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  1. I love the DB Cooper thing, and I’m really intrigued to see why. I wonder if he keeps using the space stone to keep jumping through unsolved crimes. To what end though, I’ve no idea. Is it from the comics? After WandaVision I’m optimistic it’ll be great.
  2. JPL

    Titanfall 2

    Crysis got a remaster, didn’t it? That if you haven’t already played it. It’s the second best FPS behind Halo.
  3. I wonder what the acceptable number of hours for a controller to last is? 417 seems really low. I must get thousands of hours out of mine. Have they all changed suppliers since last gen or something?
  4. Any idea why? Is it because they can't get hold of them? The ridiculous size of the thing? Something else?
  5. What do you mean by this?
  6. I absolutely hate motion controls, so I’m happy they’ve decided to put standard controls in there, but… Are they serious with £50? From looking at the trailer it doesn’t seem like they’ve done anything at all with the graphics. Have they done anything else, such as QoL improvements - better frame rate, faster loading between areas, skippable text, etc? If not, it makes this a really difficult sell, especially after reading how MS have started to roll out their new thing that can up the frame rate of BC titles to 120fps at NO COST.
  7. I’m just catching up on this. So, this SS remaster. Have they done away with waggle, so I can play it normally? It was the biggest problem with it for me, so if that’s gone I’ll give it another go and hope it fares better this time. Also, was there any news on Metroid Prime 4 or BOTW2?
  8. I thought it was 60fps on Series X?
  9. No worries. Both Nemesis and Salamander have got such amazing memories for me, from when I was a little tear away getting the bus to the local arcade after school. It’s brilliant that I can relive those times again. Have fun with it!
  10. A bit off topic, but have you got the Konami Arcade Collection? Gradius and Salamander are on there amongst other things. I love having a nostalgia blast on it every now and then.
  11. Show me a PC as powerful as an X or PS5 for the same money! I’m hoping by the time E3, or whatever remains of it, rolls around this year all those studios MS have been buying will have plenty of AAA games to show off. It still won’t stop me buying a PS5 once they’ve redesigned it for the exclusives though.
  12. I want an amalgamation of MS and Sony. MS have the best hardware and software engineers, while Sony have the best game devs. Imagine how good our hobby would be if they joined forces. Either that or they should just hurry up and buy Nintendo.
  13. I can't find this anywhere, so no idea how @IcEBuRN saw it.
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