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    I’ve just read it and, like you say, it seems so full of spoilers it’s like the reviewer hated it to the point they’re going to make sure to ruin it for everybody else. Maybe they’re right and the 45/100 score is reflective of the game, but I advise nobody to read that review before playing it, if you’ve got even the smallest interest in the game. If that was written by badger farmer, all I can say is poor show. I’m sure you could have got your frustrations across without such blatant spoilers.
  2. When’s the review embargo for Somerville lift? I always worry when devs block reviews until the past minute. It always feel like they’ve got something to hide. Especially more now Pentiment has reviewed well.
  3. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    He can’t now. What an absolute idiot he’s shown himself to be.
  4. Do we even know who the big bad is going to be for this next part of the MCU? Have they even been revealed yet? I’m sure by this point in the Endgame run we knew about Thanos. I think at the moment it all feels a bit directionless, with everything being it own thing rather than part of a coherent whole that’s heading somewhere.
  5. Did they? Where did you hear that?
  6. What has the direction the sequels have taken got to do with nerds? Wouldn’t it have been that the first one beat expectations, so the writers had to expand things out based on what they’d created in the first? I’m not sure how nerds have had any input into that.
  7. Sony are such contradictory dickheads. Moaning about MS buying Activision, while they’re doing stuff like this.
  8. The first one did and that was a load of old shite. And before anyone starts, yes I get the cultural relevance of it and that’s to be applauded, but as a film it was pretty poor.
  9. It started off quite interesting discussing the merits of who should direct the next Star Wars as well, until K set it all off again!
  10. That was my point really. I think with Star Wars it‘s more important that they get the story right, rather than going for a big name director. Star Wars isn’t something where you want a pronounced directorial style really. If you look at the original trilogy, I’m sure Irvin Kershner and Richard Marquand were chosen because they’re competent directors who could follow George’s lead, rather than for their unique take on things. Contrast that with the latest trilogy and you’ll see JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson pulling in completely different directions, as though they wanted to put their own directorial stamp on things, all in service of their egos and to the detriment of the story. So, for me at least, I’d much rather they put their efforts into the story and hire competent directors who can follow a consistent style.
  11. I’d love one. My original Switch got destroyed by my boys, so I’d need a new one to play Zelda. I just don’t fancy spending £280 for an ancient console for one game.
  12. If you don’t think The Last Jedi was divisive I don’t really know what to say. I take it from your exaggerated sarcasm that you liked it though, maybe that’s why you’re feeling the need to defend it the way you are. As odd as that is. Anyway, now you’ve had you’re defence force moment, shall we get back to discussing the original point about directors? My second point in that I think the director of Star Wars doesn’t matter as much as the story is more worthy of discussion, don’t you agree?
  13. And The Last Jedi had renowned director Rian Johnson at the helm and look how divisive that turned out. I think above all Star Wars needs a good story and the direction should be in service of that, not the other way around.
  14. Let a man dream, will you.
  15. I know I’m probably on my own, but I hope it isn’t another handheld.
  16. I hope they spend a good few episodes explaining why those toilet cubicles are so big.
  17. To be honest I probably will pick one up if we don’t see a slim within a year. I’m in no rush though, so I’ll just see how things pan out.
  18. I’m not literally displaying it, I just don’t have anywhere to put one out of view. And I don’t give a fuck what anyone who comes round to my house thinks, I’m the one who’d have to look at it on a daily basis.
  19. I’m in the same boat as womblingfree, in that I can’t stand the look of the current design. My problem though is that my TV is hung on the wall and I have shelving to the left of it where my AV equipment and Series X sit on display. I simply don’t have anywhere to hide it, so I want it as discreet as possible. That’s not really going to happen in its current form. It’s no big deal really though, I’ve got Gamepass to tide me over until Sony get around to releasing a slim and there’ll be loads of games I’ll want to play on it by the time they do.
  20. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    I haven’t had chance to watch it today, so what went wrong?
  21. Those little 2D animations that show how you’ve died on the death screen are great though. Little touches like that make it feel like a Labour of love.
  22. Looks great, although I felt the player feedback was lacking a bit. I couldn’t work out how they got the robot to reveal its weak points. Was it through attacking it or does it just happen after a set period of time? Oh, and the jump looked a bit puny. Other than that though, it looks amazing. Really well art directed. I can’t wait to give it go.
  23. As a game it’s way better than Wind Waker, but a lot of people seemed to write it off based on its graphical style.
  24. This is playable on PS4, right? Think I’ll join the Christmas game crew. It looks excellent.
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