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  1. It’s free on EA Play if you’ve got Gamepass.
  2. That’s good to hear. I can imagine a sequel is definitely on the cards then. Also, I talked a mate of mine into getting it for his PS4, as he got let down on a PS5 and wanted something decent to play.
  3. Huh? I thought that was another great episode after last week’s and I didn’t know anything about the characters. Rosario Dawson was great. I’m enjoying them pushing the story along more this season. Last season felt like a warm up and now they’ve got a better idea of where they’re taking it. But... I actually wish they’d try and mix up the structure a bit. Every episode is basically follow the last clue to a new planet and help someone who’s in trouble in return for the next clue. Copy and paste. Still, I am enjoying it and it feels more Star War
  4. It’s great from what I’ve played so far and it’s good to see Respawn try something new. I’m playing it on EA Play, but did it sell well? I’d love them to do a sequel with everything they’ve learnt from this one, but with a massive budget. Get it really polished up.
  5. Ha, no worries mate! I’m sure I’ll get one soon enough.
  6. What marketing? Other than the beard guy video, I haven't really seen any consumer facing marketing from MS for it. It feels like they haven't really pushed it yet and they've been focusing more on the X around launch. What do you mean it's absolutely not what MS claimed? As far as I was aware from watching the video I just mentioned, it was to run graphically cut down versions of Series X games, which is what I thought it was doing. As Harry Bizzle mentioned yesterday, on games like Gears 5, it runs the multiplayer at 1440p/120hz, whereas the X runs it at 4k/120hz. Obviously third
  7. I didn’t know that. That’s a good sign surely? Must just be third party devs still getting to grips with things then. Crisis averted!
  8. @Simbo And I was going to ask if you wanted to sell it after your initial disappointment with it! In other news, I’ve given up on a 6800XT for now and gone with a 5700XT until they’re more easily available/cheaper/Apple have written drivers for them. I really need to update to Big Sur, so hopefully the 5700 won’t be that much of a backwards step from a 1080ti. I’m sure I’ll cope for a few months either way.
  9. Isn’t 1440p and 120hz support just best case scenario? They’re always going to put the upper limit on the box as it sounds better. You could say the same about the high end consoles. They both purport to have 120hz, but of the few games that do, it comes at a sacrifice to resolution and frame rate. They both also claim to have ray tracing, but it’s nowhere near what’s capable on PC and can only be used sparingly. I think you just have to change your expectations of what you thought the Series S was and realise what’s marketing talk.
  10. Technically I’ve bought a console and a graphics card... but the card isn’t for playing games!
  11. I haven’t watched the video yet, but I take it you need to hack the Xbox somehow? It’s got to be dodgy as fuck, right?
  12. My two lads are going to be buzzing on Christmas Day. They’re also getting a Switch Lite apiece as well, the spoilt little bastards!
  13. I think people are expecting too much from the S. It’s the budget option for people who have a 1080 TV, so obviously aren’t bothered about cutting edge tech. If you look at it like that, it seems well up to the job.
  14. I do wonder if it’s a bit of a hangover from the last gen, where most devs will have been primarily building for PS4, so they’re more familiar with those tools. Plus, weren’t Microsoft’s dev tools overhauled and late to the party?
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