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  1. I didn't like the first few hours. It was boring and tedious and it didn't lead anywhere. But now there's been a mention of iwow and Zhao Sunming I'm more interested in continuing.
  2. It’s a bit weird that neither shenhua or ryo mention that they just saw a floating sword and a laser beam shooting out a mirror.
  3. Years and years ago Rumblecat had a story in writers corner. I liked it so I drew it out and made it into an animatic.
  4. New Swansea kit by Joma
  5. I have a feeling nx will be a box connected to your tv and the controller will be any smartphone or tablet with ios or android capable of downloading the Nintendo app. It makes sense because if the controller can be played as a handheld and someone took it out with them there would be no controller in the house and the console would be useless for anyone else to play but if the controllers your phone then anyone can play.
  6. What if the projector followed your head movements so It could be like VR but everyone else in the room could see.
  7. It was the last great sonic game on consoles. At the start I lt gave you an option to turn off the anoying tutorials, it was predominantly 2D with bits of 3D for variety. Once you complete it you get to play a challenge mode that's just the levels one after the other with no menus or cut scenes. The boost and slam mapped to the trigger buttons alow you to do all of sonics actions witout taking your thumb off the jump button and the music is freakin awesome. It's my faverate sonic game even better than the classics in my opinion. And then they made generations and lost world which left out all these features.
  8. Can I do anything decent with an oculus rift without a gaming of? I got one as a gift but the newest computer I have is a MacBook from 2006 dual login windows and Mac os and it doesn't really play games. I also have an iPad mini an iPhone 4s and an Xperia play android phone. Can any of that kit be used with the rift for anything?
  9. I think the next Nintendos next handheld and home console will be the same hardware. A handheld console you can connect to the TV.
  10. You can watch adventure time all day everyday on Justin.tv
  11. The game has currency, upgrades and combat.
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