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  1. you can call it back at a stable (I got epona I and was worried about her dying xD)
  2. See I can stretch to Joto but anything beyond is excessive
  3. make separate profiles on the switch should be fine then
  4. I take mine to work to continue playing on my break
  5. took me a little while to navigate the lost woods good luck
  6. word to the wise.... the master sword makes the game too easy with boss fights. I don't know how to check on the switch verson
  7. Giant mazes that have a shrine in them once you work them out, a lot of fun to be fair
  8. It does fit into the the timeline with Twilight princess, hell there are enough references to the game. Even Zelda mentions it about the hero who traversed the twilight when knighting Link.
  9. tell him to keep scanning you get some good loot from them, I got epona and the twilight hat from the Smash bros link amiibo
  10. I love the bottom pic so much xD!
  11. I worked for Gamestation back in the day all I'm saying is xbox 360 and PS3 Launch weeks were killer for the amount of faulty returns far more than any Nintendo launch. now this is just one shop mind you
  12. I've not seen anything on this O.o is it PS4 exclusive? *edit* that moment you realise you ask a dumb question when being on the internet *edit*
  13. Am I the only one who would like to see Dark souls on the switch?
  14. I pre-ordered a copy of BotW for the Wii U at GAME, then decided I was was going to buy a switch and got a copy for the switch too
  15. Condemned and Viking were amazing games wish I still had them xD
  16. I forget Rebellion is still going, my old flat mate used to work for them, working on the PS2 version of Call of Duty world at war and Rouge Warrior. I always remember him saying they just sit on the 2000AD license with no real idea what they were going to try next.
  17. Some interesting pieces here
  18. TBF 30 hours a week on the NES there was about 12 hours spent just blowing the cartridges to get them to work xD
  19. It could have been a Gamechild, was a bootleg Gamboy had preloaded LCD games built in my nan bought me one when I was a kid when she though it was a Gameboy haha
  20. I prefer playing RPG's of all kinds and Strategy games like C&C, AoE. I also play silly mobile games like DC Legends and Marvel contest of champions
  21. Sorry I have to ask any Chester fans here?
  22. Started this today, finding it alright, no perma death which is a relief but also makes me wonder what I can do with the constant increase of characters. I got a 4 star Robin which seems to destroy anyone that he gets near.
  23. Feel free to add me Profgoten I'm not that high yet but once I am watch this space
  24. Hey, I will most probably just be a lurker reading posts as I'm heavily dyslexic and don't want to make an ass of myself.
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