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  1. One thing this has shown me is the overwhelming scale of our planet. It makes me feel kind of weird and insignificant.
  2. It’s got timed PlayStation exclusivity, so it won’t be coming to Gamepass for a while. Why will you only buy things in the sale if they’re on Gamepass though?
  3. I suppose it’s one way for them to push VR to the masses, if all their flagship titles are built with it in mind, but it does smell a bit like MS trying to turn everything into a Kinect game all those years ago and we know how that turned out. I can’t see it personally, but then VR isn’t something I’ve dabbled with all that much yet.
  4. I can’t remember where I heard it, but I thought Infinite was going to be built on for the next ten years?
  5. It looks great on that IGN video, but what’s the deal with all the random colours of armour? I take it, the glowing outline is your only visual indication, but that seems a bit weak compared to red vs blue. Maybe it works better in play, but I hope it’s something they address.
  6. You got a link to it? I didn’t get chance to jump on this weekend, so I’d love to see some impressions of it.
  7. I’ve got a spare if you want it?
  8. That doesn’t fill me with confidence. Why do they have to leave the embargo so late, unless they’ve got something to hide?
  9. Just multiplayer. It’ll be cool to try out the new grapple hook thing though.
  10. I can’t remember this exact bit as it’s ages since I played it, but you can definitely end up without the right abilities at certain points if you don’t do the game in the correct order. It gives this impression of freedom in the way it’s structured and the abilities, but I definitely made it far more difficult for myself by not doing things in the correct order. Maybe have a quick look at a guide for the bit you’re on now and see if you’ve missed an area along the way.
  11. Watch the trailer breakdown that was posted earlier. It looks surprisingly close to the original in how they’ve approached the effects. Maybe you’re being thrown by them moving it out of New York, but that’s answered in the breakdown. And it is 5 years since the last Ghostbusters film, but I can’t blame you if you’ve wiped that from your memory.
  12. They changed their mind. I’m in!
  13. Who’s next then? I’d love us to sign a decent midfielder and get rid of Pogba before he drags his circus out to the end of the transfer window and I’d also love us to get a striker, even something in place for Haaland to come next year.
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