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  1. So I have smashed the main game with about 5 shrines left to find, I have beat master mode I am yet to finish the master sword trials and I still havn't got the parry and dodging down haha
  2. if it's going spare I would like to give it ago please
  3. To be fair though I think we need a Horde Vs Alliance exp before the next big threat. just to breath a bit of life back into the game.
  4. I've said I will "go back to that game later" so many times....... Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Metal Gear 5, Mass Effe........ you get the idea. It's a bad habit to get into and I know I will probably go back to them one day when the rest of my games stop working O.o
  5. almost every single point, there is a part out lining Hyrule that you can't climb I get your point though hehe
  6. Profgoten

    C64 - Mini

    I swear if you ever made even so much a s burp in the same room as the C64 it would crash and have to start all over again.
  7. it's fun to piss away a couple of minutes not anything longer it does seem like it would work Mobile better. I don't think it was supposed to be taken seriously haha
  8. https://www.crazygames.com/game/armored-kitten you can play the web browser version of this game not a bad game to be fair
  9. For those interested (and don't know) Outlast and the DLC is free on Humble Bundle atm
  10. Balls, I pre-ordered for the Xbone, I should have got my own version for the PC haha
  11. I've pre-ordered this for me and the boy, is it true the console versions are frame locked at 30fps?
  12. I can just boot up my SNES and play it xD
  13. I was about to comment the same thing, the game is from the SNES you would think Nintendo would jump to have this classic remade on their systems too!
  14. nothing really of interest in this list either. Maybe Isolation but then again meh.....
  15. I have a 50% off Dawn of war 3 (valid until the 31st of August) if anyone wants it.
  16. I'm lost for words, I've seen LP live several times and as with most people my age grew up with the music. Depression can hit at any time and takes many forms. my heart goes out to his family and friends :'( R.I.P
  17. Right now the servers are backed up with the sudden arrival of new player and returning player interested in the DLC, this makes logging in a pain in the ass. the game play and graphics are fairly sweet and players on Phoenix and Odin servers all seem friendly enough I kicked my Wow addiction not long after Legion came out and I returned to FFXIV (I often switch between MMO's)
  18. I never spent time in the mines i couldn't be bothered..... yet i found my self queuing for boss fights during the night.
  19. Dark Souls.... any of them really
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