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  1. So I was talking with a bunch of old friends recently about the "good old days" before WoW and FFXI/XIV and how we loved playing Legend of Mir 2. This prompted us in looking for private servers to play just wondering who here played Legend of Mir 2 (I tried 3 but the glory of FFXI and WoW just blew me away and Mir had it's day)
  2. Yeah but when you have smashed the game to hell it's fun to see how high you can take your levels xD
  3. So where do people prefer to farm? Myself with the silver covetous serpent ring and the Helm of Avarice I farm the grand archives. easy enough to clear and farm.
  4. How long is the sale on for? I want the pc copy for Darksouls 3 but I don't get paid until the end of the month :-/
  5. Probably jealous because a fan made game was getting more attention that Other M
  6. I had never thought to use Stasis on Lynels ¬.¬ kept getting trounced by them haha
  7. the company can be on the list doesn't mean they will port the game though
  8. Am I the only one who is sad that Darksouls isn't getting a Switch port xD
  9. When I first saw this post, the image hadn't loaded.... also not playing much in way of PSN anymore xD so again I didn't see the image there. I figured Darksiders 3 was coming when the first 2 games got remastered for current gen.
  10. So I have made a new character, a Warrior called "Thumper" and anyone who claims melee characters are hard to play must be playing them wrong, I am currently upto the watchers of the Abyss and I haven't died yet *fingers crossed* I do find I am getting a bit over confident with my attacks though which often lead me into trouble and getting swarmed XD
  11. So much love for this haha!
  12. Those Backwards Parries! DAMN!
  13. I've been replaying these games showing my lad how to play, I must say I never thought the series would ever be completed! Thank god for the fan base!
  14. Not entirely sold on the DLC packs, Hard mode behind a pay wall.... wtf.... I will wait to see what the winter pack will offer I guess.
  15. Yeah NG++++..... The first Boss :'( Made a new character to play through just beat it (miracles rule) xD
  16. I just sell junk items and mob items early on and Ore's sell fairly well as well
  17. I managed to get through Ashes on NG+3 I've got into Rings and all I can say is FUCK them angel fuckers! talk about ruining your awesome runs xD
  18. I think the more you unlock the higher you can power up your gear.
  19. which one? I've fond 3 of them so far and none have asked that high.
  20. I would love that, it would make death seem more troublesome! rather than just a progression hindrance.
  21. I stumbled upon one by accident, The loot was a bit meh all sold to the monster vendor, I've not seen them respawn as of yet
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