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  1. I go through phases where I want to play something but I don't have enough time to play most of the time, so I just end up playing a game that I can just put down, most of the time it's something like WoW to burn a couple of minutes in a night or Minecraft.....I have loads of games I need to get through just not enough time to commit time to them.
  2. Black Ops 4 on HB... Does anyone play it? Is it worth it?
  3. It was fun for about 5 minutes.... I found the mechanics to be frustrating and the game overall buggy. I will probably play it again as with Lords of the fallen on Xbone..... because it's free I am looking forward to playing Conan!
  4. Profgoten


    I've recently joined a FFXI privet server called Eden, I enjoy playing the older content the way it was when the games first launched haha. I would like to play retail again however I cannot bring myself to pay for a new account as my old one appears to be lost to time
  5. I think they should have used the character model from A Link Between Worlds, this one doesn't seem all that good to me....... Links Awakening is my favorite hand held Zelda I just hope they can do it justice.
  6. Play Birth by Sleep before you go into KH 3! I'm currently going through it again.
  7. How about a more fitting title would be Fanboys are the worst..... I'm a gamer I play Console and PC I don't hold to one console either as I'm sure most like-minded people do. It's people who feel the need to scream "PC MASTER RACE" and Sony/Xbox/Nintendo Fanboys going nuts over which is better and which has the shiniest bells on it. I don't know it's topics like this I normally sit to the side and laugh to myself. Can't we all just get along?
  8. I think both were.
  9. Guardian of light was given away on the 360 already?
  10. I believe vanilla ares is 0-65 then TBC and WotLK art 65-75 not sure about the next zones.
  11. Darksouls..... I smashed an Xbox one controller when playing while drinking a liter bottle of Jagermeister. I would like to say I will never do that again, however, I also live by never say never hahaha
  12. Could I grab Titan Quest please?
  13. HA! I always forgot about certain items..... DS I normally have a havel ring and the sliver serp ring lol hopefully this might speed things up a bit then. Thanks
  14. nooo the crows drop an item that you take to the Gwyndolins fog door 10 of them for the miracle, they are just a bitch to farm. made worse because I suck at PVP lol
  15. I am trying to farm the crows in the painted world so I can get the faith spell from the darkmoon blade.
  16. Go back in the sewers and farm rats for humanity.
  17. second bell down and now onto Sens super fun house The Gaping Dragon was a bit fun. I have found the switch controls to be a bit confusing.... hoping that goes away with the pro controller.
  18. I have the PS4 version I spend most of my time working and commuting to work so I would be playing handheld mostly.
  19. So I have to ask the stupid question, Darksouls on the switch..... Yes or No?
  20. Profgoten


    Where the fuck is the luchador mask?
  21. Question for the room, my kid loves playing minecraft and terriea is stardew valley any good?
  22. I used the giant to wing the dragon, made the fight so much easier xD that and the random dude who killed me twice in the area saw I was clearly looking to fight the dragon and offered to help haha
  23. with Gwyn it's just parry for days and he is done...... hardly a challenge. I found Manus more of a challenge.... Then I found out you can kill him without stepping foot into the boss room....
  24. NO NO NO! Please do not put it in with The mighty No9 :P THE BLUE BOMBER IS BACK BABY!!!
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