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  1. That's exactly what I thought, but I wondered if I was missing something when people were saying it was a nightmare for Rockstar. I don't actually know if it'd be a problem for a lesser game though. I just don't think people would be that arsed about a few leaked videos.
  2. I understand it’s not the first impression they wanted, but it’s not going to stop anyone from buying it when it finally comes out. Losing the source code sounds like more of a nightmare though. What makes you think it’s going to take way longer to be released now?
  3. When he says it’s a nightmare for Rockstar, what does he mean? Obviously they’ll want to find out who’s behind the leak and how it was done, but how will it affect them negatively?
  4. Thanks @Delargey, that makes sense. To be honest, I’m not really into extreme political views and always thought triggering just meant upsetting someone. So apologies for that @schmojo. I’m still a bit confused as to why Ben Shapiro was picked, but I can’t be bothered reading about him any more. Like you say though, my intention wasn’t to derail the thread. I just wanted to give my opinion on its structure and maybe discuss that with others who felt the same. Never mind, I’ll continue to enjoy it in my own way and I hope everyone else does too.
  5. How am I being obtuse? I got called Ben Shapiro for saying I’d rather She-Hulk have more of a story. Don’t you think that’s a bit much? Why are you attacking me, when someone’s equating me to a right wing nutter? Also, can you show me all these other threads where I’m being wilfully obtuse, please? I wouldn’t mind seeing the evidence, if this is how you want to portray me.
  6. I’ve just looked up Ben Shapiro. So, you’re saying I have similar views to him now, is that right? He sees homosexuality as a mental illness, amongst other nonsense. Don’t you think that’s a bit out of order just because I’d like She-Hulk to have a deeper story?
  7. Who’s Ben Shapiro? Anyway, I know what it is and isn’t doing, but I’ll say it again, I’d prefer it to have a more compelling narrative. Other than that it’s great. Sorry that bothers you so much.
  8. And where did I say this? Listen, I enjoy it for the throwaway fun that it is, but personally I’d prefer it if they gave her a bit more to do. Apologies for discussing the show and giving my opinion that oddly seems to be triggering a few of you. I’m glad you’re all enjoying it so much that you feel this way.
  9. Maybe you like making things up? I just find it quite throwaway. It’s enjoyable enough and the runtime definitely helps with that, but I’d much rather have a more meaty storyline than someone trying to steal her brand name to sell beauty products. I’d rather they be building towards the next Infinity War/Endgame at this point. Up the stakes a bit. It is fun though and the cast are great, so it’s alright by me.
  10. I do mainly, but I think id prefer it if there was a narrative. Not exactly a controversial opinion, is it?
  11. As good fun as it is, I’m finding it all a bit meandering and pointless. I mean, what’s the overarching story again? There doesn’t actually seem to be one.
  12. What better game could there be to have made people upgrade to a new Nintendo console though? I bought the Switch off the strength of BoTW.
  13. Why do you care how many people buy it? It's not like Zelda is ever going to get cancelled.
  14. I don’t think it’s had any special treatment, has it? Just seems like the standard Gamepass push that all games get when they hit the service.
  15. I don’t really know what you’re on about @SeanR Was it a bit of a mess? Were the devs moaning during the Sony exclusivity period that they never got chance to finish it properly? Has it had a big overhaul in the last year? I can’t say I’m all that fussed by it personally, so I don’t know much about it, but I’ll give it a go on Gamepass. Nothing to lose is there.
  16. Deathloop? They wouldn’t have been able to advertise it while it was still in the Sony deal, so they were bound to shout about it now.
  17. It was absolutely nothing like Twilight Princess, in as much as Zeldas are different. I'll agree we don't want waggle though, but I can't see that happening.
  18. The entire Creative Cloud suite has a splash page based on this new series. I’m guessing Amazon threw them a bunch of cash to feed us adverts through our work software now. I can’t really be arsed complaining, but shouldn’t some of that money go towards making the subscription cheaper? I don’t really want to be force fed ads.
  19. It is a full blown sequel (prequel maybe?). Also, which Zelda was Skyward Sword an expansion pack for?
  20. Have you ever torn your kingdom? I think you’d cry as well.
  21. Just From being From.
  22. I do and the PS5 is a travesty of design.
  23. Another completely wrong opinion. It’ll be a design classic in the future.
  24. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    They’ve got their work cut out with Maguire on the pitch.
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