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  1. 39 minutes ago, Popo said:

    Kermode and Mayo absolutely loved this. So much so they’ve done a podcast episode about it. Simon in particular is gushing with enthusiasm. 

    This is the first real impression I’ve heard from people who haven’t played the game which, if This Place is any yardstick, is more positive than people who have. 

    They’ve said it’s in the same category as The Wire. Fuck about. 

    I’m glad a lot of people seem to like this, but I personally find the hype hugely disproportionate. It’s a decently acted, big budget series that is riddled with loads of problems, that most of the people who are gushing about it seem to blindly ignore.


    I haven’t seen The Wire, so I can’t compare, but I can only imagine something like Better Call Saul would absolutely blow Kermode and Mayo’s minds.


    I feel like I’m in the minority, which is cool, but I wouldn’t rate TLoU much higher than The Walking Dead, for example, and it really doesn’t get anywhere near the level of Breaking Bad, The Soprano’s, etc.


    I did enjoy it though and I really hope they get the time and budget to address everything about it that disappointed me for season 2. I’m just a bit baffled at the level of praise it’s receiving.

  2. 36 minutes ago, teddymeow said:

    Even if we lose, this has now become an incredible game!!


    3 red cards?!?! Unreal.


    Who were the 3? It only shows 2 on the BBC app.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    Mobile gaming is superb these days. Obviously it’s massive because of the sheer amount of devices out there, but there’s a great variety too, and in Apple Arcade a bit of a hidden gem actually, and where children are concerned it’s a much cheaper point of entry than Nintendo, for example, because everyone already uses these devices on a daily basis and they’re not buying them solely for games. 
    The gaming market is valued at $220 billion and mobile alone accounts for $170 billion of that. 


    I should really take a look at some mobile games then. Have you got any recommendations?


    Hearing all this, it makes it even more weird how Sony are focusing on CoD being the problem. I bet it’s the last thing MS give a shit about, hence them willing to make deals with everyone for it.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Isaac said:


    Mobile makes more money than Nintendo, so by that token they've already lost the battle to iOS and Android.


    It's not even close either - Nintendo generated $13.2bn in revenue. Google Play alone generated $37.3 billion the same year. iOS made $50 billion. Those are purely their gaming revenues too.


    Or, you know, these are different platforms and services aimed at different market segments.

    Blimey, I had no idea mobile gaming was so lucrative. Who’s spending all that money? I thought most games were free, or a couple of quid or so? I don’t know a single person who plays mobile games, so it’s completely alien to me.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Uncle Mike said:

    I dunno. They're still making a great, great shooter, with amazing guns, great places to shoot them, enticing enemies to pepper with those bullets and also cool space magic etc. I think if you liked the Bungie Halos, there's loads to enjoy in their current work.

    It’s just a personal thing, but I just don’t care for Destiny the way I did for Halo, or even Marathon before that.


    Like I said, it’s just me being selfish wanting them the move on from Destiny. I’ll still be interested to see where they go next and hopefully it catches my imagination better.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Uncle Mike said:

    There's whatever happens to Destiny after Final Shape, which isn't announced at all, but it's 100% announced that Final Shape isn't the end of Destiny. And there's a new IP that's untitled and unannounced, but will definitely be a live service game. That's what Bungie wants to do now, these games that blend best-in-class action games with long-term persistent service games.


    So JPL is probably shit out of luck on this front, I'm afraid. And Destiny, for all its myriad issues we all cry about, is a better game for its live service aspects and also an astonishingly good shooter.

    Oh yeah, no doubt I am. It was just my selfish ramblings wanting them to get back to the good old Bungie. That ceased to exist many years ago.

  7. Just now, Thor said:

    Well, I meant akin to Destiny as in it'll be similar in terms of structure and will likely be another GaaS game with seasons, expansions etc. 

    Sorry, I meant mushashi said ‘all their known future games’, but you’re saying nobody knows what they are.


    I don’t doubt it’ll be akin to Destiny as that was akin to Halo in some ways. I’m also not massively against a GaaS game, as long as they do something different to Destiny’s structure. I just think that formula is tired, so I’d like to see something new.

  8. Just now, Kevvy Metal said:

    Have you actually played Destiny 2? It has a free enjoyable campaign than a whole bunch of further ones on top of that. It’s a whole series of games basically that are excellent, and you can really easy just not engage with the hamster wheel. 

    Erm, of course I have. It’s just not a patch on their earlier stuff for me. The problem is they’ve been at this so long now, I just want them to do something new.

  9. 43 minutes ago, ZOK said:

    Are they? Note I’m not saying they aren’t worth watching, just that I’m not really bothered about them.


    Inglorious Basterds just looks silly to me, and I won’t watch it on principle due to the spelling of the title. Hateful Eight I keep meaning to get to as it comes up on Netflix but I’ve gained the impression it’s a bit boring from what people say. The Mansons one was also supposed to be a bit meh wasn’t it? I’m sure there are others, but are any of them as good as Jackie Brown?

    Hateful 8 is excellent. Probably my favourite of his later films.

  10. I remember the conversations around this a while ago, probably around the announcement of Stadia, and a lot of people on here were saying it categorically couldn’t ever be done to an acceptable level due to physics. Something about the distances from the game servers to you would introduce too much lag, amongst other things.


    I was optimistic at the time and it seems it has been figured out to a perfectly acceptable level after all. So what have they done to make it work? The laws of physics obviously haven’t changed, so I wonder how they’re pulling it off to the level we’re getting.

  11. 31 minutes ago, BossSaru said:


    She didn't - as far as Marlene was concerned Ellie was MIA after sending her off with Joel, and (in the game) she starts hearing rumours of a guy travelling across the country with a girl. But there was no instruction or expectation that Joel and Ellie would show up in SLC. It was pure luck that Joel and Ellie saw the map in the university showing a move there, and decided to follow them.


    It makes sense that if you are in a hospital with one of the few remaining surgeons you would have things prepared in case someone gets injured, just as they also clearly had vehicles ready to go if needed. And in the game there is a suggestion that a bit more time passes than a couple of hours between Joel's arrival and the surgery.

    The way you’ve put it there as a guy travelling across the country with a girl immediately evokes a better sense of scale and time than the show managed. I know the journey because I’ve played the game, but in the show it felt like they’d crossed a couple of towns in a few weeks at most. They totally failed to give any sense of distance or how much time had passed.


    It got me thinking about Lord of The Rings and how in probably a similar runtime, they managed to show the unimaginable distances covered through pans across a map, lingering shots of huge vistas and characters visibly deteriorating. I’m not saying TLoU should have copied those devices wholesale, but surely they could have come up with something to help sell the journey.


    I actually enjoyed the show, for what it is, but the more I think about it, the more it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

  12. One other weird thing I thought, which I never really noticed in the game for some reason, was Marlene being at the hospital before Joel & Ellie got there. If they were going there anyway, why didn't they just take Ellie themselves or at least travel together with Joel as muscle?

  13. Why do you (anyone in this thread) think this has done so well?


    Yes, it’s got great production values, superb acting and a decent enough story, but it’s still full of issues and it’s based on a video game, which usually turns a lot of people off.


    For me it’s been mid-tier telly. I’ve enjoyed my time with it, but I don’t think it’s a patch on the game, never mind a lot of other shows out there.


    Good on them, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with the next season, but I do wonder why it’s gained such high praise.

  14. 3 minutes ago, Pob said:


    What about the FEDRA guard at the end of episode 1? Or in the previous episode where he tortures and kills to find Ellie?

    Too few and far between really for me. Everybody seems to be a killer in this world, so the odd kill comes across as pretty normal.

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