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  1. I think I might have gone straight into Bloodborne afterwards!
  2. I just think Part I had a better flow and better set pieces. I did play them back to back pretty much, so I might have just been a bit burnt out by Part II.
  3. It’s weird when I look back on both games in that I can mostly remember the first, but I definitely enjoyed the gameplay more in the second. Maybe the first had a stronger story in my subconscious, as I really struggle to remember much about Part II at all.
  4. I wonder if they've upgraded the internals in any way? My right bumper is on its way out (thanks Elden Ring!), so I wouldn't mind getting a new one.
  5. Did they? I’ll have to rewatch it, but I can’t remember any of the Hobbits having big eyes.
  6. I think the map is just a long press of the pause menu.
  7. I find it quite poignant to read people’s experiences of it in here. Most of us posting view the original game as one of the greatest of all time, then 2 came along and brought an amazing multiplayer mode that I’ve got so many brilliant memories of. The late nights, getting to know people from here, the Legendary Bath Halo meet, etc. That carried into 3 and Reach, but that’s where my Halo love started to dwindle and although I’ve played through both 4 and 5 a number of times, they’re just not a patch on Bungie’s output. 343 seemed to recognise the problems with their earlier entries when they announced Infinite and the initial trailer and announcement suggested they understood what Halo should be. What happened since has been nothing but a disaster. Yes, parts of the campaign are great. The open world bits in particular allow you the freedom to approach the battles in any way you want. The grapple really helps with traversal and seeing some of the huge vistas from up high is excellent. But what happened to all the different environments that were shown in the trailer and what Halo is classically knows for? They said they’d bring new campaign expansions, but we’re almost a year in now and it hasn’t been mentioned once. The multiplayer felt really good, but it was so bare bones that I lost interest pretty quickly. What have they released since, 2 maps? Pitiful. I really hope that in time they can turn it around, but it feels like it’s missed its time now and the problems still continue to appear. I don’t know if they’ll get the opportunity to correct everything, but we’ll see. I’d love to know what went wrong, but ultimately I just want another Halo like the first. Such a shame for the Xbox’s flagship game.
  8. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    Something we’ve all been saying for so long. It’s baffling how Maguire kept the captaincy as long as he did.
  9. That’s my guess as to why the whole thing is a mess. I reckon it all would have gone a lot smoother if they hadn’t been crippled by having to get it running on last gen machines. It should have been the killer game that made people want to upgrade their console and should have been designed to show off their power, not scaled back to accommodate old tech.
  10. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    First match I’ve watched this season and (whisper it) we seem to be doing ok. Still obvious holes in the team, but it at least looks like they have some kind of plan now.
  11. I don’t understand it, because no matter what people ultimately thought of 4 and 5, they were much better handled than this. I’d love to hear the inside story.
  12. Still nothing on any campaign updates/tweaks/expansions then? Wake me when you need me have got something worth my time.
  13. Has Atomic Heart been delayed because of the war? I thought that was out towards the end of the year.
  14. Well, when you put it like that. I suppose social media has given people anonymity to hide behind. Cowards. I really don't get the rationale behind racism and misogyny though. Like I said in my last post, it's really alien to me.
  15. Of course I know of the abuse people get, I just can't get my head around it. I find it completely alien. I just wondered why Festoon seemed to think Megan was going to get a rough time for appearing in this, as opposed to any of the other female actors. I wondered if there was something specific about her that would make people react. I do wonder why people are like that, as I can honestly say I've never encountered it in real life. Has it always been around or is it a new thing? It's so weird. And yeah I do consider Twitter to be a cess pit, along with most other social media.
  16. Gladly I don't really know how it works. I stay away from those dark corners of the internet (twitter), so I'm always surprised/confused to hear there are people like that.
  17. Why will white blokes get angry over her? I don't know much about her, but she doesn't seem much different than any other pop star these days.
  18. How is there? If squirtle didn’t like it because it’s tween style wasn’t for him, then it could quite easily be the worst of phase 4 in his eyes. Why are you so insistent to try and make out his opinion is based on racism? As for She-Hulk, I think it’s been great so far. The girl playing her has real charisma. Something which I think has been lacking from the majority of the new characters they’ve introduced.
  19. Nice. Seeing as they’re saying friends, I’m taking it you don’t all need to be in the same house. Why the speech marks by the way?
  20. I still can’t work out why there’s a dragon in the trailer. Fancy giving me a clue?
  21. What’s wrong with the performance? I don’t really want to watch a Digital Foundry video, as I’ve been happy with the 300 hours I’ve pumped into it so far, without knowing it drops a frame every 60 or some other incidental thing.
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