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  1. It's kinda fighty but Double Dragon neon is fun and should run fine Loads of fun Arcade side scrolling beatem up
  2. Damn! I didn't know that was the case O.o
  3. I would love Turok, Just can't justify expenses this month to pay for it :'(
  4. Won't that still be in your history as a game you own? Once you have downloaded the game it's still there for download after they remove it from the store.
  5. One of the crushing gaming experiences that affected my fragile little mind was getting all the way to the end of Psychic World on the Sega Master System having spent hours upon hours playing and the power cut out as I got to the last boss. It took me days to get the skills together to get to the end (I have played it a lot recently and it's so easy now haha) Or my Perfect FFVII and FFVIII saves on my PS1 Memory card that got put in the washing machine by my mum. Oh to be young again.
  6. I just died laughing! (yes my ghost is typing this ) Also to add to this, Final Fantasy Adventure (on the Gameboy classic )
  7. So After beating the Demo I have to say I struggled with the boss...... until I figured out how to really Damage it! I have to say I was very impressed with how the boss battle played out! keeping the classic moves in there and letting you know when you F'ed up! I will play through classic mode now and see how it runs I am now hyped for Easter weekend (Long weekend off work too!)
  8. So Having not finished the Demo, (got home from work way later than planned) I have played up to the part Barret is playable. I have to say visually stunning, I cannot get over the details from the posters on the wall to the soda machines. Combat for Cloud was a bit nuts at first I thought it was very button spammy to begin with however I found my groove very quickly. Barret's combat didn't leave me with much to think about (namely as I only killed a couple of machines) but the camera threw me off a little bit when trying to lock onto something that Barret could see but I could not. I will play again and finish it tonight and wrap up my final thoughts but so far I am more than impressed.
  9. Working until 7pm just under 2 and half hours to go then about an hour 20 to get home...... Looks like I'm playing tomorrow evening xD
  10. Is it a timed demo or can you replay it?
  11. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to dedicate to Classic. I have a lvl 30 undead Mage stuck in Tarren Mill lol
  12. I am toying with making a Vulpera DK although I am a sucker for Lock
  13. I never bothered with the Mods for DS3, for some reason I could never get them working.
  14. I got it on game pass (getting too poor to buy games on release unless it's something I save for haha!) I think I spent about 2 hours in Herc's world and it felt very stop and start..... Fight cut-scene, run a little, cut-scene (Rinse and repeat) Admittedly I did hunt down all of the chests in the zone, I've enjoyed the little snippets I've played however I can see the constant stopping and starting being a pain in the ass. The over use of cut-scenes is why I never finished MGS 4 on the PS3.
  15. I never got the fanboyism behind consoles or PC Master race..... Gamers are gamers! we don't care what format we play as long as we can play the games we love! Nintendo will always have a spot in my heart but that said I don't dedicate all my time to one platform I play Games on X-box like Halo, Gears and Sea of Pirates, were Sony have me with Bloodborne, Spiderman and the up coming FFVII remake, PC has WoW (for now) and the Dawn of War series as well as many other titles.
  16. Or worse manually flying it like the car in FFXV... I can never land that bloody thing so I never fly it!
  17. Looks like we will end up with a 10 disc saga.....or an incomplete game haha!
  18. I have literally only used the store for the free games lol, the complete Batman series was awesome! Alan Wake was a nice addition too
  19. Epic are currently knocking it out of the park with their freebies!
  20. Farming Rep for Voldune at the mo, FOX DEATH KNIGHT FTW! also extra bag space
  21. I recently playing MS3 from Xbox live arcade (Might not actually be 3 may have been one of the other ports of a 360 game) and I don't think I had the same enjoyment out of it, something didn't sit right with it. Frames were laggy to boot! the overall game play experience didn't feel as fluid as I remember this could be down to HD TV's and not the old style screens I used to play on.
  22. It looks like Chocochic is staring into my soul...... I wonder if he's lost yet.....
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