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  1. Can you stop doing this please. I'm just asking questions on a game I was interested in.
  2. Thanks for this. Makes it a lot clearer. I apologise @Rex Grossman for not knowing all this, but that's why I'm asking.
  3. Why would I be taking the piss? It's a pretty important factor. I've looked them up and it looks like they're registered in Cyprus. Can you show me a link that shows they're Russian? I'd like to make my decision based on presented facts, not just hearsay on the internet. If I'm mistaken, fair enough, but it's good to have the facts, isn't it?
  4. Yep, I think it's a lot more nuanced that people are saying. I'm not sure why this game was picked on specifically, but I can imagine the funding companies for Mundfish are funding a lot of games that aren't being reported on. I'm also struggling to find out why it's being said they're a Russian company, when they're registered in Cyprus, as far as I can tell.
  5. It's my fault. In my morning daze, I missed that you said title!
  6. Why do you keep doing this man? It’s really odd. I hope you’re feeling well enough to make it to the anniversary meet, as I’d love to meet you face to face, so you could see these perceptions you have of me are totally wrong. I bet we’d get on well in reality. This version of me that you’ve built up in your head is really tiring and you’ve been relentlessly hounding me for years now. Please can you just stop being like this, for both of us? Apologies to everyone else for bringing this up in here, but his constant needling of me needs addressing.
  7. Cyberpunk, assuming your Xbox is a Series X and not a One X. You could easily dip in, do a couple of gigs, side quests or even the odd main mission in half an hour and doing it that way, it’d last you all year!
  8. Have you got any links to this? I've had a quick look online and it seems the company is registered in Paphos, Cyprus, but they've had funding from Gaijin, GEM Capital and Tencent who could well have links to Russia. See here: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/mundfish Actually, looking further, they could be based in either Moscow or Maryland according to these two sites. https://app.dealroom.co/companies/mundfish https://rocketreach.co/mundfish-profile_b42d8831fe576ac7 It's not very clear.
  9. Ah yeah. I wasn't sure where exactly, but I knew it was pretty far from Russia.
  10. I thought they were Greek or something? At least that's where the company is setup, I think, so I presume they'll pay tax to Greece. I could be wrong though. What is the Russian link with them, other than the game being set in a fantasy version of it?
  11. I'd say it's you who's being extremely naive. It's like you've got no idea how capitalism or business works.
  12. Do you honestly think they should keep these people on even if there's no job for them, just because they've posted record profits?
  13. How should it work, do you think? If someone's job isn't required any more, what should the company do?
  14. Whatever happened to the jobs for life utopia we were promised?
  15. What angle are you talking about? I’ve been pretty vocal about Halo Infinite being a massive disappointment and I’ve not even played High On Life. I think you’re getting me mixed up with someone else! I’m getting tired of waiting for the games to come to be honest.
  16. Well, I’m just assuming they’re no longer needed. It’d be a strange and shitty thing to sack people who are needed and doing a good job. What makes you think it isn’t because they’re no longer needed? What’s wrong with Xbox Game Studios and how does it relate to this? Can you tell my why this affects you so much now? Is it something you’ve experienced yourself?
  17. What do you want me to call them? Should they keep paying people for jobs that are no longer needed? And it’s not just CoD as well you know, but to answer that part of your question; the Activision deal is an investment which they see as strengthening their gaming division and making them more money in the long run, while keeping staff that are no longer needed will cost them money. To be honest, I do feel for the people being laid off as it’s never a nice thing, but it doesn’t hugely bother me as I’m sure they’re talented folk who won’t struggle to find new work. Why is it affecting you so much?
  18. I'm not sure the two things are really related, are they? They can lay off unneeded staff, while also investing by buying Activision. I don't think it's one or the other. I'm sure they've analysed it all and this way makes sense from a business perspective. Whether people like it or not is irrelevant really, as this is what capitalism brings, but making false equivalences is pointless. Edit: or what Layten said above, as I was typing my reply.
  19. Have this is what they've said is the plan? What makes you think it'll make the remaining staff cheaper, are they cutting wages too? Maybe there just isn't the work there for the 10,000, now covid has subsided and people aren't spending as much time at home and as much money on tech stuff. I don't know, but it's just standard business practise isn't it? Lay off staff you don't need, maximise profits, streamline things which become too large, etc
  20. Maybe because they don't need that amount of staff any more. Why do you think they did it?
  21. To be fair, I think I’d sack the entire Halo Infinite team as well. 6 years in development and that’s all we got?
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