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  1. I need to get back with it to have a play around. How are you finding it after Sekiro anyway? I followed your adventures in the Sekiro thread and was happy when you decided to jump straight into this. For me, as much as I love the combat in Sekiro, the sheer scale and amount of adventures there are to be had in Elden Ring make it the winner.
  2. I’ve got a ton of rune arcs and even after reading these last few posts I’m still none the wiser in what I’m supposed to do with them or what they’re for.
  3. No, that’s a solid crew, go and get stuck in!
  4. Do Caelid first. It won’t affect anything at volcano manor. Just make sure to meet as many NPCs as you can on your travels before going in. It a brilliant spectacle of a battle, so enjoy it!
  5. I wonder if they’re going to do an all black Series S. That’d tempt me to one for the office.
  6. I wonder what they’ll do with him. I can’t imagine he’ll get any more than a slap on the wrists really, being only 17, if it’s his first offence.
  7. My memory is terrible these days. I blame it on all the weed I smoked as a youth.
  8. Fair enough. You're right, I played it on Series X, where it's been decent since launch. Maybe they should have held back the previous gen versions until they got it into a playable state. I was going to say I wasn't aware it was so bad on those, but I probably have read that somewhere before and forgotten.
  9. I’ve probably asked this before when it’s come up, but how did they deceive everyone? It’s interesting to me as I absolutely loved my playthrough of it and it was no buggier than any Bethesda RPG at launch. It was perfectly playable and easy to forgive a few oddities once you realised the scale of the thing. Of course they’ve been tweaking it since then, just as they did with Witcher 3, so I’m confused as to why this got such a hard time. I can’t remember the devs over promising anything, but I really only briefly took notice of the pre launch publicity as I’d watched a few trailers and knew it was in safe hands. It baffles me why some people still seem really angry about it, rather than just getting on and discovering how good it actually is. I’m not aiming that at you by the way, but even you claiming deception I find a bit over the top. It’s an amazing game and always has been.
  10. That’s my problem really, as all my AV equipment is out on a shelf and I’ve got nowhere to hide a PS5, so I’d like it to be as discreet as possible. First world problems and all that, but it’s why I’m hoping these rumours are true.
  11. It’s too hard to keep up with what these idiots are offended by. It’s almost like they’re just making shit up a they go.
  12. I’m not sure what console wars have got to do with it. We were just discussing the rumours of the PS5 Slim and a few people got a bit wound up over the design of the original model being a bit shit. To caveat that, I think the actual console is brilliant, it’s just the look/size of it I’m not into, so the Slim is a rumour I like the sound of.
  13. What’s wrong with everyone in here!
  14. Not my area of design really. Although I’d give it a go!
  15. What is this shit again man? Why would I not get a PS5? I just don’t like the look or size of the current iteration, but as soon as there’s a slim I’ll be all over it. Just like I did with the PS4.
  16. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I know the space is there for air flow, but if it was better designed they could have got those internals into a much smaller form.
  17. Looking over that video, it really does show how badly designed the PS5 is compared to the Series X. Why is there so much space inside it? I'm hoping they've taken a look at the relatively compact design of the X and are working towards a Slim that has those design sensibilities. Has this rumour actually been reported anywhere other than that site nobody's ever heard of though?
  18. That sounds absolutely perfect. A revised, smaller design with no disc drive plus a nice big library of games to go at by the end of next year is pretty much the best scenario I could have hoped for. I just hope it's true.
  19. Has racism and misogyny got worse in the last 9 years then, do you think? Or is it just that these idiots have more of a voice now?
  20. What happened with GTAV? That had Franklin as a main character and that didn’t seem to harm its success.
  21. I'll take it if it gives me a sliver of hope of a redesigned console.
  22. All they really need to do for me is sort out the character handling, gun play, driving, etc, make the missions more open and free form, so you can plan your own strategies and fill the world with more incidental quests, so it feels more alive. Not much then!
  23. Forgive my naivety, but couldn’t they just create a security patch like you get on iOS, for example, to sort it out?
  24. First I’ve even heard there were any leaks of TLOU2!
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