a single hit in previous games. That’d be a start. Make the ball carrier feel really powerful. Give them shields or faster movement or something.
  11. It’s a great mode if people actually play it, but then again I love all objective game types.
  12. Yeah, I agree. What I meant was it doesn't interfere with the gameplay. There's a brief setup, then a handful of cutscenes throughout, but the rest is all action. It's perfectly balanced.
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